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A steam ironing station requires a special ironing board. Compared to a normal ironing board, the steam ironing station differs in size, weight, and mode of operation. Narrow ironing tables simply do not offer enough storage space for the space required by an ironing station. 

With a width of average 30 centimeters and a length of up to almost 50 centimeters, the steam generator iron is much larger than normal iron. The steam ironing station, which has a spacious, solid footprint, needs a correspondingly large ironing board. 

A steam station filled with water and iron can also weigh more than 5 kg. In contrast to a classic iron, this is significantly more. In addition to the footprint, corresponding load capacity is a decisive criterion for a suitable ironing board for steam generator iron. 

Also, with normal-dry iron only heat is emitted by the soleplate. But in steam generator iron, ironing is done by both heat and moisture of the steam. This creates the need for an extra underlay.

The right ironing boards for steam generator irons

The suitable ironing board for a steam generator station should not only be stable but also large. There is significantly more condensed water due to the burst of steam and the intensive continuous steam in contrast to simpler devices.

With simple ironing boards, the condensation water simply drips through the support. On the other hand, active ironing boards often offer the advantage of being able to expel water downwards at a certain point. In the case of simpler models, it is particularly advisable to place a cloth under floors so it doesn’t get wet.

The active ironing tables

This active ironing board supports ironing with a steam iron by either sucking in air or expelling air. Through the cover, a small electric motor sucks the air into the interior during the suction function. 

As a result, the steam emitted by the station comes ideally through the fabric of the garment. When the device is blowing, an electric motor blows the air from inside. This will inflate the cover. It is particularly easy and gentle to iron special delicate fabrics such as silk.

The Original Gorilla Grip Ironing Board

Advantages of the suction function

This function sucks in the ironing clothes and is thereby fixed on the ironing board. Nothing can slip anymore, once it has been laid out without wrinkles. 

This function also manages to discharge the steam coming from the device. This prevents condensation directly under the contact surface. Also, warm steam hardly rises, which makes ironing easier.

The advantages of the blower function

This function creates an air cushion under the ironing. This is particularly suitable for thin and sensitive textiles. 

This makes them hover slightly over the board. They can be smoothed particularly gently. Due to the air cushion, the effort required is noticeably less.