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Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to clean? Sure, it can be a chore and a lot of work. But the feeling you get after finishing a good scrubbing session is unbeatable! The Roborock H6 Adapt Cordless Vacuum is an excellent addition to your home cleaning arsenal. This vacuum has all the features that make it easy for anyone to use without any trouble at all.

It’s also affordable on top of being convenient and effective so what are you waiting for? Get yourself one today!

The Roborock H6 is the latest robotic vacuum from iRobot. It uses a powerful suction motor and has an advanced navigation system that provides excellent coverage in both hardwood and carpeted floors. The H6 also features a water tank for wet mopping, interchangeable HEPA filters, and four cleaning modes to make sure your home stays clean all year round! Read more about this innovative product here…

Roborock H6 Cordless Vacuum

Roborock H6 Features

The Roborock H6 is a new entry into the premium cordless vacuum market. It has all the new technologies and features to compete with Dyson’s or other brands of the premium market. For example, it has a sealed HEPA filtration system which you only see on premium cordless vacuums. 

HEPA system keeps in what you’re trying to vacuum up which is not something you find with cheaper cordless vacuums. It also has a new feature that’s only recently started showing up in cordless vacuums which is the auto suction adjustment. It also comes with a digital OLED screen that gives accurate battery life readouts and various alerts. 

The Roborock H6 floorhead has a sensor inside that can detect if you’re vacuuming hard floors or carpet. If you have the auto settings selected on the screen it automatically boosts the suction for carpet and brings the suction back down for hard floors. The benefit of this is that it optimizes cleaning and battery life and it does seem to make a difference with both.


The digital readout of exactly how much battery life you have left is really useful especially if you have a larger area to clean. It is also accurate as the number changes depending on the power setting or attachment that you’re using. It is smart enough to tell you how much time you have left in any given situation.

There is one feature that Roborock H6 has that I wish the Dyson cordless vacuums had. It is a button that you can push on the side to keep it running without holding the trigger button continuously. if you’ve ever vacuumed the large house holding down the trigger the whole time you’ll know how tiring that can be.

Let’s move on to the specifications and performance. In the airflow test, we will see its airflow at various places on the vacuum and all its power settings.

Airflow at head

High: 41 CFM

Medium: 24 CFM

Low: 19 CFM

Suction power

In the suction power test, Roborock H6 is pretty impressive. While its airflow numbers were just above average its suction power was off the charts high.

Suction power: 150 Airwatts 

If you look at the official air watt specs which are suction and airflow combined the Roborock h6 is essentially equivalent to the Dyson V10. The H6 did all the things you would expect a premium cordless vacuum with a lot of power to do. It easily picked up the debris from the 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch crevices in the crevice pick up tests.

In the carpet deep clean test, where sand is embedded into medium pile carpet the result was also impressive. It scored perfect 100% on high power and 95% on medium power.


Let us talk about the attachments because in a way I think this is where the Roborock H6 separates itself from the competition. I say that because of its super high suction power numbers which are good for floor type cleaning. It also comes with a pretty useful set of attachments such as the motorized brush.  

A motorized brush performs extremely well in the tests. Also with the crevice and dusting brushes which you can use with the Flextube attachment. This takes all the strain off your arms as you go around the house. It also allows for cleaning areas that are just not practical to clean without it. 


With pickup tests, there were mixed results. On carpet, it was nearly perfect picking up everything from fine to medium to extra-large debris with no issues. There is no hint of clogging either as the air intake seemed fairly big. On hard floors, while it did well with fine debris it started to snow plower relatively early. The reason is that although this floor head is designed to be used for hard floors and carpets it’s optimized for carpets. With its small gates on the front that is great for making a good seal but not great for larger debris on hard floors. 

Again it’s no problem for carpets but it was a limitation on hard floors. When the Roborock H6 was first announced there was a soft roller for optimal hard floor cleaning announced with it. I am not sure why it’s not available yet or if it will be but that would be a simple fix for this problem. 

Roborock H6 Battery life

The battery life was really good though these numbers can get kind of confusing. These numbers depend on which setting and which attachment you’re using. It can do an hour and a half on low power with suction-based attachments. On auto mode, it can do 60 minutes if you’re vacuuming just hard floors and about 20 minutes if you are vacuuming just carpet. Your actual time will probably be between those two numbers depending on the floor situation in your house. 

If you bypassed everything and use just medium power it could do about 30 minutes. With max power, it would do about 10 to 11 minutes.

The battery is not removable but Roborock has said they engineered it for longevity. They claim that even after four hundred charging cycles the battery is still 80% effective. This is pretty good if true. 

Weight and ease of use

With weight and ease of use, it is important to realize the tight rope that cordless vacuum companies are walking here. They want to keep the handle weight down as much as possible but they also want to give it the biggest battery possible.

I think Roborock did about as good as this can be done. Its weight is light about three pounds on the handle but it still had extremely good battery life numbers. Roborock H6 is lighter than average with better than average battery life numbers. Although this is Roborock’s first entry into the cordless vacuum market, the H6 model is pretty impressive. It seems that the excellence in engineering that they’re known for with robot vacuums has crossed over into the cordless vacuum world.


The main pros are that this is a premium cordless vacuum with all the latest technology and features.

The only limitation I can see is the lack of a soft roller brush which means that you’re limited with larger debris on hard floors.