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The furniture in your house reflects your taste and choice. So, it is very important that furniture designs should be carefully chosen. So be it the living room, bedroom, kitchen or the study room, one must add furniture that fits the decor and enhances the look of the entire house. Choose a type-modern, contemporary, Victorian or any other and play with different themes around it. 

There are so many designs that one can choose from depending upon the look of the room. Pick from the various sofa designs, bed designs, bar furniture, wardrobe designs and lend a magnificent look to the entire home by furnishing it right!

Small Living Rooms Furniture Design Ideas

Grace your small living room with the best furniture since you spend most of your time in the living room. Buy the sofa set, cabinets, coffee table etc. that matches the decor. Buy furniture according to the available space & budget allotted.
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Small Living Rooms Furniture Design Ideas

The living room is the most important room in your home since it is the place where you enjoy leisure time with your family. So it is essential that you make the right buying decision of furniture according to space and family needs.

You definitely don’t want to keep bumping and hurting your knees every time you step into your living room. The furniture should be bought keeping in mind space and look of the room.

Here are some furniture designs that will work wonders for your small living room:
  • Buy center or side table that has been crafted with glass, so that the room looks visually appealing and does not occupy more visual space.
  • Include ottomans in furniture for your small living room. They serve multipurpose use – can be used as a foot rest when sitting on the sofa, or can be used as an extra seating space when there are guests at home. If required, put a flat base on the ottoman and it will serve as a coffee table.
  • Invest in buying a light furniture design such as a small sofa set so that the space consumed is less.
  • Heavy wooden furniture will make the room appear small and crowded. Therefore, if space is less, it is advised to include furniture that is light weighted and come in small sizes.
  • Make use of mirrors in your small living room so that it reflects light to give the illusion of more space.
  • Always go for light colored furniture designs when you have less space as lighter color will brighten up the room and will make the room appear larger.
  • Opt for furniture designs that are slightly elevated with slender legs and are arm-less. This sort of furniture makes your space open and airy.
  • Sofa cum bed is a good option to add to your living room. If there are more guests and you are running short of space for sleeping, sofa cum bed will come to your rescue. If have long gossip sessions with your best friends, simply slide the bed out and chat for hours.
  • Go for TV units that are designed with huge storage space. Buy units that have many drawers and shelves. You will then have much space to arrange books, showpieces, and photo frames.


You can search for all your desired furniture designs online and get it delivered at your home. Just keep the above points in mind and add furniture that fits your space well.

Small Bedroom Furniture Design Ideas

The bedroom is your gateway to your dreamland. Even if the bedroom is small, it should be organized in a neat and tidy manner with the right furniture design.

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Small Bedroom Furniture Design Ideas

The furniture in the bedroom should be eye-catchy and comfortable at the same time. Give the best look to your small bedroom by bringing in the best bed design, chest of drawers, dressing table and wardrobes.

Small bedrooms require the perfect furniture to make sure that you have enough space to move freely inside the room and also make the room visually appealing.

Make sure you don’t overdo your room with furniture and leave no space on the floor to move.

Here are some tips that will help you in making the right decision to buy the correct furniture for your cozy bedroom.

Tips for bedroom furniture

Choosing Bed

The bed is for sure the most important furniture in the bedroom. Buy the right bed to make sure you have adequate space left in your room even after adding the bed.

Don’t buy the king size bed since you already have a space crisis.

Choose beds that have multi-functional headboards. Headboards can also serve as display shelves and bookcase. So you will have a place for keeping your night lamp, books, showpieces, and alarm clocks.

Portable furniture

Portable furniture designs like sofa cum beds can be converted to a sofa and bed as and when required.

You will have ample space in the room during daytime and can pull out the bed at night to sleep comfortably.

Storage space

Add furniture that has additional storage space. Beds or recliners designed with hydraulic storage space will be a great addition.

You can use that space to keep yours out of season clothing and other unused stuff.


Furniture designs like mirrored cabinets are worth investment. Put it against one wall of the room and create an illusion of more space.

Chest of drawers

Invest in buying the chest of drawers instead of side tables for bedside use. It has built-in storage space that can hold extra bed linens and bedding items.

It can also serve multipurpose use. This furniture design can also be used as a study table by just pulling a comfortable chair to it.

Wall shelves

Furniture designs like wall shelves that can be mounted on the walls of the room. This way the walls of the room will look occupied but there will be more floor space.

The wall shelves can be used to arrange books, showpieces, photo frames, candles, stuff toys and more.

You can also go for wall cabinets that will cover the entire wall but will give you so much space to store that you will not need an extra wardrobe in your bedroom. It will save on space and the room will have a uniform look.


So whether you buy online or from a physical store, you know what kind of furniture to be added. Choose the right ones and make your bedroom a cozy place to sleep.

Kids Room Furniture Design Ideas

The outlay of the kid’s room should be such that it instantly brightens up the mood. The kid’s room furniture should be bright and trendy but also safe to be used by kids.

So be it the bed, sofa or the study table, buy the best kids room furniture and keep your kids safe and happy

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Kids Room Furniture Design Ideas

Finding the kid’s room furniture can be an extremely difficult task as you will have to refine your searches according to your kid’s choice.

The chosen furniture designs should be safe to use in the kid’s room and should match the other interiors too.

Some of the essential points to keep in mind while buying furniture for kid’s room are:


The bed is the prime important thing in the bedroom. Ask your kids about their choice.

Go for twin bunk beds if there is a lack of floor space. Opting for a bunk bed would let you arrange all the other furniture properly.

If following a certain theme, customize the beds according to that.

Soft wood

It is better to opt for furniture designs crafted with engineered wood or soft wood instead of metal and hardwood.

You will need to change the furniture in every 4-5 year in case of their room, so go for lightweight furniture.

Also, it is a cheaper alternative to wood furniture.

Seating options

Include furniture designs like bean bags or colored ottomans in the kid’s room.

It serves as a comfortable seating option and also adds colors to their room.

Adequate space

Make sure you have adequate space for storage for all the toys, clothes and other stuff for your kids.


Buy cabinets designed with space that are low-height so that the kids can put their stuff in and out easily.

Get colored cabinets for the kid’s room. It will add vibrancy and liveliness to the kid’s room. Make sure the cabinets have adequate shelves and drawers so that all their stuff can be properly arranged.

Storage stools

Storage stools in various shapes and colors can also be included in the kid’s room. They serve as portable furniture designs and are easy to store toys.

While buying furniture for kid’s bedroom, make sure that the furniture is not blunt and has fine rounded finishing. Otherwise, the kids may get hurt.

Colorful furniture

Study tables and desks in the printed and colorful range are available in the market.

By including study desks in their favorite color, you can make their study time fun filled and interesting.

Always put dustbins in your kid’s room so that they do not litter around and make their room a messy place.


You can also buy furniture for your kid’s room online. Just make sure you buy from a reliable site and read the return and exchange policy shipment policy well in advance.

Read out the material quality and see if it fits well into your criteria.

Small Kitchen Furniture Design Ideas

Pick from the classiest furniture design ideas for your small kitchen and make it the most favorite spot of the entire house. The color and style of the furniture should gel with the other interiors. Buy from the exclusive collection of corner stands, racks, kitchen carts, and benches.

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Small Kitchen Furniture Design Ideas

Don’t compromise on styling your kitchen even if you have a crunch of space. Add the right kind of kitchen furniture and see how it transforms your small space into a wow-worthy place.

Look for ways as to how all your kitchen essentials can easily fit in and look managed –

Tips for small kitchen design

  • Buy furniture that can be put to multiple uses. Replace the heavy kitchen chairs with a wooden bench, which can be used for sitting and also to keep cooked dishes. You can also bring in benches that are low height and have storage space covered with sliding doors.
  • If the corner space is unutilized, add corner shelves and utilize the space well. Use it to keep utensils or decor pieces. A tall shelf would draw the eye towards the height of the kitchen and make the kitchen look large.
  • If the floor space is less, get cabinets that built over the glass top. Make sure you have enough storage space to stack your utensils and all other kitchen essentials.
  • Always add a kitchen cart that serves as a storage space for pots, pans, spices and more. Moreover, it can offer counter space whenever you need it.
  • Buy furniture that is small in size and serves utility to the kitchen. To chit- chat and eat the meal in the kitchen, add a small square table and put two armless chairs around it.
  • Bring in kitchen hutch that will provide adequate space for storage and will make the kitchen look neat and tidy. All the utensils and other essentials can easily be accommodated on the in-built shelves and cabinets.
  • If there is space left in the kitchen and you want to give it a modern look, add kitchen bar furniture with sleek stools opposite the refrigerator. Buy a compact one, where the stools can be pushed below the table when not in use.
  • Portable furniture is the best option to add to your small kitchen. Add folding chairs if there is no space to put benches or chairs. A wheeled kitchen cart is a perfect option to include in your kitchen as it can be used for storage when not used for serving.


Furniture can add both style and utility to your kitchen if placed the right way.

Don’t hesitate to add furniture to your kitchen, just keep the size in mind.


Bar Furniture Design Ideas

Flaunt your impeccable taste by adding bar furniture. It will let you display your collection of bottles and glasses in a unique and picturesque manner. Add bar furniture like bar cabinets, bar stools, bar tables etc

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Bar Furniture Design Ideas

Ever thought of having your personal bar at home and dropped the idea just because you didn’t get the right furniture for your bar?

If you are a person that prefers to stay at home and call over friends and relatives home, then you can consider converting your basement area or an unutilized room into a bar area.

Including the bar, furniture not only adds a class to the decor but also adds utility. It can further be enhanced with a gaming zone or installing a TV set there.

Here is some furniture items that you will need to add:

Bar Cabinets:

So many cabinets in various shapes, designs, and forms are available in the market today. These cabinets can be made of wood, metal or aluminum.

Bar cabinets should have proper racks and stands for placing glasses and bottles? Choose the cabinet depending on the size of your collection.

Always keep in mind the style and decor of your house. If your house has a contemporary feel to it, go for stylishly designed bar cabinets.

If your house has a traditional outlay, choose designs that have a traditional appeal to them. It is very useful to analyze the space that is available in the house before setting up a bar.

So buy cabinets in accordance with the other bar furniture.

Bar Table:

Bar table is an essential of a bar. Choose a bar table that allows to sit comfortably. The table should be high enough and should allow people to comfortably sit and adjust their legs.

It can come in any shape- round, rectangular or square. Choose it according to the space available in your home.

An average bar table height would be around 40 – 42 inches high. Tables can be wooden or have a wooden or metal frame with glass top.

Bar Chairs:

Buying the right bar chairs is an important step in setting up a bar. Search for different types of material and choose according to your decor style.

Also, determine how many will you require. You can go for upholstered chairs or a simple wooden frame. If the table is high go for high bar chairs or stools.

You can also opt for bar stools that have adjustable height. The average bar chair height should be between 26-31 inches.


As you know the essentials of how to set up a bar at home, make sure you make an appealing one by buying the best ones. Any material you choose, it should complement your decor well and beautify your home.

Make your bar the main attraction of your home and let it speak volumes about your taste.


Home Office Furniture Design Ideas

Who doesn’t love the luxury of working from home? But buying the right furniture designs for your home office is very essential. Pick from the office chairs, office desks, storage cabinets etc. Home office furniture should be ergonomically designed for the user to be comfortable and relaxed while working. 

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Home Office Furniture Design Ideas

Over the years, working from home is coming up as a convenient option for people who wish to work from home and avoid long commutes, hectic office hours and tight schedules.

A lot many people are setting home offices at their home and making work more smooth and convenient.

One of the best places to set up a home office is to look up for a room that has adequate natural light and is airy.

Clear it of all the stuff and add the below-mentioned furniture to it.

  • An office desk should fit well into the room without taking up too much space. It should have the right number of drawers and it has portholes for keeping wires and cables out of the way.
  • The desk should be the eye catchy furniture of your home office. It should have space to accommodate your laptop or desktop, printer, scanner, and other important stuff. It will also hold your diary and other stationery items.
  • Another essential that you would require for your home office is a comfortable chair. A mesh office chair would be the preferred choice that has adjustable back and height for adjusting when required. Its breathable material, ergonomically designed structure and cushiony feel will give the users a relaxed seating posture. Mesh chairs allow the users to remain cool and comfortable while working.
  • Another essential in a home office would be a cabinet that will let you arrange all the files, papers and folders in a neat manner.
  • A desk light is also an important item to be added to your home office so that you have ample light when you work in the evenings and late nights.
  • If the space available is less and a big office desk does not fit into the room, you can also opt for a sleek desk or folding computer tables.
  • Glass computer tables are also a good option since it will create an illusion of more space and will reflect light.
  • Add a small table at the corner that will hold the table calendar and indoor plants so that there is a fresh and appeal to your home office and hence help improve productivity.


Add the right furniture to your home office and work from the comfort of your home. Allotting a dedicated place for home office lets you separate your work from home and be more productive.


Outdoor Furniture Design Ideas

Beautify your outdoor area with the right outdoor furniture designs. Choose from the vast collection of hammocks, swings, gazebos and more.

Choose the right furniture designs according to the space available and your budget. The outdoor furniture should be such that it makes your home look attractive and inviting.

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Outdoor Furniture Design Ideas

Your outdoor area is the face of your house and it also deserves to look its best. You have enough options to make your home look beautiful from inside by painting and adding exquisite furniture and art pieces.

You need to think a lot before furnishing your outdoors.

What all should be bought and how will it be maintained are some of the important questions to be considered.

Here are some points that you should consider when planning to buy outdoor furniture:

Matching the style of the decor

It is very essential to buy furniture in accordance with the indoor furniture in the house. Make sure the outdoor furniture stands co-ordinate and does not look mismatched.

Measure the space that can be covered

Take into account the space available outdoors. Place sofa sets or chairs in a manner that it makes for a proper seating arrangement for close gossip sessions and doesn’t block the passage or entrance of the house.

Never over buy the furniture even if you think it will suit your outdoor perfectly.

Choose the right material

Set your budget and make your choice from the following options.

  • Plastic and PVC – These materials are rustproof, lightweight, relatively inexpensive and can be left out around the year. They can easily be moved from one place to another and does not require much maintenance.
  • Aluminum – One can also opt for aluminum furniture for outdoors since it is lightweight, easy to maintain and doesn’t rust. Such type of furniture will require heavily padded cushions for a comfortable sitting experience.
  • Steel and Wrought Iron – Both steel and wrought iron are sturdy and will grace your outdoors beautifully. If weatherproofed or painted periodically, it will not rust.
  • Wood – Natural wood looks very attractive in outdoor furnishings. Buy furniture that has been crafted with teak or eucalyptus since they are durable and easy to maintain. If taken proper care, they can serve for years.
  • Cane or Bamboo – Cane or Bamboo furniture is perfect for placing outdoor as it beautifully complements the natural surroundings outdoors. If placed in a lawn or garden, it will add wonders for the look.

Never forget the shade

Whatever the quality of your furniture, its life will surely be reduced when it lies under the harsh sun or unstoppable rains.

So always invest in buying a big umbrella or a motorized awning unless there is no permanent ceiling or a wooden or fiberglass.

Look out for furniture that suits the underused areas

Get small heightened stools or chairs for below the stairs area or get a bench installed at the corners. The unused area can get a new life when proper furniture is added.

Consider portable furniture as an option

The safest option for outdoor furniture is portable foldable furniture that can be carried out as and when required.

This will make the furniture last for a long period of time and is a cheaper alternative to wood or aluminum furniture.


Just consider the above points before buying any piece of furniture and be assured of the best buy. Invest in the right kind of furniture and maintain it so that it lasts for a longer period of time.

Pool Side Furniture Design Ideas

Relax and unwind near the pool in poolside furniture that is sure to take your heart away. Furnish your poolside area with chaise lounges, bistro sets etc. that will make you’re poolside look more inviting and pleasing. You can now host a rocking pool party too! Read here for more on poolside furniture designs.

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Pool side Furniture Design Ideas

You can always enjoy the summer at home when you have a pool area to enjoy with your family. When the pool area is furnished with the right furniture, the place will look appealing and serve utility at one go. You can always invite your friends to your place and have a rocking pool party.

Top 5 must have Poolside Furniture:

1) Chaise Lounges: Lounges will let you bask in the sun after a dip in the pool. One can go for chaise lounges crafted out of wood or wicker. These long chairs are perfect to relax in the evenings and during weekends. Upholstered lounges that are lined with outdoor fabrics can also be used.

2) Hammocks: Hammocks can be hung anywhere in your poolside area. After a dip in the pool, you can relax by lying on it. The hammocks should be crafted with all-weather fabric and material that can withstand water and sunrays.

3) Outdoor Sectionals: Sectionals that are crafted with water-resistant material are a perfect choice for poolside furniture. Even if planning for a poolside party, there would be enough space for the guests to sit, relax and enjoy. One can also choose from upholstered sectionals crafted with weather resistant fabric. Include some eye-catchy printed cushions and throws.

4) Bistro Sets: A small dining table that has been crafted with water-resistant material will be an excellent addition to your poolside furniture. These dining sets typically sit two to four people and are much taller than a regular table and chairs, protecting the furniture and food from splashes from the pool. When having family time, you can always have your evening snacks or dinner at the poolside.

5) Adirondack chairs: These special chairs are specially designed for outdoor use. It features a wide seat, high back, and design that is comfortable to sit and is also resistant to water and humidity. These chairs come in a wide variety of colors, so add a bright shade and make your poolside colorful.


Now that you have the perfect list of what to add to your poolside, go and make your poolside a rocking place. Add furniture according to the space available in your poolside area.