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30+ Useful Gifts for Grandparents

Finding useful gifts for grandparents can be hard. There are a lot of factors to be considered before selecting the right gifts for grandparents. You should review their interests, age, the usefulness of gifts so they can genuinely appreciate and cherish it.

Below are 30 useful gifts for grandparents:

 1. Easy-to-Use Smartphone for Seniors

Nowadays smartphones come with many application and features which are really helpful. Problem is your smartphone maybe not as simple to use for your grandparents.

Jitterbug smart may help you in this. This smartphone is built keeping the needs and problems of seniors in mind.  It has a big screen with simple and easy to use interface. It also comes with several pre-installed applications and urgent response integration.

This smartphone can be an affordable and practical gift in our gift guide for grandparents.

2. Hypoallergenic Certipur Memory Foam Pillow

Comfortable sleep definitely requires a quality pillow and mattress.

  • Thin or flat pillow unable to provide a neck support. This can result in discomfort and neck pain.
  • The thick or overfilled pillow can strain your neck. This can make your neck feel sore after sleep.
  • The right-sized pillow should able to fit your sleeping position and provide proper comfort and support.

This pillow by coop home is made using quality material and can be fully adjusted according to individual preferences.

This gift for grandparents will help them to have a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

3. Bedside Caddy

Sometimes tables are just overcrowded for your remotes, magazines or tablet. That’s where caddies come as the best option and in our gift guide for grandparents.

Caddies are the perfect solution for easily accessing and holding your phone, tablet or book you read before sleeping.

You can easily slide this caddy under the mattress of your bed. This caddy can hold even laptop of 17 inches and support up to 14 lbs in weight.

4. Security Camera with Audio

Arlo Q Security Camera has 1080 resolution and 130 degrees field of vision. It is an indoor security camera and has features such as night vision and person detection.

It comes with an easy to use application and can be integrated with Alexa. This is an affordable camera considering features. This security cam also has a beautiful design and multiple mount oıption.

On the downside, it does not have local storage and offers free cloud storage for the last 7 days. If you want more storage you can opt from different plans they offer. For more details about Arlo Q check out the link below.

This gift for grandparents can help you to monitor their house anytime and anywhere.

5. Over The Door Shoe Rack

One problem every shoe lover faces apart of not enough shoes is lack of area to store them. This is a real headache especially if you have a small apartment. Hanging shoe organizer is preferred in these situations. They acquire minimal area nicely organized your shoes.

Whitmor over the door shoe rack can hold up to 36 pairs of shoes and can be fitted on the back of closet door. This shoe organizer does not have any pockets so it is easy to store both heels and flats in it. It is easy to assemble and doesn’t require any special tools. You can easily assemble it within 10 minutes.

For more details about this shoe rack check out the link below.

6. Driveway Alarm

Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm is easy to install in porch, driveway, driveway or any other outside area of your property. It uses infrared sensors and alerts you when anyone enters your property.

They can be easily installed and uses 4 AA batteries, which can last up to a year. With this alarm, you arrange multiple settings according to your requirements. You can change the tone of the alarm to the sensitivity of the alarm. Most of us worried about the security of our loved ones and that is why this product is in our gift guide for grandparents.

For more details about this alarm, check out the link below.

7. Heart Health & Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale

The Nokia body cardio smart scale provides various data and one of the most versatile the in market. This smart scale can be connected with your wifi and can monitor body fat percentage, standing heart rate, muscle mass, and many others. 

It has a sophisticated design which is sleek and attractive. It has a long battery life of around and can be easily recharged using micro USB. This product is in our list of gift guide for grandparents because it is simple and easy to use.

For more details, you can check out the link below.

8. Sabre 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is easy to use, inexpensively and most importantly effective tool in self-defense.  Pepper spray is the non-lethal weapon which contains oleoresin capsicum (OC). This inflames the eyes, nasal passages, and respiratory tract of attacker giving you enough time to run and be safe.

This Sabre pepper spray is small in size and is easy to carry and use. It has high strength and a decent range of 10 feet. For more details about this pepper spray check out the link below.

9. RAVPower 22000mAh External Battery

This portable power bank is high in capacity and affordable in price. The power bank has 3 fast charging outlet and suitable for the long journey. 

This power bank is heavier than regular power banks and hard to carry around in the pocket. The outside material used in this power bank is smooth and tough. 

For more details about this power bank, check out the link below.

10. Yoga and Pilates Mat

Manduka Prolite Yoga and Pilates Mat have the length of  71″ and width of 24″. They are 100% latex free and made of biodegradable tree rubber. They weigh around 4 lbs and most preferred for daily use by many yoga lovers. 

The surface of this mat is a closed cell which prevents moisture and bacteria growth. Manduka also offers a lifetime guarantee of this product (check details in the link below). 

This is a high performing yoga mat and that’s why in our gift guide for grandparents

11. Worlds Greatest Grandma Parking

12. Click and Grow Smart Garden

13. Grandfather Cute Tee

14. Grandparents Picture Frame 

15. How to Babysit a Grandma

16. Grandparent’s Memory Book

17. Omega-3 Fish Oil

18. Hemp Oil Drops 

 19. Charcoal Scrub

20. Himalayan Salt Scrub

21. Bed Sheet Set 

22. Kitchen Storage Organizer

23. EatingWell Print Magazine

24. The Oprah Magazine

25. Quick-Dry Hand Towels 

26. Ultra-Soft Pillowcases

27. Anti Cellulite Massage Oil

28. Memory Foam Mattress

29. Steamer for Clothes 

30. Parker Quink Ink Bottle

Out of relationships, finding gifts for grandparents is very hard. In a generation where everything is so fast and technology affecting almost every part of our life, finding something which can really be useful and practical for them is not an easy choice to make.

According to data 12 percent of the world’s population­ is seniors –and rapidly increase to over 22 percent by 2050 –it’s important to understand the challenges faced by them

Certainly finding perfect gifts for grandparents is very hard but they deserve it. This gift guide for grandparents will help you to find useful gifts for grandparents or any other aging loved one in your life.

How to choose the gift for grandparents

When we were kids it was the easy choice for us. Usually, for me, it was a handmade card with a lot of love word in it. My grandparents loved it and always appreciated it. But now I always think about something which can help them in everyday life.

Here are the factors which I consider

  • How useful my gift will be?
  • Will they able to use my gift easily?
  • How practical it is for them?
  • How helpful it will be to them
  • And honestly on my monthly budget

For example, my grandmother has an eyesight problem it is hard for her to use a normal Smartphone so I chose Smartphone for Seniors (Link from Amazon). This Smartphone has a large and clean display which is easier to read. It is also very easy to use with its simple menu organized in a single list with large text and icons. It comes with services for health and safety too.

That is why you should know the need of your grandparents while selecting the perfect gift for your grandparents and consider the above factors.

One of my friend grandparents lives around 60 km away from the city. For him, he gifted this SECURITY CAMERA (Link from Amazon) which has amazing security features. 


So I guess until now you understood which product you should select. If you still face any problem in selecting gifts for grandparents you can write to us [email protected] and we will help you as much as possible.

You can check out other products mentioned above in the gift guide for grandparents which can be useful for your loved ones.

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