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Shower panels help in enhancing your daily shower experience. These shower panels are different than a regular shower head and usually consists of a hand shower, an overhead shower, and various massage jets.

What is better than the nice shower at the end of a busy day? It will not only help you to relax but also energize your body. The bath helps in soothing muscles and improves sleep quality.

In the following article, we present the best shower panels. Don’t you know how to tell an efficient shower panel from a bad one? You came to the right place. Further, in the shower panel reviews, we explain how these panels work, how to install them, and the benefits of using them.

Shower panels are designed for wall or corner mounting, depending on the model. We have put together the critical information below so that you can quickly find the right shower panel for your bathroom.

Which are the best shower panels in 2019?

1. Blue Ocean 52” Stainless Steel SPV878392H Shower Panel
2. ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System
3. Blue Ocean 52″ Aluminum SPA392M Shower Panel Tower
4. Hudson Reed Shower Panel Tower With Rainfall Head
5. ELLO&ALLO LED Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head
6. SR SUN RISE Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower System
7. DP Bath Glass White Shower Panel with Jets

Best Shower Panel Reviews (Updated List)

1. Blue Ocean 52” SPV878392H Shower Panel

Blue Ocean 52” SPV878392H is one classic looking shower panel system which can complement any style of bathroom. The 5mm blue color tempered glass surface with stainless steel frame enhances the appearance of the shower tower. This tower system comes with multi-functional handheld shower, overhead shower with rainfall feature, eight body massage nozzles, and a tub spout. The high-quality stainless steel shower of Blue Ocean is equipped with handheld shower, overhead shower with rainfall feature, eight body massage nozzles, and a tub spout. By turning the knob slightly, you can choose between rain shower, hand shower, tub spout or massage jets. There is another knob to control the temperature. The showerhead and the body of the panel are made of stainless steel. The hand shower is chromed. The LED water temperature gauge shows the water temperature in real-time via a sensor. The modern angular design of the shower panel and the hand shower makes every bathroom an attraction. Turning on the jet nozzles guarantees an incomparable wellness feeling. The high-class wellness shower of Blue Ocean can be easily mounted. The complete equipment includes a shower panel, jet nozzles, tub spout, a hand shower, and a shower hose. For this high-quality shower panel, the manufacturer provides a one-year limited warranty.

2. ELLO&ALLO Shower Panel Tower System

This shower panel system by ELLO&ALLO is made of high-quality stainless steel and has brushed nickel finish. The faucet body is of brass, while the hand shower is of high-quality plastic and PVD plating. The chrome-plated hand shower hose is 59’’ long and made of stainless steel. Overall, this panel by ELLO&ALLO has a modern and attractive design. The brushed nickel finish of panel is fingerprint free and easy to keep clean. This tower has features like a waterfall, rainfall, 2-setting massage jets, tub spout, handheld shower. Two control knobs on the panel can be used to control any two functions of the tower simultaneously. There is an LED temperature display on the panel where you can select the exact temperature of the water. This shower tower needs to be mounted on the wall and weighs about 26.4 lbs.

3. Blue Ocean 52″ Aluminum SPA392M 

SPA392M 52’’ shower panel by Blue Ocean is made using aluminum alloy and has a satin steel finish. The 5 mm tempered glass surface enhances the modern and elegant appearance of the shower tower. SPA392M has several functions such as handheld shower, overhead rainfall shower, tub sprout, and eight body massage nozzles. The design, features, price, and ease of use make this panel one of the best in the market for 2019. This durable and lightweight panel can be installed on a flat wall with standard ½’’ water pipe fitting. For displaying temperature, it has a blue background LED on the panel, which requires an AA battery. Please note that it requires 28 psi minimum water pressure for working efficiently. Also, you can only use one feature of the shower tower at a time.  

4. Hudson Reed Shower Panel Tower With Rainfall Head

This chrome-plated thermostatic panel by Hudson reed is modern style exposed shower panel. It has an overhead waterfall feature shower, slim handheld shower, and two inset body jets. This shower panel has thermostatic temperature control, which means you don’t have to worry about sudden cold or hot water. It’s all features can be used independently or simultaneously. But if you use multiple functions, the efficiency might decrease. Also, it’s essential to have at least 15 psi water pressure for proper efficiency of this shower panel. This shower tower has a dimension of 65″ x 7″ x 3 (H x W x D) and weighs about 32.2 pounds. This modern and innovative design and chrome finish panel will surely give your bathroom a luxurious appearance.

5. ELLO&ALLO LED Shower panel system

The LED shower panel from ELLO&ALLO is made of rust-resistant stainless steel. It features rainfall and waterfall overhead shower, handheld shower with three settings, water spout, and jet nozzles. Especially the four massage jets provide perfect relaxation and optimal showering pleasure. The LED lights don’t require any batteries as they use the energy from the water flow. The faucets are solid chrome plated. The handheld shower hose is made of stainless steel. Also, its 59″ long shower hose is chrome plated. It has brushed nickel finish, which is easy to care. Although for marks such as fingerprints are easy to remove with a cleaning cloth. This shower tower system measures 55 “x 18.3″ x 8.5” and weighs about 26.4 pounds.

6. SR SUN RISE Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower System 

7. DP Bath Glass White Shower Panel with Jets

The glass shower panel by DP bath offers you a hydromassage, with which you can start the day in a relaxed way or pamper yourself after a hard day.
Editorial assessment

Material / Design

The DP bath shower panel with six massage jets consists of white 6mm safety glass. The showerhead is made of plastic, while the shower arm is made of stainless steel and the control knobs are made of metal. The hand shower is chrome plated. Overall, the panel is easy to combine with other designs.


Fingerprints will be visible on the safety glass, but the white coloring will help it to hide them. Generally, the glass is easy to keep clean. The six massage jets also have an anti-limescale system that prevents the formation of the limescale.

Size/dimensions of the panel

The DP bath shower panel measures 9.8 x 2.8 x 51.2 inches and weighs around 22 pounds. The hand shower hose is 150 cm long, and the connection hose is 50 cm long.

Mounting / mounting criteria

For easy installation, a ½ inch connection should be provided. Corner mounting is unfortunately not possible with the additional material since the fasteners would have to be changed.

Shower types / extra features and functions

The overhead shower of the DP bath shower panel offers you a rain shower, so it is a broad shower head with many small openings. An additional function of the shower fitting is the hydro massage, which is created by the six side showers. The features can be used alternately.
Customer Reviews
The following points are mainly positive:
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy installation with standard wall connection
  • Good rain shower
On the other hand, some complaints are:
  • Low water pressure of the nozzles
  • Slight greenish tint in the glass
Can I use all the functions of the shower panel at the same time? No, you can only use the functions alternately. Can I attach the panel directly to the cold and warm water connections on the wall? Or is another faucet needed? Usually, you can connect the panel directly to the connections coming out of the wall. Can I also connect the shower column to a bath mixer? The panel has two tubes on the back. One of them is for hot water and one for cold water. So theoretically it is possible. You then have to adjust the water temperature on the bathtub faucet, but it’s not intended. Is a corner installation possible? To attach the panel over the corner, the fasteners that are screwed to the wall must be made new. It is not possible with the original fixtures included. Is the shower head adjustable? No, the showerhead of the panel is fixed.

The Best Shower Panels Buyer’s Guide

The market offers a diverse selection of products, from which you have to filter out the most suitable shower panel independently. The objective and budget play a decisive role. Be clear about what you want.

What is a shower panel?

A shower panel is an exceptional shower column that combines different shower functions in a single unit. In addition to a rain shower, most models have a hand shower and individual nozzles for giving a unique shower experience. The most characteristic feature is the rain shower, which is integrated with most of the shower panels. Some other features like a thermostat, LED or massage showers are also frequent in shower panels nowadays.

What are the components of shower panels?

In general, shower panels have three essential components. Overhead shower: It is unusually wide and flat to cover the largest possible area. Approximately 50 water jets are built into it which let soft, warm water pounce on you – similar to a rain shower in the Caribbean. In most overhead shower, there is waterfall feature in which the water flows out of the nozzle in a surge. Hand shower: In a regular bath, you will usually find only this type of shower. Also, in a shower panel, hand shower is an essential component as it comes handy to reach places, the overhead shower cannot reach. Depending on the model, the spray type and the flow speed of the hand shower can be adjusted. Massage jets: These provide the particular feel-good pleasure during the shower. Some shower panels have up to 10 nozzles, which can be controlled individually to massage different parts of the body.

What are the advantages of shower panels compared to shower systems?

In contrast to shower systems, the individual parts are firmly installed in a panel of shower tower. This makes the assembly of the finished product much less complicated. When removing, the shower panel can be quickly disassembled. It is also possible to have corner mounting with the right bracket for shower panels. Also, shower panels come in many different options. You can choose from a wide range of materials and functions. Also, you will spend less on the shower panel as compared to buying all the items (thermostat, shower head, etc.) individually.

What should you consider before buying with shower panels?

For choosing the best shower panel, it is essential to understand which features are most important to you? If you want the basic shower panel than the one with shower head and few massage nozzles will probably be sufficient. Nevertheless, you can also consider one with features like a waterfall shower and LED lighting if you want something extra. Does your bathroom follow a specific design or style? Then you should choose the material and design of the shower tower accordingly. Bathroom layout also plays an essential role in choosing the best shower tower. Consider if your bathroom is suitable for corner installation of shower panel? ‘’Also, keep in mind that changing the height can be extremely cumbersome after mounting the panel.’’

What advantages of shower panels with LED or thermostat?

Shower panels with LEDs are becoming increasingly popular as the different lighting effects can create atmosphere depending on your mood. The LED light is more economical and environmentally friendly than the lighting of candles. Thermostats are also a feature which is common in modern shower panels. It prevents the shower from suddenly becoming cold – for example, when someone uses the flush. High-quality shower panels have in-built shower thermostat or a mixer tap so that the desired temperature is maintained consistently. The thermostat is handy if you have elderly or child at home. It reduces the risk of scalding, which can be caused by high water temperature.

Are shower panels with LEDs dangerous?

Shower panels which are powered by electricity from the wall outlet are dangerous. Fortunately, you cannot find these kinds of models in the market anymore. There are turbine-controlled shower panels in which LED takes power from the flow of water. These models have disadvantage such as noise and short service life in case of limy water. The most reliable shower panels with LED are the one which operates with a battery. The only drawback of these models is that you have to replace batteries after 2-3 years.

What is the role of mixer faucet or tap?

The mixer faucet is the fitting in which the mixing of different temperature water is regulated. This is done by one or more valves operated by handles or levers. The water of the desired temperature and pressure is achieved by mixing cold and warm water.

What are the most common problems with shower panels?

One of the most common problems with shower columns is the cleaning process and the malfunction of the temperature control. There are also complaints about the lack of hot water in the individual nozzle. In this case, the mixer tap is probably defective. An independent repair can be cumbersome and will require the help of the professional.

How to install the shower panel?

As shower panels are known for their simplified assembly process, you can usually install yourself. Most manufacturers provide detailed installation instruction to make this process simple. Some manufacturers also offer free installation service. Some manufacturers even use an adhesive method that allows you to conveniently attach the shower panel to the wall with a secure adhesive. Corner mounting requires more intensive assembly as the fitting must fit perfectly. Nowadays, a YouTube tutorial can give you a good idea of the necessary assembly steps. If you have any questions or complications, you can, of course, contact the manufacturer directly and in case of emergency call local professional.

How much does shower panels cost?

The price range for shower columns ranges from affordable to expensive. It can start anywhere from 100 dollars and can go up to 3000 dollars. Please note that these prices are the average price; of course, there are more expensive models depending on the features and brand. The material, features, technology involved and the brand name are few factors which affect the cost of shower towers. Shower panels of plastic and aluminum are cheaper, whereas marble is noble and robust, but expensive.

Where can I buy shower columns?

You can buy shower panels from retail stores or online. If you have decided on the model, then you can compare prices on the Internet. It’s more likely that you can find a better deal for shower panels online. Some of the online websites to consider are:
All our recommended shower panels have a link to one of these websites.

Things to consider in shower panels

For finding the best shower panel, it is essential to consider the following factors. These factors will make it easier for you to decide if the particular model is right for you or not. In summary, these are:
  • Material and design
  • Cleaning
  • Size/dimensions of the panel
  • Extra equipment and features
  • Assembly criteria

Material and design

The material plays the most crucial role in terms of design. Besides, it affects the weight, quality, maintenance and the price of the shower panel. The definite advantages and disadvantages of the individual materials are mention below in detail. Nonetheless, stainless steel is the most common material. Aluminum is considered lightweight and is therefore often combined with material such as Glass. Glass, as well as plastic, is available in different colors. The latter, however, is considered cheaper and has a short service life. There are also different types of wood and bamboo. Marble is the most visually appealing and costly material for shower panels.


A shower panel is an absolute eye-catcher and visual highlight for every bathroom. However, to keep the look of the shower panel appealing, there are a few things to consider. The most common problem for shower panels is the formation of limescale. Good quality shower panels often incorporate anti-limescale nozzles; this is a good investment and can save a lot of efforts on cleaning. If you do not want to bother with dirt, limescale and fingerprints on the shiny new shower panel, then you should consider using a nano-sealer at the time of installation. Especially with stainless steel shower panels, this can keep the shine for a long time.

Size/dimensions of the panel

The size of the shower panel is an essential factor to consider. Before you decide on a fancy new shower panel, you should measure whether you have enough area. This will help you to make sure that you can use all features of the shower tower.

Extra equipment and features

Anti-limescale system

Most good brand shower panels have the modern anti-limescale system. These showerheads are equip with silicone nubs on the aerators and jet nozzles. This anti-limescale system has the advantage that possible lime residues can be removed very easily. The limescale deposits can be rubbed away with the anti-limescale systems, without the need for sharp cleaners and costly cleaning.


Shower towers with in-built thermostat offer safety and comfort. With the thermostat, your pre-selected water temperature remains constant for the duration of the shower. it reduces the risk of scalding and helps in keeping the water temperature consistent.

Massage jets

The intensity of water can significantly affect your showering experience. For example, with massage jets, you can have water flow targeting the specific area of your body.

LED lights

LED light color can be controlled via remote control or buttons on the panel. Depending on the choice of color, a corresponding atmosphere is created during the shower. There are also some models which change color depending on the temperature of the water


Some models have aroma diffuser which you can use depending on your preference or mood.

Assembly criteria

A crucial purchase criterion for shower fittings is how you want to attach the panel. For example, if you’re going to install in the corner, check whether the model is suitable or not. With some models, it is possible to fit in the corner using additional mounting tools whereas, in some, it may not be possible. Also, it is essential to check the dimension and position of the necessary connections. Following are the additional steps for the assembly:

Prepare connections

The shower panel may be attached to mounting rails (for corners on mounting brackets). Plan exactly how high you want to attach fitting. The nozzles should be optimally adapted to the respective body size, and the hand shower should be easily accessible. Take the blind plugs out of the water and turn in spacers with a hex wrench. Wrap the threads first with Teflon tape so that they are tight. Main water tap must be turned off.

Connect shower panel

For the fitting, you will probably need an external thread (double nipple), which you should wrap with Teflon tape or hemp and then screw into the spacers and tighten. You should seal the voids between the threaded pieces and the wall with silicone. After assembly, let the water run for about three minutes. This cleans the pipe and will flush out any dirt.

Types of shower panels available and which one is right for you

Depending on the material shower panels can be classified following:
  • Shower panel made of stainless steel
  • Shower panel made of aluminum
  • Glass shower panel
  • Plastic shower panel
  • Shower panel made of wood or bamboo
  • Marble shower panel

Pros and cons of stainless steel shower panel

The most common material for shower panels is stainless steel. In addition to its attractive appearance, this material is durable, low maintenance, temperature resistant and hygienic. One drawback is the visible fingerprints, but these are easy to clean.


✔️ Durable

✔️ Hygienic

✔️ Easy to clean


❌ Stains (limescale, fingerprints)

Pros and cons of aluminum shower

Aluminum is also cheaper and easier for transport and assembly because of its low weight. The most manufacturer uses along with heavy materials such as glass.


✔️ Inexpensive

✔️ Lightweight (for transport / installation)

✔️ Easy to care


❌ Stains (limescale, fingerprints)

❌ Short service life


Pros and cons of a glass shower panel

Glass is another popular material for shower panels. It is specially manufactured, keeping the safety and use in mind. Glass is heavy material, and is usually used along with lightweight material such as aluminum.


✔️ Visually appealing

✔️ Available in different colors

✔️ Easy to clean


❌ Stains (fingerprints)


Advantages and disadvantages of plastic shower panels

The cheaper alternative to glass is plastic. This has the same features as glass but shorter service life.


✔️ Low cleaning requirement

✔️ Available in different colors


❌ Short life especially with cheap quality plastic

Pros and cons of shower panel made with wood or bamboo

Shower towers made of wood or bamboo is visually appealing. With these materials, you should pay attention to regular maintenance and cleaning. As different wood require different care, it is essential to read the manufacturer instructions carefully.


✔️ Visually appealing

✔️ Lightweight (for transport / installation)


❌ Expensive

❌ Require regular maintenance

Pros and cons of marble shower panel

Marble is also a popular material in the bathroom for people with a high budget. It is visually appealing and gives classy to the modern look.


✔️ Visually appealing

✔️ Requires less cleaning


❌ Expensive

❌ Heavy materiel