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Steam iron stations are an excellent alternative to the normal steam irons. They offer more flexibility and are usually have a larger water tank. Buying a steam iron station can be worthwhile, especially if you generally have a large amount of laundry in the household.

A steam ironing station consists of the base and the actual iron. There is a large selection of different steam ironing stations on the market with different features and specifications.

So, the question is how to choose the best steam iron station? In our guide below, we will cover all the factors you should pay attention to find the right model.

Things to consider in steam iron station

It is a great advantage if a steam ironing station can also iron in a vertical position. This means that the device is ideal for vertically hanging clothing – especially for suits or even textiles made of velvet.

The volume of the water tank is also one of the most important criteria. A full tank should ideally suffice to iron an entire load of washing machines.

The material of the tank also plays an important role: it should be as break-proof as possible and transparent. A display of the fill level also helps to always keep an overview of the water consumption.

You should also consider the steam output of the ironing station – it is the only way to make your clothes perfectly smooth. The steam is particularly helpful for items of clothing made from thicker materials, such as denim. In terms of steam output, there are big differences between the different models on the market. You can find the models with the amount of steam output between 40 and 130 grams per minute.

Most high-quality steam ironing station has multiple steam output settings. With them, you can select steam depending on the fabric.

You should also pay attention to the soleplate, which should be made of the highest quality material and has good sliding properties. In this way, you need significantly less power when ironing.

Make sure that the material is as scratch-resistant as possible. Some of the robust soleplates are made of anodized aluminum, ceramic or Teflon.

Ergonomic handle shape is a clear advantage so that even large amounts of laundry can be ironed without pain. Narrow handles are usually more comfortable to hold.

Additional functions to consider

If you compare different models of steam ironing stations, you will notice that they are equipped with different additional functions. Which one you need depends primarily on what is important to you.

An integrated anti-limescale function can be practical here which prevents limescale from forming on the soleplate.

built-in blower and a suction function can also improve the ironing work.

Other useful functions of a steam ironing station include a drip stop, a self-cleaning function, overheating protection and several LED indicator lights.

Which steam iron station should I buy?

Finally, take enough time to compare the various steam ironing stations on the market before deciding on a particular model.

Most of the times cheap models rarely deliver what the manufacturer promises. Also, with steam ironing stations, it makes sense to invest a little more in a quality device.

If you are not sure which product is the right one for you? Check out our recommended steam generator irons along with the in-depth buyer’s guide.