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College can be a stressful time in one’s life. The strain on your wallet may feel like the weight of the world, but there are other hobbies that you could take up to keep yourself grounded and thriving – without breaking your bank account. Here is a list of some activities that will provide entertainment for any college student:

– Playing poker with friends or going to casinos (poker tournaments)
– Watching movies at home
– Studying abroad

Lend A Helping Hand

Volunteering is an opportunity to meet new people and help others. You can volunteer for local, regional or national organizations centered around anything from the elderly who need assistance in day-to-day tasks like cooking a meal or going shopping at the store.

There are also opportunities to work on key political campaigns – no experience required! Volunteering gives you something worthwhile to think about instead of stressing over those pesky college finals that will happen soon enough.

Repurposing and DIY

What better way to spend your time than finding a creative project that will entertain you! That old piece of furniture that has been sitting in your parent’s attic forever. A bit of paint and some sanding and it could be the perfect new addition for any home, or even an apartment if you’re looking for something more cozy!

There are loads of projects out there just waiting to get started so grab yourself a brush – anyone can do this with enough effort.

Park Sports

Head down to the park with a frisbee and make some new friends. Why not enjoy a bit of sunshine in the park while throwing around your favorite sport?

You can also give yourself an afternoon workout by practicing any one of these sports at your local playground: tennis, basketball, volleyball or soccer!

Garden Tasks

Don’t have an outdoor space to plant seeds? No worries! There are so many seedling ideas out there today that can grow your own herb garden in a small kitchenette. Nothing tastes better than fresh basil for homemade pizza or margaritas made from the herbs you grew yourself, right?


Cooking is a great way to have time with friends, and the food you make may be your best yet. Not only that but cooking could save you some money if done regularly!

Cooking gives us all an excuse to hang out or even just get together over good food? Cooking on occasion can both enrich our lives as well as help keep them in order by saving money for those who cook at least once per week.

Dance Like No One Is Watching

The rhythmic motions and fast-paced music of a dance can be the perfect remedy for an overworked mind. By loosening your body, you release tension from all those tight muscles that have been carrying around with you since Monday morning!

Dancing is also great exercise–you just need to make sure there’s nothing in your way when it comes to movement because physical limitations are no excuse not to get moving! Whether sweeping across the floor or shaking off some stress at home alone – start dancing today


Drawing is a great hobby that has many benefits. When you draw, all of your thoughts and emotions are displayed in an easy to understand visual language.

Drawing can also be used as therapy for people who have experienced trauma such as abuse or violence because drawing gives them the opportunity to express themselves without words which may not come easily due their past experiences

Pick Up A Book

Reading is an excellent hobby for those who want to get out of their surroundings but still enjoy the benefits that come with being in them. Countless adventures await you within books, magazines and graphic novels if you are looking for something new or just need a break from your busy schedule. Reading can also improve focus and gives people another reason to look forward each day

Grab A Pen

When you begin writing the options to be creative come endlessly. Writing is a cheap hobby that could provide you with hours of entertainment or even a cathartic alternative to your busy life, take some time out from school and college work by picking up an inexpensive yet fulfilling activity like journaling or penning fiction.

For many people who are too occupied juggling their careers as well as taking care of all other aspects in their lives it can seem daunting when they think about having free time on top of everything else they have going for them, adding another task might not sound appealing but allowing yourself moments where there’s nothing at stake will make those worries dissipate more easily than if these pressures had been left unchecked altogether!