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The Dyson V11 is a great vacuum cleaner for many reasons. They have three models to choose from: the outsize, torque drive and animal. If you are looking at purchasing one of these cleaners then I suggest going in with an open mind about which model will work best for your situation because each has its own benefits that make it stand out against the others on this list – but all come with their pros and cons as well!

The first thing we will cover here is how they stack up when put head-to-head across weight, size features like cordless operation or whether there’s a telescopic handle (which can be handy if you’re vacuuming stairs!). The second area where these same specifications really start to show.

Dyson V11 Outsize and Torque come with the same accessories except that they have some major differences. The torque is heavier, has a narrower head, but comes in more colors than either of them does. The outsize version offers much more power because it’s bigger and better equipped for dirtier messes while also coming equipped to handle animal hair (and other pet owners).

Dyson produces three different vacuums: the Dyson V10 Animal, which features an LED screen; Dyson V11 Torque or “torquoise” as we like to call him who boasts LCD screens on his front panel display device; And finally, there’s the heavy duty DYSONV 11 OUTSIZE whose extra battery lasts.

Dyson V11 Torque

Dyson V11 Animal

Power comparison

Power is one of the highlights of Dyson vacuum cleaners, so we will start our review with that comparison. We test suction and airflow in various places and all three power settings (low, medium, and high).

All three vacuum cleaners were impressive in their performance.

The airflow at the head for V11 Torque was as following:

  • Low setting: 23 CFM
  • Medium setting: 29 CFM
  • High setting: 49 CFM

The airflow at the head for V11 outsize was as following:

  • Low setting: 26 CFM
  • Medium setting: 32 CFM
  • High setting: 58 CFM

New V11 outsize has four more cyclones and has between 10 to 20% more power than the previous torque V11 animal and torque version. Of course, this depends on the setting and some other factors.

Also, note that Dyson V11 models are more powerful than any other cordless stick vacuum cleaners in the market (at least those I know of).

Although Dyson V11 outsize version is little more power in comparison to the other two models, other V11 versions are still impressive.

Battery technology

Another highlight of Dysons cordless vacuums in general but the V11 series specifically is the battery technology. When the first V11 model came out, its battery outperformed all the cordless vacuum cleaners I know of in the tests.

To give you an example, it scored 80 whereas V10 absolute and jimmy scored 65 and 70 respectively. With the release of V11 outsize, Dyson took already amazing battery technology a step further. In V11 outsize they made a battery removable and in the packaging you get two batteries. This doubles the battery life numbers as you can see below. 

The battery life of V11 outsize with cleaner head on the hard floor: 

  • Low: 60 x 2= 120 minutes
  • Medium: 40 x 2= 80 minutes
  • High: 7 x 2= 14 minutes

Note: 2 means two batteries in the box

The battery life of V11 Torque with cleaner head on the hard floor: 

  • Low: 66 minutes
  • Medium: 43 minutes
  • High: 8 minutes

The slight decrease of V11 outsize with single battery power is because of the increase in power. In any case, I want to mention again that these battery numbers in both models are impressive. They are better than any other cordless vacuum cleaners out there especially when you consider the power. 

In my opinion, having a removable battery and getting an extra battery is a massive plus point for the V11 outsize version. 

LCD screen 

Another new feature in V11 outsize and V11 torque drive is the LCD screen on the back of the vacuum. This is a fairly new concept in the vacuums.

There is a button where you can toggle between power settings and it shows you all kinds of alert and information. This is useful as you can know how much battery life. In Dyson’s, it intelligently adapts that number depending on the power settings and the attachments you are using. 

In my test, I found it quite accurate and it is really useful for big jobs. 

The Dyson V11 Animal is the cheapest V11 version and differs here from the other two versions. It had an LED screen, which technically has the same feature display like battery life and alerts. But it only uses the backlit light and is less useful. 

In comparison with the V11 animal version, you cannot pinpoint exactly how much battery life is remaining. 

One thing all three V11 versions have in common is the new auto mode. There is the sensor in the cleaner head that can differentiate if you are vacuuming hard floors or the carpets. It automatically boosts the suction when it senses carpets and brings back the power to medium for the hard floors. 

The numbers on the LCD screen are adjusted automatically to display the remaining battery life according to the new conditions. 

In my opinion, this technology or something similar will become common in future cordless vacuum cleaners. It optimizes the cleaning while optimizing the battery life at the same time. You don’t have to think much about while vacuuming as all numbers are displayed on the handle.


The one difference between V11 Outsize, Torque, and Animal is the size. The V11 Torque and Animal are of the same size but V11 outsize is much bigger. The dustbin of V11 outsize is a whopping 150% bigger than the other two versions.  

It is by far the largest dustbin on the cordless vacuum cleaner I have seen and has a size of half a gallon. The outsize name is also because of the new extra-wide cleaner head. 

Like the other two versions of V11, the Outsize model has a three-level adjustment gate. But if you consider the width, V11 Outsize is 25% wider. With this size, it feels like you are getting more done and getting it done quicker. 

The new bigger head has a better build quality and it is easy to use. The drawback with a bigger head is that it is slightly less maneuverable in tight spaces in comparison to the precious heads. 

Ease of use

When talking about maneuverability for the vacuum cleaner, another factor to consider is the ease of use. The main problem with most cordless vacuum cleaners is that it put too much weight on the forearm.  

Dyson with its early models did an excellent job of balancing their cordless vacuums to minimize that strain. But ever since the early days, Dyson keeps on adding more and more weight. V11 outsize handle is a full pound heavier than V11 torque drive. Even V11 Torque itself is a full pound heavier than V7 and V8 versions. 

Intending to check the strain in real conditions, I tried to vacuum with V11 outsize for a long time. I have to admit it was not that bad. You may feel some strain on the finger because of holding the trigger for a long time. But as long as you switch the arms you will not feel much strain.

But remember V11 outsize is massive and if can be an issue in your situation then you probably choose from V11 animal or V11 torque. 


 Both V11 outsize and V11 torque gave impressive and similar results in the deep clean test. In this test we embed the sand in the medium-pile carpet and weigh the bins after 8 back and forth passes. 

Although results with both models were above average, there was not much difference. 

Also, there wasn’t much difference in the results of the crevice pick up a test. In this test, we check how efficiently vacuum clears up 8-inches and the quarter-inch crevices of debris in one single forward pass. 

Both models were able to clean all the crevices of debris in one single forward path. 

For pick up tests, there are all kinds of debris on the hard floors and carpets. The vacuum performance is checked on low, medium, and high mode. In carpet, both were able to pick up everything from superfine debris to extra large. 

In hard floor tests, results were also almost similar and both able to pick up the fine size, medium size, and the large size debris. Bot models struggle in cleaning fruit loops, probably because of the limit of the front gate. 

In carpets, you have to consider that combination of the carpet flexibility and the grip of the wheels helps to pick up the larger debris. 

Filter and attachments

All V11 versions are a sealed system with high-quality HEPA filters. This is usual for the vacuum cleaners at this price. 

All V11 comes with a lot of tools and attachments. Dyson V11 Torque and V11 Outsize have the same set of tools except that it comes with extra battery and an extra charger. 

The Animal version has the same attachments as the Torque version except that Torque version has a soft dusting brush.

Note that all versions come with the mini motorized brush which is very useful for upholstery, stairs, and car cleaning. 


What is the difference between Dyson V11 and V11 torque?

The significant distinction between this Dyson V11 Torque Drive model and the V11 Animal is that the V11 Torque Drive model includes a soft-dusting brush, while the V11 Animal doesn’t include one. All the accessories and accessories that come with the Dyson V11 Torque Drive cordless vacuum cleaner are mentioned above.

Has the Dyson V11 Torque Drive been discontinued?

The V11 was the previous model put forth by the manufacturer, but that has since been succeeded by the V15. Moreover, the sale of V11s for $700 is within reach for those who’d like to take advantage of the deal. The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball upright vacuum features a very intricate mechanism and is therefore quite expensive. The practicality of your machine is dependent upon the filter and your purpose.

What is the difference between direct drive and torque drive Dyson?

The torque drive-head is like the direct-drive-cleaning head. It also has the characteristic of collecting dust and dirt from carpets but works well on hard surfaces. The direct-drive cleaning head is not a good match for hard surfaces, while torque is suited for both carpeted and hard surfaces.

Is Dyson V11 torque worth it?

If you’re the type of person who wants clean homes and cars, the V11 is the best choice for you. The disadvantage for you is, of course, the cost. While three times more expensive than some of the cordless vacuums on the market, the V11 is almost twice as powerful and beat every other in terms of convenience.

Is Dyson V11 torque good for hardwood floors?

If you have mostly hard floors, then the Dyson V10 is a better option. It’s not a matter of performance, but the rollers. The V11’s Torque Drive roller is not especially good for hard floors, whereas the V10 comes with two rollers (Torque Drive and Soft Roller), one of which excels at hard floors.

How many years does Dyson V11 last?

Typically, a Dyson cordless vacuum requires a new battery every three to five years.

What Dyson is best for hardwood floors?

Best for hard floors, the Dyson Omni-glide Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner wasn’t only designed to clean hard surface floors but also boasts an efficient feature that includes a ground-breaking onboard vacuuming mechanism. Equipped with dual soft roller cleaner heads, four 360-degree casters, and an articulating neck, the vacuum enables you to move easily around hard surfaces.

What is the best Dyson vacuum to buy?

  • Dyson V11 Torque Drive. (Best Overall)
  • Dyson V11 Outsize. (Best for Big Homes)
  • Dyson Omni-Glide. (Best for Hardwoods)
  • Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2. (Best Upright)
  • Dyson Ball Animal 2. (Best for Pets)
  • Dyson V15 Detect. (Best High-End)
  • Dyson V10 Animal. (Best Cordless)

 Is Dyson V11 torque good for pet hair?

Why pet owners should get a Dyson V11 rather than other vacuums is because of its advancements in technology. That is because this device has larger, tighter bristled filaments that can penetrate deep into the carpet and remove ground-in dirt and pet hair.


In short, the V11 Outsize version is a well worth update from the V11 Torque drive. The extra power, double the battery life, and the outsize feature like bin and the head make it different than Torque drive version.

But you should keep in mind that it is heavy. So if this can be a concern I would recommend going with the V11 Torque version.

If you don’t need the digital LCD screen and mind the basic LED screen then go for the V11 Animal version. It can save some money without losing much at all.