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DIY guide to Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets under 100 Dollars

Replacing your kitchen cabinet can change your kitchen appearance completely. But the problem is it’s expensive and takes time. Instead, you can just spray paint kitchen cabinets yourself. This DIY guide will help you to do this under 100 dollars. Apart from saving money you also have the color choice of your own. You don’t need to depend on the color offered by the manufacturer. You can choose the best color which defines your personality and have sparkling new cabinets.

The reason we recommend spray paint instead of roller paint or paintbrush is because it is beginners friendly. Spray painting kitchen cabinets will give an extra smooth and professional look to your kitchen. If you never handled spray paint before then first do the little practicing before on spare wood. Learning spray painting is easy and it can help in future DIY Projects so it is worth learning.

Spray painting kitchen cabinets is an easy way to save the high cost of new cabinets and to completely transform your kitchen. With a few simple steps, You can transform your existing cabinets into designer statement pieces without spending a fortune.

Required Tools and Materials for this Project

It is better to collect all the required tools and material before you start to spray paint kitchen cabinets. The only tool which cost high for this project is HVLP paint sprayer (High volume, low pressure). If you have the option to rent then it will save cost. You can borrow from someone who is into DIY things. If none of the above options works for you than buying one is a good investment. HVLP paint sprayer saves time and cost of paint. It also gives the more professional look and extra smooth paint in comparison to another type of painting.

You can check out the price and details of all the products above from the provided Amazon link.

Steps to Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets

This project will consist of 4 steps which you will learn in detail below. The first step is preparation. For every kind of paint job, the key element is preparation. Preparation is the most time consuming but makes your job much easier and less time consuming on the latter stages.

The second step is doing patching and using a primer. This is will give your cabinets richer texture and improve the paint life. Then in third steps, we will apply paint and some hacks to spray paint kitchen cabinets.

The last step is to reassemble cabinets back and some cleaning. After these steps, you can enjoy the fresh look of the kitchen and appreciate your work.


Before you start, collect all the tools mentioned above for this paint job. Now decide which area you will use for spray painting. It’s recommended to use the open area as there will be enough ventilation. You can also use the basement or empty room.

Dissembling cabinets and marking

Start by dissembling all the cabinets and place them in your workspace. Remember to properly mark all hinges and knobs of respective cabinets properly and placing them in different plastic bags. It is important as you don’t want to get confused when you assemble them back.

Now it is time to wash all the cabinets. You can start with dish soap and water as it will remove all the dirt and grease from cabinets. Cabinets near oven or stove need special attention, as they are more exposed to grease. You can also use warm water mix with TSP to clean them. Leave them to get dry for some time.

If you are doing paint job in the kitchen then it’s important to cover everything. Use the plastic sheet and painters tape to cover all the exposed part where you don’t want your pain to go. Pay special attention to vents of appliances and cover the smallest part. You can use the old bed sheet to cover the floor as it will be less slippery as compare to a plastic sheet.

Patching and primer

By now you have removed cabinets, washed them and they are ready to work on. Use random orbital sander or sandpaper (320-grit) to sand the cabinets. Be careful and light sand it enough to take out the shine. Clean them again with tuck cloth to remove any dust.

Check carefully for any cracks and minor holes in cabinet surface. Now fill them with wood putty and sand again. Clean them with tuck cloth until you clear all residual dust. Check once more every cabinet surface before applying primer.

Now it’s time to apply primer or under the paint. Primer is important as it increases paint durability. It gives better adhesion of paint to surface and block stains. Apply primer using disposable or any cheap brush. While applying primer do not worry about brush strokes or uniform finish. Primer takes around 1-2 hours to dry. Sand again, lightly using sandpaper to remove any brushstrokes of primer.


Before starting to spray paint kitchen cabinets, it is recommended to do some practice. You can use spare wood or cardboard piece for this. This will help you understand the setting of the spray gun you are using. You will also get familiarize amount of paint gun is spraying and suitable distance to get perfect paint.

Fill your spray gun container with the paint, water, and floetrol. Floetrol is available widely in the market and is used to improve paint flow and workability of paint. It will help you to save paint too. Now it is time to start painting cabinets.

Start with the back surface of the door. This will help you to understand spraying before you start with the front part which is most visible. After painting back side spray paint edges in one flow. After this, you can start with the front surface of the cabinet door. While spray painting, it’s important to be patient and go slowly. If you rush then there will be a chance of dripping. Normally keeping nozzle around 10-12 inches away from the surface gives a good finish. Start spraying from the top part and then going downward part. Move in a sweeping motion back and forth until down. Leave them to dry for at least 4 hours and then apply one more coat of the paint.

Try to keep the angle of the nozzle and distance constant while you spray paint. Adjust the flow rate and distance so paint covers surface without running. Leave them to dry for a night before proceeding to your last and final step.


Now it is time to put everything back in place. Those plastic packs with marking on them will help you to remember which hinges and knobs go on which door. You can sand little bit it of hinge holes to remove any paint from there if any. With everything in place reassemble every part and check if every screw is tightened properly.


Spray painting kitchen cabinets is a nice weekend project. This project shows how easy is to have a new appearance in the kitchen with the low budget. You can do it if your kitchen cabinet paint is getting dull or even if you just want a different look in the kitchen. Tell us in comments below color of your kitchen cabinets.

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