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These are reviews for the Roborock S50 and S5. The Roborock S50 is the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market with a whole suite of features that make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy a new robot vacuum cleaner. The Roborock S5 is also good but not as good as the more expensive model.

“You might be asking yourself what is so special about a vacuum cleaner? You might have thought that every household has one and they are all the same. Well, you would be wrong. There are many different models on the market today to suit your individual needs.”

Roborock has been in the robot vacuum industry for a while now. The company is well known for their high-quality products, and they’ve built up a great reputation among consumers. While Roborock has plenty of excellent robotic vacuums on the market already, these two are really something special. They’re both equipped with smart navigation that can map out your home as it cleans, so you don’t have to worry about rooms getting missed or going over dirt twice. One of them also comes with an anti-tangle system that prevents hair from clogging up its brushes and slowing down cleaning time (which we all know is no fun). If you’re looking for a new robot vacuum cleaner to help keep things tidy around your house

roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Pros of S5 Roborock

S5 is amazing with its pickup ability for all types and sizes of debris. It smoothly and cleanly picks up on all of its four power settings from low to max power. 


Even after 12 months, S5 still has a similar pickup as its initial testing. It is good at this most basic thing for a robot vacuum which is picking stuff up. The reason for its powerful picking up is its decent range of power. In the airflow test, it gave results between 9 to 17 CFM which is above the average number. 

  • Quiet mode: 9 CFM
  • Standard mode: 13 CFM
  • Turbo mode: 15 CFM
  • Max mode: 17 CFM

Also in Carpet deep test, S5 gave the above-average performance. In this test, we check how much sand it extracts from medium pile carpet.


When talking about the pros of the Roborock S5, we have to consider its navigation. Roborock S5 uses Lidar technology for navigation. Lidar is a kind of invisible, spinning laser which develop a map of your house. This allows the robot to clean rooms more systematically. 

With lidar, technology robots clean rooms in more or less straight lines and are better at avoiding obstacles. In comparison to basic robots that clean around randomly, S5 is more efficient. 

Roborock S5 is even more efficient in navigation than most camera technology modern robot vacuums. 

Hair tangle test

In my opinion, S5 is still the best in resisting pet hair tangles among its price range. On the first look, brush from Roborock doesn’t look any special or different than its competitors. But Roborock brushes effectiveness in various hair tangle test is always impressive. 


Roborocks vacuums are amazing with app features and maybe one of the best in industry. It has features like virtual wall barriers and no-go lines. In these features, you simply draw lines or boxes on the app, and the robot doesn’t go to that part. 

This feature on the Roborock app is very accurate, easy to use, and very useful. The newer version of Roborock like S6 and S4 has many upgrades from the S5 model. 

Newer models have a bigger microprocessor and are a little faster at navigation. Even though S4 and S6 have a bigger microprocessor, apart from them, S5 is still one of the efficient vacuums around. 

Mop feature

The S5 model also comes with a detachable mop. In mop tests with various conditions, it performs effectively in cleaning dried tough stains. Its mop feature is also very efficient with water usage. 

S5 can drive a vacuum at the same time as it is wet mopping. This model first cleans up the dried debris and then mop hits the debris for wet cleaning. 

In my opinion, if you want a vacuum-mop robot combo than get one with no-go lines feature. I suggest this because there are always some places where you don’t want to mop like rugs or carpets. 


The battery life is another major pro for the S5 vacuum. It has almost two and a half hours of battery life on low power mode. Although there are few new robot models with better battery life, its numbers are still impressive. 

Along with impressive battery life, S5 also has features like recharge and resume. In this feature, when the battery runs low, it automatically goes to base for recharging. After recharging, the S5 vacuum will come to the exact place it left off and resume cleaning. 

Customer reviews

Now let us talk about online reviews from customers. I checked reviews on online stores like Amazon, Walmart, and various groups on Facebook.

S5 has an impressive rating on pretty much all the websites I checked.  

In some cases, customer complains about receiving the defective unit which the manufacturer replaced. After reading all those reviews, I could able to find any major deal-breakers or any genuine problem with S5. 

Another thing I did was to check Facebook groups on robot vacuum cleaner especially for S5. The majority of people were very happy and the responses were positive. 

They didn’t point out any major issues even after a year of regular use with the frequent cleaning schedule. One thing to note here is that some people complain about the app not updating. 

The complaint is that Roborock is not updating the app to include new features like in the new version like S6. 

There were also some hardware issues like error 13, motor on the laser unit, and charging issue although they were not that common. But still, some people had to replace the parts of S5 because of these issues. 

It is not that hard to replace parts on S5 if you are a little bit handy. Most of the basic parts of S5 is available on You can also find almost every part of S5 on Aliexpress at a reasonable price. 

Cons with Roborock S5 

Now let us talk about the cons of Roborock S5. 

Dustbin size

The dustbin size of S5 is smaller than average at 480 millimeters. It is still bigger than some of the models from Roomba company but smaller than average in its price range category. 

Customer support

Roborock also needs to give some serious thoughts on their customer support. You can only contact them by email for support for now. 


I think Rocborock S5 is a better option than S6 and not only because of its price. You can also read our post where we tested and compared all the current Roborock models.

Although S6 has a new bigger processor, S5 is still my favorite because of power level and side brushes.

If you compare S4 and S5, then S4 has a bit of an advantage. S4 has new software and a new chip, also it is a little more powerful. You can also find S4 cheaper than S5 but keep in mind it doesn’t have mop attachment.