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We know how much you love your upholstered furniture. It makes your living room so picturesque by adding colors and vibrancy to the wooden or metal frame. With rich fabrics in different prints, patterns, and designs, it makes your furniture look appealing and attractive. Below you will find the list of care instructions for upholstered furniture.

Take proper care of your upholstered furniture and let it serve you for years. You may have to take additional care of your upholstered furniture if you have small kids and pets around the house.

Here are some care instructions for upholstered furniture

  • Vacuuming frequently prevents dust, dirt, and stains from embedding in the fibers of upholstered furniture. It is certainly the best way to clean and maintain upholstery.
  • Brushing to gently whisk away the dirt can also be done, but make sure the brush is soft so that it does not rip off the fabric.
  • Avoid contact with direct sunlight as it will lead to fading of the fabric. This is especially applicable in the case of silk upholstery.
  • It is advisable to deep clean upholstered furniture every year or two depending on the prints, color, and use. Go for foam cleaning, do it yourself or get it cleaned from a professional – all of these will clean your upholstery.
  • Avoid spilling on the furniture. Your furniture will get stained if the spills are not wiped off immediately. You need to be extra careful if there are kids in the house.
  • If something has spilled, gently blot it quickly using a white towel paper or paper towel. Avoid using colored towels or printed papers since the colors and dyes may get transferred to the upholstery. Never rub the upholstery when something falls over it.
  • Remove slipcovers to spot-clean to make sure the upholstery underneath is not affected. You can also simply place a clean folded white towel under the slipcover to protect the upholstery while you work on spot-cleaning the slipcover.
  • Never use harsh chemicals or solutions to clean your upholstery furniture. Search for upholstery cleaners that are available in the market.
  • It is advisable to do a patch test over a hidden area before using any product or solution over the upholstery.
  • Never spray household chemicals like air fresheners or deodorants near the upholstery. It may damage its color.
  • Keep swapping the loose cushions from one place to another to allow even distribution of wear and tear of the upholstered furniture.


One should always take additional care of their upholstered furniture and clean it from time to time.

The dirtier it will get with time, the more difficult it will be to return it to its original look. Write in the comments below your care instructions for upholstered furniture.

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