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The fridge leaking water is a common problem which is easy to fix. In this post, you will find the possible reason and easy fix for refrigerator dripping water or gathering underneath.

The common reasons for fridge leaking water are:

  • Drip tray
  • Blockage in defrost drain
  • Water tank
  • Water inlet valve
  • The water filter
  • Water filter housing

#1 reason for fridge leaking water : Drip tray

Most of the time, the reason behind the fridge leaking water is the drip tray. Drip tray (also known as a drip pan) is the container where water is collected form due to condensation. Typically drip tray is on the bottom of the refrigerator so that gravity allows smooth flow for the water. In most of the fridge, this water evaporates automatically, but occasionally you should for any blockage and clean manually.

If this drip tray is defective, water may leak from the refrigerator.

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If you notice water gathering underneath the fridge, then the first thing you should do is to check the drip tray. In case of any defect, you can completely replace this component easily.

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#2 reason for fridge leaking water : Blockage in the defrosting process

When water drips from the fridge, it is more than just a nuisance. However, the elimination of the problem could be rather quick, as one of the most common reasons is the blockage or freezing of defrosting.

Each refrigerator has a small opening in the middle of the rear wall, through which condensing water can drain. This water comes from the warm air that enters the cold interior when you open the refrigerator door.

Over time, dirt can accumulate on the small opening. It can block or clog the water. It is also possible that there is ice formation, which is preventing water.

The condense water then takes a different route and usually runs out of the device via the bottom of the lower drawers.

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If you notice water accumulating on the bottom drawers, then check the opening for any blockage. Make sure that no ice formation or dirt is blocking the opening.

#3 reason for fridge leaking water : Water tank

Refrigerators with ice crusher feature have a water tank for an accumulation of water. Modern refrigerators are coming with new functions for better user experience. Unfortunately, with new features and functions, there are new vulnerabilities. If you have features like ice crusher or water dispenser, then check the water tank for any defect.

Most refrigerators with water dispenser feature do not have a direct water connection. Usually, they have a water tank for storing water. The fridge pumps the water from this water tank to the appropriate component for making ice cubes, cold water, or crushed ice.

Just a smaller hole in this water tank or a gasket is enough for a water leak.

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You can remove this water tank and check for any cracks or hole. Most manufacturers sell the water tank as spare parts which you can buy in a retail shop or via the internet.

#4 reason for fridge leaking water : Water inlet valve

Some refrigerators have an ice crusher or cold water dispenser. These models have water inlet valves which can also cause leaking of water if they are defective.

The water inlet valve is responsible for supplying fresh water. Through this valve, water flows from the water tank into the other components such as ice crusher or cold water dispenser.

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Water inlet valve can leak water if it is not installed correctly. Usually, it is a tiny component, so it is hard to see any crack. Also, calcification can affect the proper functioning of the inlet valve and result in water leakage.

#5 reason for fridge leaking water : Water filter

One of the reasons for refrigerator leaking water can be a defect in the water filter.

Please note that the water filter is not standard in all models of the fridge. The water filter is responsible for filtering water to improve the quality of water. Usually, refrigerators with filter and ice cube dispenser will give you crystal clear ice cubes. Most of these filters have activated carbon or filter chlorine.

This water filter can be mounted either in the refrigerator or externally between the water inlet and the fridge. Regardless of the type of attachment, there is a potential vulnerability, since the water must pass through the component.

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First, locate the water filter in your refrigerator. You can take reference from your model’s user manual for this. You can now quickly check for any leak and solve it accordingly.

#6 reason for fridge leaking water : the Filter housing

The water filter housing with the built-in filter cleans the water. Lime and other impurities in the water can permanently damage the device. Depending on the model, you can check the position of the water filter housing using the user manual of the refrigerator.