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A faulty thermostat can result in undercooked or over burnt food. To replace the oven thermostat, it’s essential to find the correct part according to your oven first. You can check online by searching ‘’thermostat + model number of your oven + brand name’’.

Below are six simple steps by which you can easily replace the oven thermostat:

Open the upper oven cover and remove control knobs

Remove the thermostat

Remove the temperature sensor

Install the new thermostat

Replace the temperature sensor

Put everything back and check

What is the purpose of the oven thermostat?

Electric ovens can have an electronic or mechanical thermostat. It is located just behind the temperature switch.

This thermostat is attached to a temperature sensor, a small conical metal element that you can see in the back of your oven.

This temperature sensor monitors the temperature inside the oven. If your stove is not heating normally, if it is continuously heating or stops heating for no reason than its time to replace the thermostat.

Please note that there can be other reasons such as defective heating elements or circulating air fan.

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Replace the oven thermostat in Six simple steps!

Remove the upper oven cover and control knobs

First of all before you start to replace the oven thermostat, make sure to disconnect your oven. If your oven is with gas burners, it’s essential for safety to close the gas supply.

Now, depending on the model, use a screwdriver or a wrench to remove the top cover of your oven. This gives you access to the area behind the control buttons. If you have electric hobs, the screws you need to loosen are usually on the sides or back of the plate.

If you have an oven with gas burners, first remove all removable elements to gain access to the screws; usually, there are two at each burner. The control knob for adjusting the temperature of your oven can generally be removed simply by pulling in your direction.

Remove the thermostat

Behind the control knob you just removed, you will see the small box, which is the thermostat. It is connected to power cables and a silver cable which connects it to the temperature sensor. First, take a picture of these connections so that you can easily reconnect them later. Then disconnect these connections.

With a mechanical thermostat, the temperature sensor is connected to it. Your new thermostat should come with its temperature sensor. Now unscrew the thermostat with a wrench or screwdriver.

If your oven is equipped with an electronic thermostat, locate and disconnect the connections, then unplug the temperature sensor connector.

Remove the temperature sensor

Open the panel of your oven and find the temperature sensor on the back wall of the oven. It is fastened with one or more screws to a holder, which is sometimes inside the oven or on the outer rear wall of the oven.

Depending on the installation, you need to access from above; otherwise, you may need to remove the outer rear wall of your oven.

You can do this with the same tools as mentioned above. Once you have loosened the mounting screws, you can remove the temperature sensor from the bracket.

Replace the oven thermostat

Now you can install the new thermostat to replace the oven thermostat. Carefully screw it onto the holder of the old thermostat and reconnect it to your original.

Pro Tip

In some cases, after pyrolysis cleaning the oven might stop heating. The other thermostat causes this in the furnace known as safety thermostat. Safety thermostat is usually on the back of the oven.

It is small, round and equipped with two cable lugs and a red button in the middle. Just press this button to re-enable it to solve the problem.

Replace the temperature sensor

Insert the temperature sensor through the small hole in the inside of the oven. Then attach it to its holder with the screwdriver just as the old temperature sensor was attached.

Did you know?

Some thermostat knobs are easy to set as they indicate the temperature directly. Others are numbered, usually from 1 to 8. How do you know what temperature the numbers correspond?

Multiply the number by 30.

For example, thermostat setting 6: 6 x 30 = 180 ° C

Put everything back and check

Now you can put back the top cover and the outside back panel of your oven. Screw all covers carefully, and then push the thermostat switch back on its axis. Now all you need to do is plug in your stove to check if your repair was done properly!

Now your roasts will not remain raw, and your cakes will not get burned!

With your home improvement skills, you have managed to replace the oven thermostat yourself!

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