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On the hunt for some interesting new and cool gadget? Shopbirdy presents unique and awesome gadgets like rhino hammer which is cute and strong or AirBar which can change the way you use your laptop. Check out these products which are currently available on Amazon!


Awesome Cool Gadget You’ll Want To Buy Immediately

Rhino Hammer

This unique and functional rhino sits over your desk in style. With, its creative design you would actually want to keep this rhino-cum-hammer in the most visible part of your desk. No need to open complete toolbox as this cool gadget is as functional as any other small hammer.

This rhino can also be an alternative to the paperweight on your desk. For me, the design of the product is very important and this rhino hammer is the perfect example.

This rhino hammer has the handle similar to a telescope. You can pull it out to have perfect small size ergonomic hammer.

Smart Water Bottle

With the introduction of the smartphone, we understood how technology has affected us. Then came smartwatch and even smart bulbs. With all these new and cool gadget inventions, many things really became simple and easy.

But have you checked out smart bottles? Well, this smart bottle can be linked to your iPhones and send you a reminder about your water hydration. This water bottle monitors your hydration habits according to your profile and activities.

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

This cool gadget is a smart and innovative way to monitor and protect your pets. İt connects with your home wifi so you can control exit and entry of your pets(cats and small dogs) remotely. This device comes with different modes such as

  • Keeping all pets inside.
  • Allowing all pets to remain outside.
  • Locking or unlocking both ways.
  • Keeping only intruder animals outside.

For more details check out the link below.

Fitness Tracker

This fitness by far is my favorite in term of design. It is affordable and lacks the most common element of fitness tracker which is the screen. But it does what it meant to do efficiently and have even battery life of 6 months.

You can use it for step tracking, cross training, running, sleep monitoring and fitness updates. Set up is easy and it starts with downloading moov app. Check out more details from the link below.


AirBar by Neonode

This cool gadget received Innovations Award for CES 2017. This gadget can transform your ordinary laptop or monitor into the touchscreen. It is the affordable and functional option if you are looking for a cheaper alternative for the genuine touch screen.

This device works by interpolating your finger touch on the screen by bouncing infrared light.

AirBar comes only in three sizes, so check carefully if it will be compatible with your monitor or not.