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Cashmere is light, soft and precious wool that originates in a region between Pakistan and India known as the Kashmir region. This luxury fabric comes from the mowing of goats of Himalaya, Gobi, and parts of Iran, Nepal, and Afghanistan.

The goats from these regions of the world possess during the winter, a soft and very fine hair, it is from this hair that comes the cashmere wool. It is a very popular fabric and very appreciated for its extreme softness, its discretion as well as its elegance.

Formerly reserved for the luxury trade, today the cashmere is democratized and it is found everywhere and in many forms, cashmere sweater, through gloves and cashmere scarves.

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How to recognize a good quality of cashmere?

Cashmere is becoming increasingly trendy, and thanks to its much more affordable prices than before, it is becoming accessible to a wider clientele. It is necessary, however, to pay attention to the quality of this textile proposed by the shops of ready-to-wear and by the large distribution.

There are some indicators to know and check before buying a cashmere sweater or scarf. Here are a few:

  • The density of the weaving: to evaluate a cashmere piece, it must first stretch, if it does not return instantly to its original form, is that it is not a good quality of cashmere. Then we must check the density of weaving, for this we have a little trick: a good cashmere should not let the light.
  • The softness of the fabric: contrary to what one might think, a quality cashmere should not be excessively soft to the touch. Indeed, more cashmere is silky, plus the risk that it is stuffed is high. The best cashmere is not very nice when new, it is only with time and washes it will soften.
  • The price: another important indicator is the price of a cashmere piece. A price below 120 dollars for a cashmere sweater implies a dubious quality of the fabric. Low prices indicate either that the part was produced cheaply with poor equipment, or that the piece is of poor quality and does not meet the standards.

How to maintain a cashmere fabric?

To maintain a cashmere garment, it is advisable to wash it by hand and cold, using low-abrasive washing powder and special silk. You can also add drops of white vinegar to the rinse water, which will help protect the fabric and make it shine. The cashmere garment must be dried flat and ironed upside down at a low temperature

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