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Get Rid Of Bad Smell in the fridge ASAP

When I’m at home, I get too lazy to cook every time. I cook my food and store in the fridge to eat later. But what I don’t like is the bad smell in the fridge.  I hate when my fridge starts to smell even when I had deep cleaned it just 2 weeks back. That’s the thing about the fridge, I hate the most. Keeping fridge clean and odorless is really important. 

It is not necessarily the spoiled food which causes the bad smell in the fridge. There can be many other reasons. Keeping your fridge clean & odorless doesn’t have to be hard.  I’m going to give you tips that will make cleaning your fridge and keeping it odorless a very small chore.  The principle behind these tips is that a little bit of prevention will make your job way easier!

The possible reason for smell in the fridge

The unidentifiable bad stench in the fridge can be caused by different factors. This is the big mistake I made; I always thought it’s because of my spoiled food again. Most of the times it can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Spilled food which found the nice blind spot from your eyes.
  • Stagnant water in the drip tray.
  • Maybe your fridge needs a service as it is not cooling enough.
  • Mold growing behind the door

How to clean fridge efficiently

Cleaning your fridge completely can be the soggy & smelly job. Little preparation before will help you to finish it with more ease. Before we begin cleaning make sure to have following things nearby.

Take everything out

Well, you have to take everything out to get rid of bad smell in the fridge. You might think that leaving those milk boxes or packages but resist that feeling. Just empty your fridge completely. It is much faster and easier to clean like this. Now decide what you want to keep and throw. In my opinion, throw everything which doesn’t look near to perfect.

Those old jam bottles which you never used might be already over their expiry date. Keep milk and other perishable stuff in some cooler until you complete cleaning. You don’t want those things to get spoil right? If you don’t have cooler put some ice in your kitchen sink and store them there.

Time to start cleaning

Remove all shelves, trays and other removable parts from the fridge. If you have stored your perishable stuff in the kitchen sink or your shelves are just big enough for the kitchen sink. Then you can use the bathtub or clean them outdoors with a hose. Wash them just same as you wash your dishes. Use sponge and dish soap to clean them. While cleaning you may notice some stubborn stains and spills. The trick for cleaning them is to soak your sponge or cleaning material in hot water with the little amount of dish soap in it.

Careful with your hands while soaking. With moisture and heat, it will be easier to clean. Now time to scrub from inside to get rid of bad smell in the fridge. Take your time while doing this. 1st use the cleaning solution and then wipe it down with a clean cloth. Give extra attention to all the corners and seal on the door of the fridge. You can use an old toothbrush for scrubbing there.

Cleaning exterior of the Fridge

For cleaning exterior start with top to down. Start with the roof of the fridge usually that part can accommodate a lot of dust there. You can use the chair or something to step over and clean it nicely. Now change the position of the fridge and clean under and side of it.

The exterior plastic part of the fridge can be cleaned with the same solution as you did in internal. Using Microfiber cloth is also a good option for easily cleaning any stains and finger marks. Check the drip tray if there is any stagnant water accommodating there. It can be the cause of bad smell in the fridge too.

Also move fridge little away from the wall and don’t forget to check if there is any dropped food behind and under.

Which cleaning solution to use (Go- natural)

There are many different options in choosing a cleaning solution for your fridge. You can use a commercial all-purpose cleaner, bleach, white vinegar, or solution of water and dish soap. If you want to use something natural like me then you can use the following.

  • Use a half cup of baking soda mixed with warm water.
  • A mix of water and white vinegar in equal ratio.

Time to put things back

Start by putting all the removable shelves you took out and place them according to your need. Now start putting your bottles and container. Before putting those bottles remember to wipe with clean cloth all around. Check the lid of bottles if they are closed properly. You can leave some odor removers in to tackle bad smell in the fridge for future. Some of the things you can use are:

  • Tablespoon of vanilla mixed in half cup of baking soda
  • Dried coffee grounds
  • A cup of white vinegar
  • Cut potato and leave in the different corner of the fridge
  • Cup of oats

How to Store food in the fridge more efficiently

  • For storing raw meat and fish it is recommended to use a plate or a container. This will prevent any drips. Also, store them on the lowest shelf so even if it drips will not contaminate other things below
  • Milk and other dairy products should be stored deep inside the fridge. This is recommended as it will avoid affecting them because of change in temperature when you open fridge.
  • Use airtight containers for the leftovers. It will help them to be edible for a long time and avoid any bad smell in the fridge.
  • Keep your fresh food and fruits on the top shelf. By this, you will notice when they are going bad and eat them before they spoil.
  • Label your leftovers with date will help you to remember how exactly you ate that dish in the fridge. It can help in a decrease of wastage of food.


Nobody likes bad smell in the fridge and it doesn’t have to be like that with the above tips anymore. Make your routine before throwing garbage to check out your fridge. Take everything out which you are not going to eat or spoilt and throw it. Remember keeping fridge odorless and fresh is not hard at all and it’s healthier this way.

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