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15+ Adorable DIY Halloween Costumes 2019

Most of us remember how we used to wait for October 31 for that worldwide costume day. Everyone dressed in their Halloween costumes. Kids going for the trick or treating and many costume parties all around. Read more to find out adorable DIY Halloween Costumes 2019.

We all agree on choosing the right costume for that special day is not easy. There is no need to go out and pick a costume from the store or order online. Those costumes are usually not unique and cannot able to express your personality. With little innovation & Shopbirdy’s ideas (hopefully), you can prepare your costume at home. So grab those scissors, glue gun for amazing DIY Halloween Costumes 2019.

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wore a red riding cloak whenever she goes out. So everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood. With Halloween costume, you can bring Red riding hood back. With nice all red dress, an even easier all red hoodie is all needed for this costume.

Add some red bandana & red socks you are ready to go. To make it even better see if you have nice red shoes. With this costume, you will definitely paint the town red. Halloween Costumes 2018

Skittles as Halloween costume

If you like Skittles colorful chewy candies like us then you will love this DIY Halloween Costumes 2019. It’s easy to make and an impressive costume if you are in a Skittles-loving group. For this costume, you and your group will dress in a different solid-colored T-shirt.

Cut a paper in shape of the BIG “S”. Attach the big S in your shirt and get ready to be sweet all night.

Photoshop Costume

What’s better than taking photoshop to the party of graphic designers. All you need for this Halloween costume is a black shirt.

Cut the paper in big “P” and “S” and you are ready to go. Certainly, you can make it much interesting by taking tools in real forms like magnifier and eraser! DIY Halloween Costumes 2019

Indian Princess

Rock the party with a beautiful dress of an elegant Indian princess. Okay, we agree this is not a Halloween costume and definitely hard to make your self. But why not ask some Indian friends around.

This is the traditional dress of Indians. And if you know anyone from India then you can easily find it. Add on some large and extra bling jewelry and you are ready to rule.


Can you believe this adorable lego costume is just made up of cardboard and plastic cups?

Color with your favorite lego color and you are ready to go.

Get the tutorial at Wine & Glue »

Raggedy Ann Doll

This vintage-inspired costume with a heart is perfect if you want to revisit your past. halloween costumes 2018

Raggedy Ann is a character created by American writer Johnny Gruelle that appeared in a series of books he wrote and illustrated for young children.

Raggedy Ann is a rag doll with red yarn for hair and a triangle nose.

Get the tutorial at Pretty Little Life »


 We love how adorable baby loofah is in this costume. This is a full family bubble bath costume is definitely worth a try. halloween costumes 2018

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY »


Looking to wear your favorite summer fruit this Halloween. Well, this pineapple can be your costume choice then.

This Halloween costume is perfect for DIY.

It is easy to make and look incredibly good for Halloween costumes 2019.

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY »

Scuba Diver DIY Halloween costume

Who wants to go scuba mode this Halloween. Made using snorkel, goggles, some tape, and 2 empty plastic bottles.

This inexpensive DIY costume can bring beach season again! halloween costumes 2019

Get the tutorial at Delineate Your Dwelling »  


Create your own minion costume. This costume will require some simple sewing but its all worth it. You will require some Yellow fleece and felt.

Just a reminder this costume is so adorable that your little minion may want to wear whole winter.

Get the tutorial at Wine & Glue »

What does the Fox say?

This adorable fox Halloween costume is easy and quick to make. halloween costumes 2019

Get the tutorial at Design Dazzle »


Give little warrior of your life, Luke Skywalker costume for this Holloween. halloween costumes 2019 

Get the tutorial at More Than Thursdays »  

Flamingo Costume

Did you have those pink legging back from 80′?

Well, its time to take them out. wear those hot pink leggings and feather boa and voila you are in your flamingo costume.

Get the tutorial at Love, Lipstick and Pearls »

Paper Doll

With foam board, fabric and a bit of creativity, you can create one of the coolest costumes for next Halloween party.

Be one of the paper dolls from your childhood memories.

See more on The Merry Thought »

Emoji Costumes

This one is one of the easiest and takes very less time to prepare. Just choose your fav. emoji. Cut felt according to the shape and color it. Simple as that but definitely impressive costume for Halloween.

Don’t forget to comment below which costume you are going to wear this Halloween?

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