Beans bags are emerging as a good option for portable furniture. You can carry them to any part of the home, and it adds style and utility wherever required. The colorful bean bags have proven to be an excellent addition to homes with contemporary decor. The solid bold colored ones can be used in houses with a monochromatic look. Below is the list of best bean bag chair.

QUICK ANSWER: The best bean bag chairs in 2019

  1. Best bean bag (overall): Big Joe Fuf Foam-Filled Bean Bag at Amazon
  2. Most affordable bean bag: Flash Furniture Oversized Bean Bag at Amazon
  3. Best bean bag for kids: ECR4Kids Junior Classic Bean Bag at Amazon
  4. The Best bean bag for the teenager: Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag at Amazon
  5. Best bean bag for adults: Chill Sack Bean Bag at Amazon
  6. Best Bean bag sofa: Big Joe XXL Fuf Foam-Filled Bean Bag at Amazon
  7. Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair: Sofa Sack Memory Foam Bean Bag at Amazon
  8. Huge bean bag chair: Cozy sack 6 feet bean bag at Amazon

#1 Big Joe Fuf Foam-Filled Bean Bag

Big Joe bean bag is well known and one of the preferable brands for bean bags. They use quality foam which gives comfortable sitting experience and are less bulky. This bean bag chair has soft to touch “Lenox fabric” and comes in 5 different color options to choose from.

Fuf foam filled bean bag comes in 5 different sizes to choose from. These bean bags have handles on the side so that you can move them comfortably.

The best thing about Big Joe bean bag apart from their superior quality and design is their policy of donating. They donate 10 percent of their profit.


#2 Flash Furniture Oversized Bean Bag Chair

This oversized bean bag chair by flash furniture comes in multiple color options. I am sure you can easily find the preferable cover color. It has a nice size of 3.5 feet diameter and gives a comfortable sitting experience. Often bean bags outside gets dirty, and it is tough to clean them. But in this bean bag chair, outside cover is removable and can be washed separately. For a supportive sitting experience, this bean bag uses polyurethane foam beads. Some people complained about the inside bag fabric quality. Some customers also complained that the amount of beads is not enough, and their bag doesn’t seem to be filled entirely. Overall this bean bag has excellent quality and positive feedback from many happy customers.

#3 ECR4Kids Junior Classic Bean Bag Chair

Junior classic bean bag chair by ECR4kids is a durable choice for kids and toddlers. It has the 26-inch diameter and soft leather-like polyurethane covering.  This bean bag is very common in pre-schools and kids library because of its kid’s friendly features.

It has quality double childproof zippers and double stitched seams. This gives extra safety, strength and smooth edges. This bean bag is also easy to clean with mild soap and water.

It comes in a wide range of beautiful colors to choose from. The most common complaints about the inadequate filing. Some customers complained that the bag doesn’t seem to be fully filled and they had to order extra filling.

#4 Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair

Dorm bean bag chair by Big Joe is comfortable, shaped like a chair bean bag. It is marketed as a dorm chair especially for students who have limited space. This bean chair has the width of 32″, the height of 25″, and depth of 33”.

It has tough, stain and water resistant fabric which is easy to clean with damp cloth. It has in-built pockets so you can keep your books, tablet, remote and bottles nearby. For enhanced safety and strength, this bean bag has double stitched covers and double safety locking zippers.

For moving them conveniently, this bean chair also has inbuilt handles. Big Joe bean bag brand cares about sustainable products and charity. All their products can be 100% recyclable and made using 80% recycled materials. They also donate 10 percent of their profit to various charities.

#5 Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

This bean bag chair by chill sack uses memory foam instead of traditional polystyrene beans. It makes it incredibly comfortable and gives soft but firm support. The shredded memory foam allows it to conform according to the body shape of the user.

Outside fabric of this bean bag chair is removable and easy to wash. They also come in a wide variety of color to choose from. It has high-end features like double-stitched micro-suede fabric with childproof zippers.

5 inches chill sack bean bag chair is big enough to share it with your special one. Some customers complained that it took 1-2 days after arrival to be in its complete size.

#6 Big Joe XXL Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag

The Big Joe XXL Fuf is 7 feet big bean bag sofa which gives enough room to sleep or relax. This fuf chair has reusable foam which is tough and remains fluffed even after prolonged use.

Fuf foam ensures that it conforms to your body shape while in use and return to the original form after use. If you like firm support, you can always add more filling material which is readily available.

Outer Lenox fabric of this bean bag sofa is thick and soft which is easy to clean. For easier portability, it comes with built-in handles.

On the downside this bean bag sofa it is, and two or more people are needed to move it.

#7 Sofa Sack Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair

Sofa sack memory foam bean bag chair is affordable and comfortable for gaming, studying and relaxing. It has a machine washable fabric which is durable and very soft.  It comes in 11 different colors and has a size of 5 feet in diameter.

This memory foam bean bag chair by sofa sack is lightweight and easy to move around. The memory foam inside provides excellent support and conforms according to the user. For child safety, this memory foam bean bag chair has double stitched fabric and childproof zippers.

If you are looking for affordable yet durable memory foam chair, then check out more details from the link below.

#8 Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair

This 6 feet huge bean bag chair by cozy sack is designed to give maximum durability and comfort. It has removable outer cover for easy cleaning. This xl bean bag chair cover is of microsuede fabric to provide smooth and comfortable sitting.

Its cover is machine washable and comes in 15 different colors to choose from. It is recommended to measure your floor area before buying this huge bean bag. it will cover around 6.5 inches to 4.5 inches area.

For safety, this bean bag has a protective liner and childproof zipper.

How to Incorporate Bean Bag chairs in Your Home Decor 

You can incorporate bean bag in your home decor in these places of your home –

  1. Bean bag chairs are light and colorful so they can be added in the kid’s room to add the dash of colors. Kids will love to laze around playing games or watching television. Include bean bag with other furniture designs in the same color as used on the walls or the furniture so that the room looks synchronized, even if more colors are used. If going with a particular theme for e.g., Doraemon, bean bag in Doraemon shape can be added to their rooms.
  2. Bean bags can also be added in the living room. It is an inexpensive way of furnishing your living room and making it look splendid. This will be an add-on to your living room furniture. You spend fun times with your family there and want to sit in a relaxed manner. Bean bag chair is, therefore the perfect furniture for placing in the living room.
  3. If you have unutilized corner near the window, place a bean bag chair there and enjoy leisure moments with yourself. Use that corner to spend some leisure by putting a small coffee table and a wall mounted bookshelf.
  4. This light in weight furniture in different colors will also grace your outdoor space  So take it to the gardens for sipping coffee in the evenings. These bags are easy to maintain and quite inexpensive way to furnish your space.
  5. Bean bags can also be added to the teenager’s room. In so many colors and designs, these sitting options can be added according to the theme of the room. For example, for a sports lover, a football-shaped bean bag would be the right thing to add.

Bean bags are comfortable to sit and relax and add a fun element to your home decor when it is incorporated in the right manner. The nature of the bean bag chair allows it to contour to its user’s back when he or she sits in it, so making for a leisure-filled experience.

Bean Bags vs. Lounge Bags

Bean bags are perhaps the most favorite portable furniture option available. It can easily fit into the kid’s room, living room or the outdoor area. There is also a different variant of the bean bags which are known as lounge bags.

Lounge bags and Bean bag chair are very similar, but there are subtle differences between the two of them.

Bean bag

Bean bag is found in various shapes. It is a fabricated bag which is packed with beans. Bean bags are designed for comfort more than providing support.

Lounge bags

Lounge bags is very similar to a bean bag, but it offers more support. These chairs are more solid and tend to have a shape as compared to bean bags.

They can be shaped like a chair, a cube or even a large disc. Lounge chairs are sometimes known as “gamer” bean bags because they’re great for settling into for a long day of gaming.

The similarity between Bean bag chair & Lounge Bags

Both bean bag chair and lounge bags offer semi-free-form seating solutions. Both rest on the floor rather than on legs. They are crafted with a soft material, like fabric or vinyl.

Difference between Bean Bag & Lounge Bags

The structure of both bean bags and lounge bags is different. Bean bag chair, in general, have less filling, so they’re softer and more flexible than lounge bags. Lounge bags are firmer than bean bag and they provide better support for long periods of sitting.

Usage of Bean Bags and Lounge Bags Bean bags are great for getting cozy. They’re a perfect way to add color and style to your home.

In various shapes and colors, they are useful in setting the theme of the décor. For example, a teenager, the boy would love to add a football-shaped bean bag chair to his room.

It retains heat and snuggles around you, so you can sink in and relax while you watch TV. Lounge bags, on the other hand, are firmer and provide more support, so you can stay comfortable but still alert while playing video games, working at the computer or watching a movie.

Bean Bag Sofa

There are various pros to purchasing a bean bag sofa or couches. Bean bag couches are comfortable to move around. They are lightweight and portable as compare to traditional sofas.

Bean bag sofa comes in a variety of fun colors, and they can add fun pop into any part of your home. These couches are also enjoyable to sit and give you the option to lie in comfortably.

Pros of large bean bag sofa

Easily Washable

With large bean bags, you have the option to wash them in several ways. Most of the bean bag sofa has outer covers which are easy to remove and soak in the washing machine.

Removable cover is an advantage as you can keep them clean if you accidentally spill something over it. Just wash it, zip it back on and your bean bag sofa will be fresh as new.


With a large bean bag sofa you can also adjust the level of stability according to your preference.

While filling your bean bag couch, fill it with more stuffing for more support. More filling will provide you more stability and increased body support.

On the other hand, if you like your bean bag sofas to be squishy then use less stuffing. Less amount of filling will allow you to sink into your sofa. I love this kind when I want to take a nap, watch the film or while reading.

Cons of giant bean bag sofa

Large space

Bean bag sofas are usually larger than your regular conventional sofa. So as compared to the traditional sofa, many people might not be able to sit together in the bean bag sofa.

Care with pets

You need to pay special attention while purchasing a bean bag sofa if you have pets (especially cats). Cats might love to jump over your bean bag sofa while playing and damage it. They may cause the hole in it, and this can lead to spilling of inside filling.

Refilling bean bag sofa

With time, it’s essential to maintain your bean bag sofa. Bean bag sofa may lose their stability, and this can make sitting over it uncomfortable. In those situations, you need to refill your bean bag sofa with the new fillings.

Over time, your bean bag may lose its stability, and you may need to add additional fill to receive it to perk up. Buying filling could add extra cost to your bean bag sofa.

Safety hazard for kids

Most of the bean bag fillings are polystyrene beads. These beans can be a safety hazard if they swallow. That’s why it’s recommended to buy the right quality bean bag sofa especially if you have kids and pets.

Most good quality bean bag manufacturer has double lock child proof zips and is double stitched fabric.

Most common complain about bean bag sofa is that they are uneasy. However, this can be a result of lousy quality bean bag sofa or amount of filing in it.

It’s recommended to always buy bean bag chairs after some research and of a good brand. Above you can see our handpicked list of bean bag chairs which are currently best in the market.

Remember bean bag sofa is comfortable to wash, portable, flexible to your preference and can be used for various purpose.

How to keep Bean bag chair Clean

Bean bags are starting to become a very popular item amongst many households over recent years, making them a relatively new item of furniture.  A vast amount of people in the USA alone are owners of some type of bean-filled furniture, but do you know how to properly care for your bean bag?

Opening and placing

The most important thing you must do when your bean bag arrives is not to open the box with a knife! Bean bags are easily punctured with sharp objects.

Then find a suitable place to put it, which is not always the most obvious choice. As most bean bags are loose fill, and as previously mentioned they can puncture, you must allow the bean bag chair enough room to spread out properly with it not being too close to things like table legs and fireplace corners. 

Then make sure that the floor surface isn’t too rough so that it will damage the fabric of the bean bag.  Animals with sharp claws could even puncture it but I think their hair sticking to the fabric would be more of major concern!

Cleaning tips

The easiest bean bag fabric to clean is definitely the polyester “outdoor bean bags” fabric bean bags as it is branded as “water-resistant” making it easily wipe clean if any spillages do occur.

There are many choices of the bean bag in this fabric but my favorite style has to be the large multi-purpose bean bags. Fatboy also has a similar product which is again made of this water-resistant fabric and can be used outdoors.

Dependant on the fabric, bean bag chair needs to be cleaned in different ways. As mentioned earlier, the water-resistant fabrics can be wiped clean with a wet sponge.

Another popular fabric is faux leather bean bags which is also relatively simple to clean by using a damp sponge or cloth but not as wet as you could with the water-resistant fabric.  You can also use cream cleaners for marks on the fabric and that should get rid of any persistent marks!

Cotton bean bags are probably the easiest as most decent quality cotton bean bag chair will be machine washable.

In my experience, the hardest fabric to clean would have to be the faux suede bags style as it is delicate and tend to mark easier than other fabrics.

The way I would recommend to clean it would be to get a small soft-haired brush and dip it in a cup of water with a little bit of detergent then gently rub the mark on the bean bag chair.  This should remove the stain but if not just try again and add a little more detergent.

If you want a realistic and elegant fabric style on your bean bag then faux suede is just that, however, it’s probably not the easiest for homes with young children when other easy clean fabrics are available.

Hope this has helped you in your quest to clean your bean bag chair, or choosing which bean bag to buy.

Buying Bean bag chair on Amazon

Bean bag retailers are battling it out on Amazon, some are going for inferior quality and size but a very cheap price and some are going for a high-quality product like big joe and a mid-range price. I will be going over both in this post.

There are wide varieties of bean bags on Amazon for low prices; however, the dimensions of their bags are often rather small, despite the emphasis on large sizes in their product titles. However, these bean bags are always high in up in most searches so they must be doing something right!

There are many companies who don’t compromise on size and quality. Check out our list of recommended products for this.

One thing I would recommend when buying a bean bag chair is to check the product dimensions and if they are not listed then contact the seller to find them out elsewhere.

As I said previously, some companies have pictures that make their bean bag chair look like large bean bags and adult’s bags when the dimensions prove them otherwise!


People who never had the joy of lounging in a bean bag chair are actually missing out. Not only are those seats exceptionally comfortable to sit but they are also very lightweight and straightforward to store. Maybe their most redeeming feature, however, is their flexibility. Given their structure, these bean bag chairs may very well be utilized as small couches while a number of them enable you to use them.

Having said this, we must point out that every bean bag chair is constructed differently and that to acquire the one which is most appropriate for your requirements, you are gonna need to do a little bit of research. To spare you the problem, we put together above a list of best bean bag chairs that the marketplace offers at the moment.

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