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In comparison to a different type of irons, the most popular type is steam iron. Especially for people who don’t have a lot of laundry to iron, buying a steam iron is more practical.

But what are the most important things to look for when buying an iron? Which aspects are most important? These and similar questions are more than common which everyone should consider before hitting that buy button.

For this reason, we have put together important things to consider that will help you find a suitable iron. In addition to our iron buyers guide, these tips can make the decision a lot easier.

How much ironing you do?

Before buying, it makes sense to first ask yourself how much ironing you do. If you have very little laundry to iron, like once a week, probably simple steam iron will be enough for you.

If you iron more often than once a week, it makes sense to consider buying a good steam iron or even a steam station. 

If you a frequent ironer, having an ironing station with a separate water tank is a very good idea.

Performance and Features of an iron

If you have decided on what type of iron is suitable, you can proceed to the next point. Think about what features your new model should have at best. 

You should pay attention to aspects such as performance, size of the water tank, material of the soleplate, ergonomic shape, sufficient spray functions, etc.


The higher the wattage of the iron, the more power it has and can give better results. 

Water tank

A large water tank is advantageous since you don’t have to refill it again and again. This not only saves time but is also much more convenient.


The soleplate can determine the quality of the glide and thus the comfort of the iron. It is therefore also important to consider what is the material of the soleplate. 

Most models have soles of aluminum, stainless steel or ceramic. In terms of gliding, best are ceramic soles then stainless steel and at last Aluminum. 

After a while, most soles lose their lubricity, as they become a little dull with regular use. Depending on the material and coating, this can be sharpened again with simple tricks, so that it regains its lubricity.

Coating of the soleplate

Depending on the manufacturer, special coatings for the iron soles are also available.

 Examples are the following coatings: Alumite, Durilium, Glissium, Autoclean (Palladium), PTFE (Teflon), Steamglide.

The ergonomic shape of the iron

The ergonomic shape of the iron gives a pleasant grip and more comfort when ironing. This can prevent possible hand or arm pain, which can result from an unfavorable grip.

Other useful functions

In addition to these aspects, there are other points that you should consider before buying an iron. Protection against overheating is very advantageous. 

Also, the narrow tip is recommended so that you can reach the hard-to-reach places with the iron and smooth them out too. 

Features such as an automatic switch-off when the iron is left for a longer period are also very helpful. 

A drip-stop function helps to avoid stains that can creep in when spraying clothing through the formation of water drops.


The most expensive device is not always the best. However, as a rule, the higher the price, the more features, and functions are there.

It is therefore advisable not only to look at the price but also at the features and functions you will need.

We recommend you to choose from models with a good price-performance ratio. You can check our recommended irons of a different type in the iron category

Pay attention to the reviews and experiences of other customers

Nothing can help you make a purchase decision easier like the experiences and reviews of other customers. 

With existing customer reviews, you will learn a lot of useful information from the practical application of the respective device. 

Often you can avoid nasty surprises in this way and get an overview of working with the iron beforehand.