The Dyson V11 Absolute is the new cordless model vacuum cleaner from the British manufacturer with much more smart features. What exactly distinguishes it from its predecessor, the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute? We will compare the two models for you on this post of Dyson V10 vs. V11

Both models of Dyson (V10 and V11) have impressive suction power, battery life and come with practical accessories. You may ask what the purpose of this post V10 vs. v11 then?

Well both of them are not the same both in terms of features and price.

To begin with, Dyson V11 comes with a digital screen which is not available in Dyson v10. On this LCD, you can check the remaining battery life, maintenance videos and performance stats. There is also a difference between suction powers between Dyson V10 vs. V11. Dyson v10 has an impressive suction power of 140 AW, whereas v11 easily beat this with 185 AW. Another feature of V11 is intelligent suction. V11 model can determine the type of surface and adjust the suction power accordingly. This saves time as well as energy in comparison to the Dyson v10 model. 

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

Dimention: 9.84 x 10.08 x 49.17 in

Weight: 5.88 lbs

Run time: 60 Minutes^

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

Dimention: 50.63 x 9.84 x 10.28 in

Weight: 6.68 lbs

Run time: 60 Minutes^

Dyson V10 vs. V11 Comparison


The Dyson V11 Absolute almost looks similar to its predecessor V10, except for the now dark blue intake manifold color. The color palette has remained silver-gray-purple-red.

The arrangement of the various technology elements is also similar, and the capacity of the dust container is identical with 0.77 liters.

Overview of specs and dimensions in Dyson v10 vs. v11

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

50.63 x 9.84 x 10.28 in

9.84 x 10.08 x 49.17 in

6.68 lbs

5.88 lbs

Silver, red, dark blue, dark blue metallic

Silver, red, dark blue, orange metallic

0.77 liter dust container volume

0.77 liter dust container volume

As we mentioned before the design of v10 and v11 is very similar. The dust container is of the same capacity as well as the extension wand. Both come with HEPA filter and torque drive cleaning head. Even the digital motor of both models spins up to 125,000 RPMs.

You can use both Dyson v10 and v11 as a stick vacuum or as a hand-held vacuum. For using it, you have to hold the press the power button, which according to manufacture helps in saving battery.

The addition of LCD on the handle is the biggest change in terms of design for v11 comparing to previous models from Dyson. Also, the addition of intelligent suction mode in v11 is a huge technological advancement. Dyson V11 model can detect the type of surface and automatically changes the suction power accordingly.

Dyson v10 vs. v11 Performance

Dyson is the innovator of cyclone technology in vacuums. Both Dyson v10 and v11 gives a powerful performance, thanks to its cyclone technology. In both models, there are 14 cyclone systems arranged in two rows. 

According to manufacturer v10, remove 25% more dust than the V8 model. V11 is even more powerful and has up to 40% better suction than the V8 model. 

One thing missing in the v11 model in comparison to v10 is the fluffy cleaning head. This accessory is especially for removing large size debris and on the surface like hardwood floors. 

Both the models come with Torque drive cleaner head. This cleaning head is essentially a universal head which you can use in all kind of surfaces such as carpet or hardwood. 

Also, note that there are different models of V10 and V11 and all of them don’t come with the same kind of accessories. We will discuss this in the later section. 

Versions of Dyson V10:

Cyclone V10 Motorhead

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal

Cyclone V10 Absolute

Versions of Dyson V11:

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

V11 Animal

V11 Outsize

To give you an idea, below you can see which cleaning head you will get with the respective model. 

Dyson V10 Absolute comes with fluffy and torque head cleaning drive only. With Dyson V10 motorhead, you will get only Direct drive head. And with Dyson V10 animal, the manufacturer only provides Torque drive cleaning head. 

Now as this post about Dyson v10 vs. v11 so let’s see what you will get with different V11 versions. 

With V11 Animal and V11 torque, you will only get Torque drive with a dynamic load setting. And with V11 Outsize, you will get High Torque XL cleaner head. 

Dyson V10 vs. V11 in weight and dimension

The V10 Absolute model from Dyson size is about 9.84 x 10.08 x 49.17 inch and it weighs almost 5.88 lbs. Dyson V11 Torque head measures 9.84 x 10.28 x 50.63-inch and weighs around 6.68 lbs.

Accessories with Dyson V10 and V11 models

Considering the price of Dyson vacuum cleaners, we expect it to come with accessories suitable for all kinds of cleaning. Before talking about which accessories Dyson V10 and V11 come with, let me give you an overview of them. 

Let us start with cleaning heads. 

Torque drive cleaning head: This brush roll is in a spiral roller shape, and you can use it for carpets as well as hardwood floors. 

Direct Drive Head: This head was in Dyson v8 and also in the Dyson V10 motorhead model. It is inferior in suction power as compared to a torque drive head.  

Fluffy head: This one is missing in V11 versions. This head is very suitable for cleaning hardwoods. 

Now let’s see what those accessories with Dyson vacuum cleaners can do: 

Extension wand: This is very suitable to reach high spaces such as ceilings. You can also use it to clean hard to reach areas such as under a sofa or bed. 

Combination tool: This accessory is two in one tool. It is common in most Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners starting from the V7 series. You can use it as a dusting brush as well as a crevice tool. 

Mini soft dusting brush: This accessory is for cleaning furniture, fabrics, fans, and blinds. This tool has soft nylon bristles which makes it suitable for any kind of delicate surfaces.

Mini motorized tool: This is suitable for removing pet hairs in tight spaces. The motorized brushes of this tool spin in opposite directions to remove stubborn dirt. 

Crevice tool: This tool is perfect for cleaning tight surfaces, narrow gaps and around edges. 

Docking station: You can install this on the wall to hang your Dyson vacuum cleaner

Battery life and charging time

Although the battery life has not changed in the new model and, like the V10, is up to 60 minutes. The Dyson V11 Absolute has to be plugged in much longer for charging. 

But with features such as intelligent suction, V11 score higher as compared to the V10 model. You can also monitor the remaining battery life on LCD of Dyson V11. 

V10 vs. V11 | which one is better?

Dyson V11 is more expensive than the V10 model. But you also have to consider other factors such as performance and most importantly your needs?

Dyson V10 vs. V11 in terms of performance

If we consider only the performance then I will choose the Dyson V10 model. Both Models have almost identical performance in terms of regular household needs. 

Also, fluffy head is missing in V11 models which is comes ver handy in cleaning hardwood floors. The price difference between V10 and V11 makes Dyson V10 a better option in this sense. 

In terms of technology

When you consider the technology factor, then V11 performs better than Dyson V10. The LCD on the handle, intelligent suction, and dynamic loading sensors make V11 superior to V10. 

If you want the latest vacuum cleaner with futuristic features then we recommend Dyson V11. 

In terms of suction power

Dyson V10 has an impressive suction power of 140 AW. But Dyson V11 with the suction power of 185 AW is beast in comparison. 

Even though you will hardly need that powerful suction for home cleaning, V11 is the clear winner here!

If you want to know more about Dyson V10 and V11, you can check their complete review on our website. 

To conclude V10 vs. V11 post, I will mention some pros of each model. 

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

Long battery life

Want fluffy cleaning head

Lower price than V11

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

Latest technology

Intelligent suction

LCD for monitoring performance and battery life

Stronger suction