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How to Choose Perfect Color of Granite Countertop

Granite is one of the most preferred materials for kitchen countertops. Granite is one of the most durable material in the countertop and comes in a wide range of color and patterns. Not only is hard and heat resistant but gives the high return in investment. The most important thing to consider is which color of granite will suit your home style. How it will affect the appearance of your kitchen?

Granite slabs are more expensive in comparison to other countertop materials. It has low maintenance and gives your kitchen an elegant and classy look. By choosing the right color of granite you can transform your kitchen appearance completely. In this post, we will give you tips about how and which color to choose. We will also discuss which shade is better for having a modern, elegant, bold, traditional, or contemporary look.

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How to buy Granite Slab, without regretting later

Granite is expensive in comparison to other material. But advantages of granite such as heat and stain resistance, longer life, high return value make it the most preferable material. One important thing is you should be very careful while choosing your slab. Apart from the color of the slab, you should also consider pattern and how well it will suit your kitchen. For selecting granite slab you can follow the below steps

  • Compare all material: Color of granite and pattern can be tempting when you see them individually. But you consider how well it goes with other elements in your kitchen. Before making the final selection, consider how well it suits your color of walls, cabinets, floor and other elements of the kitchen. Take photos of your existing kitchen or sample of the kitchen you have in your project. Place these photos around your granite slab to see how the color looks with each other.
  • Don’t buy online: Your granite slab is something which stays for many years. You should definitely go to store for picking up the right color and pattern. Sometimes online photos may look than the real piece of the slab. It’s easier to differentiate between shades and texture.
  • Check the complete slab: This is the most common mistake made by many people. Often the store just shows you the sample of the granite slab. Ask to check complete slabs instead of a small piece of sample. Many times the sample doesn’t justify the complete sample. The complete slab may look much better or worse in comparison to the sample in the store.
  • Price: Granite is one of the most preferred stone for kitchen countertops. Their prices vary for many reasons depending on color, size, pattern and where you are buying. Rare color granite or special treatment on granite increases the price too. Always check multiple stores before buying your slab.
  • Lighting: when you choose your slab always check them in various lighting. Your kitchen lighting may vary from the store lighting. Check the slab in bright, dim and daylight so you can see the difference.

How to Choose Color of Granite Countertop

Granite slabs offer a wide range of colors. It is very important to understand how different colors can affect the appearance of your kitchen. If you are looking about the cleaning of granite countertops, then these easy to follow tips might help you.

Some of the examples of different colors of granite countertops are below:

Black granite countertops

If you are looking for a classy and elegant look than black granite can work. Black granite countertops with neutral color cabinets can transform your kitchen completely. Black granite slabs come in different shades and patterns. You can choose something with silver specks in them. It looks wonderful and sparkles when light falls on it.

For the small kitchen, black granite countertop might give a shrinking effect. But when combined with the white color of walls and cabinet it gives a modern look.

Pros of black granite countertops

  • Dark shades are less likely to get stained.
  • Add a luxurious feel to your kitchen.
  • Works both in the traditional and contemporary look of the kitchen.

Cons of black granite countertops

  • Due to the fact it is dark, you might not able to see any stains or breadcrumbs. Ants and other insects may come if you don’t clean it regularly.
  • Can make your kitchen look smaller.

Green granite countertops

Green granite countertops can transform your kitchen to have a natural & traditional look. Combine granite with a dark brown color of cabinets and bronze fixtures. Green color also gives a natural and classic appearance. Green granite comes in many shades from bold dark to lighter earthy shade.

White granite countertops

It is possible that you may not find white as snow color in granite. As granite is natural stone and finding pure white granite is rare and will be expensive. White granite slab usually has flecks of different colors like black, golden, gray.

White color can give your home an ultra modern look when combined with the right accessories. If you choose white, make sure with your cabinet & appliances color. Wrong shade of white can make your kitchen look dull and boring.

Red granite countertops

If you want to give a bold statement with your kitchen than red is the perfect color. Red granite comes in the variety of shades from bright hues to deep and rich burgundy. Red color can also give a historic appearance. Did you know it is the choice of color in ancient Egyptian pyramids? Architects in history have used this color of granite extensively for building and decorations.

Red granite is the color of energy and can give a bold look. Be careful with the wall and cabinet colors when you choose red as a countertop.

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Which one will you choose for your kitchen countertop? Tell us below in comments