13th May is celebrated as mothers day worldwide. On this specıal day, treat that special and amazing mom of your life with the following gift ideas. These gift ideas for mothers day will definitely warm her heart.  After a certain age, handmade drawings or just wishing her by calling is not considered an appropriate idea. Good mothers day gift is not something fancy but something which she needs or makes her feel appreciated.

Personalized gifts are always appreciated as it shows you really put your thought and energy in that. Check out the list below which she may like. Also, don’t forget even though mothers day comes once a year, you don’t need to wait until then to remind her how much you love and care for her.

Ceramic Mug

Imagine your mom having coffee and tea on her favorite cup given by you. This will remind her how much you love and care for her with every sip. You can choose from the personalized message on the mug or something funny from the link below. This gift ideas for mothers day is perfect if you are on tight budget. Choose the ceramic mug with good quality which is microwave and dishwasher safe. Low quality ceramic mugs break easily or lose the print on them in no time.

Cutting Board 

This gift ideas for mothers day is perfect for you if your mom loves cooking. The cutting board with the link below have a special poem engraved on one side and can be used for cutting from another side. This board can be easily hanged from the wall or showcased on the countertop. This board size is about 7 x 13.5 inches and is a practical and useful gift idea.

This strong and durable cutting board is made of bamboo and weighs around 1 lb. You can choose from different design and message according to your preference. While choosing cutting board make sure of the quality. It should be easy to clean, disinfect, strong and durable. Bamboo cutting boards are non-porous and resist staining.

It is recommended to handwash bamboo cutting board and also oil regularly.

Himalayan Sea Salt Lamps

This hand carved Himalayan salt lamps are very popular nowadays. They look beautiful and suitable for the bedroom, bathroom or even the office desk. They can complement both traditional or modern look of your decor. You can control and adjust the brightness of the lamp depending on your mood and preference. The Himalayan salt reflects the light beautifully and brings natural calm effect to the environment. This can be nice and budget-friendly mothers day gift idea for this year.

All-in-one turntable

If you have treasured record collection then why not enjoy them. Music was different back then. The sound of old record from the turntable is now replaced by the big bass speakers. With this turntable, you can again bring those record collection to life. We picked this turntable because it has amazing features. This turntable is of high quality and can turn with 3 different speeds.

Turntable here have a wonderful wooden finish and allows you to play digital media too. This turntable also includes software which can convert your precious record collection into digital. This turntable brings the classical look back with all modern features.


Anyone who has to clean home regularly will definitely appreciate this gift. With iRobot you can clean your home efficiently without being even physically there. Buy this amazing gadget and clean her home every day with the app from another city. You just have to schedule the time of cleaning and voila robot will do the rest. Remember how many times in childhood she cleaned our room, now its time for you (Luckily we live in the age of robots).

You can check more details on Amazon from the link below.

Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper

Food processor and the vegetable chopper is another example of gift ideas for mothers day. This will help her to make amazing food faster and easier. The food processor I recommended in the link below is “Hamilton Beach (70730) Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper”. This is easy, functional and practical to use and work with.

This chopper comes with build in scrapper to take food from the sides of the container. This comes with 10 cup capacity and more than enough for any home kitchen requirements. This comes with 6 different kinds of attachment which can chop almost every kind of food.

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