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The Best Beach Umbrella 2019 – Complete Buying Guide

The sun can be scorching on the beach, and the necessity of a beach umbrella can be indispensable. This is the one item that many tourists have a hard time understanding. Why do some people's umbrellas always blow over and others stay firmly in place? The answer is a...

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The Best Beach Umbrella 2019 – Complete Buying Guide

The sun can be scorching on the beach, and the necessity of a beach umbrella can be indispensable. This is the one item that many tourists have a hard time understanding. Why do some people's umbrellas always blow over and others stay firmly in place? The answer is a...

How to Arrange Big Furniture in a Small Bedroom

If the bedroom is small in size, choose furniture accordingly. But if the furniture is already bought, you should know how to place the furniture in a small bedroom so that it looks perfect and doesn’t make the room look cramped and too packed. Here are a few tips...

How to Buy a Bed | Standard Bed Size

No feeling is better than sinking into the comfort of a soft bed. We all love to retire to our bedroom to rest and sleep in peace. Therefore, the bed should be comfortable to give you 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Like most furniture, there are the different type of...

Care Instructions for Painted Furniture

Your painted furniture no doubt adds style and color to your decor, but if not taken proper care of, it can turn out to be an unpleasant sight. Painted furniture is the easiest to maintain and requires little effort. This kind of furniture suits the contemporary decor...

Care Instructions for Crystal | Clean & Maintain

Crystal is a type of glass with lead oxide. Lead oxide in the glass makes it more reflective as the density of glass is increased. It also adds brilliance to the glass. The density of crystal is determined by the amount of lead oxide in it. Crystal with more lead...

A decor style for every zodiac sign

A decor style for every zodiac sign Can your sun sign rule your choice when it comes to home décor? Yes, it can! After thorough research, we found out that whether you prefer a minimalist look or an abode full of mementos, your decorating style somewhere reflects your...

Decorate With Old Glass Bottles

DO IT YOURSELF! Here’s how you can add a sudden jolt of style to your decor using old glass bottles. Materials you would need 1. Clean and dry glass bottles2. Thick cotton thread3. Dry stems4. Wrapping paper5. Glue stick6. Scissors This is how you would do it   Step...

Best Weight Loss Shakes And Meal Replacement shakes

Weight loss shakes also known as meal replacement shakes are popular among athletes and people who want to get or stay lean. They are used to fulfill high-nutrition requirement and save time to prepare healthy food. They are also favored by athletes to fulfill their...

What does 1/2″ overlay mean?

  What does 1/2″ overlay mean?   In this style of kitchen cabinetry, the drawers and doors cover the frame by ½ inches. In 1/2″ overlay design, the visible part in the frame of cabinets is around 2 inches. This style of construction was very popular in past and some...

What does 1” overlay mean?

What does 1″ overlay mean? In kitchen cabinets, 1” overlay refers to the area of the frame that is covered or overlapped when the cabinet door or drawer is closed. The one-inch overlay overlaps the frame completely and gives neat look to cabinets. This appearance in...

How to Choose Good Quality Kitchen Cabinets

Good quality kitchen cabinets have quality solid-wood door frames and drawer fronts. They are made using construction material such as solid wood or plywood. doweled or dovetailed joints which have greater strength as compare to stapled or glued joints.

Easy and natural way to clean microwave

Check out easy and natural ways to clean microwave by using lemon and other common household items. Ultimate guide with quick and easy steps to clean, disinfect and deodorize your microwave. Check out a complete step by step guide to keep microwave always shiny.

Never Put In Microwave these 10 things

Microwaves are one of the leading home products which resulted in scald burn injuries which are not related to fire. Check out which items you should never put in the microwave. Do not forget to check safety tips.

How to Choose Right Color of Granite Countertop

By choosing the right color of granite you can transform your kitchen appearance completely. In this post, we will give you tips about how and which color to choose. We will also discuss which shade is better for having a modern, elegant, bold, traditional, or contemporary look.

Tips To Get Rid Of Bad Smell in the Fridge ASAP

It is not necessarily the spoiled food which causes the bad smell in the fridge. There can be many other reasons. Keeping your fridge clean & odorless doesn’t have to be hard. I’m going to give you tips that will make cleaning your fridge and keeping it odorless a very small chore. The principle behind these tips is that a little bit of prevention will make your job way easier!

How to get Permit For Kitchen Renovation In NYC

For most the renovation, you may require a permit from Department of Buildings depending on the complexity of the project. But for a major renovation of the kitchen in New York City, you have to get both permit and plans. You need to hire a New York State licensed professional engineer (P.E.) or registered architect (R.A) for permit and plans. Keep on reading to know exactly which type of renovation in the kitchen requires a permit. And which does not.

Kitchen Styles -The Ultimate Kitchen Design Ideas

If you are living with a family with kids or just love home cooked food. Then you will understand how important is to have a practical kitchen. Having a good kitchen is one of luxury which is most effective in the home. That’s why I’m going to share with you some tips for your ultimate kitchen styles & kitchen interior design.

The Best Coffee Maker For Home

Best coffee maker for home is selected by comparing Design and technical specifications, Price, No. of cups, Performance, Maintenance (easiness to clean the machine parts). Must read before you buy your next coffee machine.

Top Awesome Cool Gadget You’ll Want To Buy Immediately

On the hunt for some interesting new and cool gadget? Shopbirdy presents unique and awesome gadgets like rhino hammer which is cute and strong or AirBar which can change the way you use your laptop. Check out these products which are currently available on Amazon!...

Top 10 Cool Random Gift Ideas for 2019

We all love experimenting with cool kinds of stuff. We like to play with them to explore them and even brag in front of others. An, believe me, toys are not just meant for kids. It doesn't matter how old are you, there are plenty of cool gadgets out there to surprise...

Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Garden

Your mother doesn't need a big piece of land to enjoy gardening. She can start with small patio planter. backyard garden or maybe a community garden. Gardening has many benefits, it gives a sense of satisfaction and peace. The impact of gardening in enhancing healing...

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