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We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best Rowenta iron. We have put together extensive background information for you and added a summary of customer reviews online.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos.

Furthermore, on this page, you will also find some important information that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a Rowenta iron.

Rowenta offers a wide range of steam irons and steam ironing stations. Also, the well-known brand has a travel iron for you on the go.

Thanks to the hot steam, the Rowenta irons make ironing much easier. The moisture makes the clothes softer so that they can then be shaped and smoothed more easily using the heat of the iron.

Steam ironing stations are a kind of upgrade from the regular Rowenta steam irons. They have a larger water tank so that you can iron larger amounts of laundry without a break to refill the tank.

Product Name

Rowenta DW6010 Eco Intelligence


Steam Iron Rowenta DW9240


Rowenta DW7180 Everlast


Rowenta DW5080


Rowenta DG8520

Best Rowenta Iron Reviews (Updated)

1. Rowenta DW6010 Eco Intelligence

Overall, the DW 6010 unleashes an output of very strong 2,400 watts. This is particularly noticeable in everyday life if you often have to iron very crumpled, “difficult” textiles.

In comparison to devices like the Rowenta DA 1510, you will get the desired result a little faster. Another positive feature is the slightly larger water tank, with a sufficient size of 300 milliliters to iron larger amounts of laundry. 

If you use the ECO function, you save up to 30% water vapor and electricity – according to the manufacturer.

The amount of steam can be set variably: 

The device emits up to 40 g / min, which is a decent amount. 

You can trigger the steam boost at the push of a button and get a steam of 180 g / min through the openings. 

In vertical mode, this is enough to get wrinkles from dress shirts, blouses and blazers or to give jackets a wrinkle-free look.

Power 2,400 watts
steam output 180 g / min
Features Spraying, vertical steam, drip stop, self-cleaning, anti-limescale, regulating the amount of steam, eco function
Furnishing Ergonomic handle, water tank, anti-limescale cassette
Sole Laser steel
Additional Adjustable steam function, thermostat
Electric wire 2.5 m
Weight 1.4 kg
Steam trigger 40 g / min
Volume 300 ml

From beginners to ironing enthusiasts

Another very positive feature is the short heating-up time: the Rowenta DW 6010 is ready for use in about a minute. If you’re in a hurry and need to iron a shirt quickly, this iron is your friend. 

The weight of 1.8 kilograms is quite high – here you have to decide whether this can be a problem for you or not.

Remember that a heavy iron presses the textiles better against the ironing board and gives a better ironing result. The sole is made of stainless steel and glides over the laundry, which is why we do not perceive the high weight as negative.

Rowenta can make a lot of improvements with the instructions, which only explain the essential functions. 

For example, what is the self-cleaning function? With the DW 6010, unfortunately, you have to try it yourself. 

Left-handers also have a slight problem recognizing the heat-up lamp, because it is only on the left side and is therefore not visible while the device is in use.

 Of course, these are little things that do not seriously jeopardize the great ironing result – but we still want to mention them.

Conclusion on the Rowenta DW 6010

You get a very good, energy-saving iron with an excellent steam function. 

Starting with an anti-limescale feature and a self-cleaning function to a comfort handle, it offers almost everything that makes ironing easier and more convenient. 

The only drawback could be the lack of an automatic switch-off. Also, If you don’t mind the weight or the very spartan instructions, you can purchase this Rowenta DW 6010 from the link below. 

2. Steam Iron Rowenta DW9240

The Steam Force DW 9240 ironing device has so far been able to convince above all with its very good performances. With the powerful steam output from the Rowenta steam iron, wrinkles hardly stand a chance.

Likewise, the hard-to-reach places such as on collars, cuffs or button strips can be easily reached thanks to the narrow tapered tip. Other positive features are the short heating-up time, the electronic control that can be switched on and off when steam is being emitted, and the automatic switch-off. 

This provides an increased level of security. Now nobody needs to worry about whether the iron has been switched off. The ironing machine does the switching off by itself. 

But the Steam Force offers other advantages. 

The Rowenta steam iron can almost be described as a mixture of a steam iron and a steam generator. The electronic XL piston steam pump, which is located inside the Steam Force, increases the Steam up to 50 percent. 

Even stubborn wrinkles can be smoothed easily, as more steam gets into the fabric due to the increased steam output. The ironing device can slide easily and almost unhindered over the fabric. 

Features and specifications

Power 3,100 watts
Steam output 230 g / min
Features Spraying, vertical steam, drip stop, self-cleaning, anti-limescale, switch-off rest position
Furnishing Indicator lights, ergonomic handle
Sole stainless steel
Additional Optimized steam output, thermostat
Electric wire 2.5 m
Weight 1.85 kg
Steam trigger 65 g / min
Volume 320 ml


This is an advantage for users of the Steam Force who do not want to spend too long on deep wrinkles.

Also, a precision burst of steam can be generated by an electronic push of a button, which immediately remedies a stubborn area. The iron also has the new Micro steam 400 PROFILE Laser stainless steel soleplate. This has more than 400 micro-holes, which leads to an almost perfect distribution of the steam. 

The advantage is that the iron with its rounded corners runs over the garment in almost all directions. This is especially true when ironing sideways. This technique speeds up ironing. 

The time saved can be better invested in other household chores. Anyone who prefers to smooth their textiles hanging can do this using vertical steam with this device.

3. Rowenta DW7180 Everlast

Short heating-up time, smooth soleplate and reliable, long-lasting anti-limescale protection, these are some of the pros of DW7120 Everlast. In performance, its micro-openings in the soleplate gives very efficient steam distribution.

You can remove wrinkles reliably, with a maximum of 50 grams of water output per minute. You can also fight stubborn kinks with the help of powerful single steam bursts which also works in a vertical position. 

Rowenta also leaves nothing to chance when it comes to longevity and relies on an integrated lime collector. It collects lime from the water tank and thus prevents the nozzles from getting blocked. 


  1. 50 grams of continuous steam or 200 grams of a single steam
  2. Narrow precision tip with concentrated steam output
  3. 400 micro openings for optimal steam distribution
  4. Integrated lime collector


  1. Water level difficult to read

4. Rowenta DW5080 

DW 5080 is a powerful steam iron by Rowenta of 1700 Watts.

The steam iron Rowenta DW5080 has a stainless steel soleplate with a precision tip. In practice, the iron glides very smoothly over the different fabrics and irons even hard to reach areas.

Also, there is a variable steam selection option with a simple knob. You can manually set the steam output which is distributed by 400 steam holes on the soleplate. There is also a steam burst option which gives100 ml steam per minute.

Customers also praise the narrow tip of the soleplate, which makes it easy to reach all places when ironing. The water tank capacity of this iron is 10 oz. and it also includes the anti-calcium system.

5. Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam

The Rowenta DG8520 steam generator iron comes with a large, removable water tank. The variably adjustable steam is distributed evenly on the clothing from 400 micro nozzles. Together with the precision ironing tip and the powerful iron, ironing with this model is very easy. 

In addition, the steam generator iron is equipped with an anti-limescale system to protect against harmful limescale deposits. As a result, the service life of the high-quality station is also longer and you can reliably iron over several years.

Powerful steam ironing station with micro steam

One of the advantages of the Rowenta DG8520 steam generator iron is that it is very powerful and its heating time is just two minutes. Depending on the setting, the micro steam also penetrates the fabric of heavy fabrics, making ironing much easier. The removable water tank, which has a capacity of 47 oz. The iron uses less energy thanks to the special Eco setting.

Product information for the Rowenta DG8520 steam generator iron

  • Weight of the station: 12.21 pounds
  • Power of the model: 1800 watts
  • With removable water tank (capacity: 47 oz.
  • Maximum vapor pressure: 5 bar

Advantages of the Rowenta steam generator iron

  • Removable water tank with a capacity of 47 oz.
  • Warms up within two minutes
  • The steam is evenly distributed from 400 micro nozzles
  • With integrated protection against limescale
  • Also offers vertical steam for steaming hanging clothes

Disadvantages of the steam generator iron

According to some users, water drips onto the laundry from the water tank, causing water stains. However, this is not always the case.

Factors to consider in Rowenta iron

In the following, we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate Rowenta irons.

This will make it easier for you to decide whether a particular Rowenta iron is suitable for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • Steam
  • Water tank capacity
  • Soleplate
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Weight
  • Anti-limescale function and self-cleaning
  • Vertical steam
  • Eco function
  • Drip stop
  • Precision tip
  • Cable length

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what is important for the individual criteria to make your purchase decision easier.


The various iron manufacturers indicate the amount of steam in their appliances in grams per minute.

The more steam your iron can produce, the more effectively it can remove stubborn creases even with thicker fabrics.

A steam volume of 60 to 100 grams per minute is usually sufficient. Although some devices can emit steam of up to 400 grams per minute.

With so much steam, you will be better at creating but at the same time, the textiles also become damp.

Water tank capacity

The capacity of the water tank has a decisive impact on the production in the amount of steam. The larger the tank, the longer you can use your iron without a need of refilling the water tank.

If you have to refill the tank, it makes sense to do so while the iron is still on. This saves time because you don’t have to wait for the iron to cool down.

However, you should keep in mind that a larger water tank also makes your iron heavier.


Concerning the soleplate, it is not only important to pay attention to its material processing and coating. The number of steam ejection holes is also important.

Above all, the gliding properties of the sole count, as it shouldn’t stick to your textiles.

Automatic shutdown

Automatic shutdown is desirable for many electrical devices and thus also for the Rowenta iron. If you forget to switch off your iron, it shouldn’t risk for you.

Therefore, it makes sense if the iron automatically switches off after a few minutes when not in use.


The weight of a Rowenta iron is essential so that you can iron it for as long and fatigue-free as possible.

The heavier the iron is, the more it hits you on the arms, especially with large laundry. For this reason, a light model is preferred so that ironing is not so strenuous for you.

Anti-limescale function and self-cleaning

Lime deposits over time with the use of water is almost inevitable. This is the case even for Rowenta irons.

The lime deposit becomes an issue with an iron of any brand, especially in two ways.

Firstly, it can harm the function of the iron because lime can clog the nozzles so that steam can no longer escape.

On the other hand, limescale deposits can land on the laundry.

With your iron, you may iron these deposits into your laundry, which then leaves unsightly spots on the textiles.

Vertical steam

The so-called vertical steam is a desirable additional function, but not every iron has this feature.

If this feature is available, your Rowenta iron can also emit steam while it is in the vertical position. This means that you can also use this steam to smooth hanging clothes.

This feature is useful if you only want to refresh your textiles briefly and smooth out slight wrinkles.

Some textiles are incredibly difficult to iron when lying flat. In these cases, vertical steam irons are very helpful.

Eco function

If you want your rowenta iron to as environmentally friendly as possible, then look for eco function on your iron.

If you activate this feature, you can use your Rowenta iron with lower energy consumption.

Drip stop

Wherever steam comes out of the iron, there is also a chance of dripping water.

water drip can cause wet spots and stains on the laundry. There are many Rowenta irons with the mechanism to stop this water drip problem.

Precision tip

A so-called precision tip should ensure that you can iron even hard-to-reach areas more easily.

When buying, it is best to pay attention to the design of the soleplate tip so that your new Rowenta iron is as user-friendly and easy to use as possible.

A precision tip is particularly advantageous for shirt collars.

Cable length

The cable length determines how free you can move your iron and how far you can be from an electrical outlet.

A cable length of 2 meters is common. With all wireless irons, on the other hand, battery life plays a role instead of the cable length. It decides on the maximum period of use in a row.

Buyers Guide for Rowenta Iron

The Rowenta steam iron offers consumers many advantages that other products do not have. They have micro-holes on the soleplate, which in different sizes ensure that not only a lot of steam is generated, but that it is evenly distributed. Garments are steamed evenly.

Also, the Rowenta Company offers economically working devices that are not only energy-efficient in terms of consumption. The purchase price is also quite impressive.

This is an advantage especially for families who cannot afford an expensive steam station, but still need a strong working device.

Types of Rowenta irons

There are three different types of Rowenta irons:

The different types each have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what you prefer, a different type is suitable for you. In the following section, we would like to make your decision easier.

Rowenta steam iron advantages and disadvantages

Rowenta steam irons come with different levels of steam and are suitable for a wide variety of textiles.

Besides, making ironing easier for you through the power of steam, its other advantages outweigh the few disadvantages.


  • Eliminate wrinkles from cotton, silk, and linen in one go
  • Available with environmentally friendly eco mode
  • Available in many different designs for different tastes
  • Praiseworthy sliding properties thanks to the various stainless steel soles
  • Powerful with up to 3,100 watts of power
  • Permanent steam available for extremely stubborn wrinkles
  • Available with limescale indicator light for timely descaling
  • Often with anti-drip system
  • Optionally available with an automatic shutdown


  • Cords
  • Limited water tank capacity of no more than 350 millimeters

Rowenta steam generator iron advantages and disadvantages

In comparison to a regular steam iron, a Rowenta steam generator produces up to three times as much steam.

In practice, this means that it will reduce your ironing time significantly. You can also benefit from the following advantages when using Rowenta steam generator irons:


  • A large amount of steam for a shorter ironing time
  • Long cable for sufficient freedom of movement
  • separate water tank for refilling water
  • Operate very quietly
  • Very smooth sole
  • Water tank with a capacity of up to 1.4 liters
  • Between 2,200 and 2,400 watts of power
  • With self-cleaning function (anti-limescale function)
  • The limescale indicator light on selected models
  • High vapor pressure
  • Short heating uptime of a few minutes


  • Significantly larger and heavier than regular steam irons
  • Much more expensive to buy than a simple steam iron

Rowenta travel iron advantages and disadvantages

The Rowenta travel iron is also a kind of steam iron specially designed for traveling.

Despite the compact dimensions of this iron, you can now tackle creased laundry while traveling with the power of steam.


  • Two operating voltages so that international use is possible without any problems
  • Compact folding handle in which the manufacturer has integrated the water tank
  • Soleplate with 200 holes for good steam distribution
  • Precision tip for good ironing results even in places that are not so easy to iron
  • Comparatively cheap to buy
  • The vertical burst of steam possible


  • Due to the small soleplate, it is only suitable for ironing large amounts of laundry
  • Water tank with a capacity of only 70 millimeters

How long does the manufacturer’s warranty on a Rowenta iron last?

The usual manufacturer warranty of 24 months applies to most products from the date of purchase.

Please remember it is very important to check the warranty period before buying any device.