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To splice coaxial cable using connectors, you can follow these steps:
  1. Strip the cable using a coax cable stripper.
  2. Insert compression connectors onto the insulated part of the cable, making sure the copper wire is still protruding.
  3. Use a coax compression crimper tool to clamp the compression connectors onto the wires.
  4. Use a barrel connector to connect the two cables.
When splicing a cable, you should always attach an RG6 cable to another RG6 cable. You can also splice together coax cables by directly soldering the inner and outer layers together.
Here are some tips for splicing coaxial cable:
  • Use the right coax cable.
  • Avoid sharp bends.
  • Cut coax cables carefully.
  • Get a low-voltage box coax cable.
  • Keep coax cables away from electrical wires