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We all love experimenting with cool kinds of stuff. We like to play with them to explore them and even brag in front of others. An, believe me, toys are not just meant for kids. It doesn’t matter how old are you, there are plenty of cool gadgets out there to surprise and take you back to your joy land. In this post, we will compile a list of top 10 cool random gift ideas.

You can give a gift such as a world’s first moldable glue. If you have the real problem with wifi in your house then what about new ultra-fast WiFi delivered to every square inch of your house. If you are the fan of Star wars then cool Sphero AFB01USA Star Wars Force or Holinox Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lamp.


This cool gift is suitable for anyone who loves to capture movements. GoPro captures your precious moments in photos and video no matter where you are. You can use it underwater, mid-air or while doing any adventurous activity.

This amazing camera has proved itself by taking amazingly smooth videos even with constantly shaking the camera. You can also go handless and take a photo using the voice-controlled system. You can increase speed by 30x and decrease by 8x to create amazing, interesting and entertaining videos.

Tool for Color Matching

This cool gift is suitable for designer, painters and color professionals. This tool for color matching can be used in DIY projects for matching paint.

This can be used by professionals of paint, home décor, flooring, and textiles. This compact tool is designed to use easily and scan the color of any surface. This tool can measure color in HEX, sRGB, LCH, and many more formats. This device has its own app with a big database.

Sugru Moldable Glue

Okay, this one is not exactly kind of gift you should give to your husband/wife or kids. But this is a very practical gift for yourself for DIY projects or fixing.

You can use this moldable glue to create, seal, mount, bond or fix almost anything. You can use Sugru moldable glue for almost every kind of surface such as wood, metal, glass, ceramic and plastics. This bind is flexible and durable. It can withstand extreme temperature like hot and cold.

The best part of sugru moldable glue is you can involve even kids in the next DIY project and make it more fun.

Star Wars Force Band

Star war force band can enable you to control the droid toy with the hand gesture. This force band uses Bluetooth smart technology and has a range of 25 meters.

With the power in your wand, you can complete your combat training and force awareness features.

This star wars force band is a cool gift idea for star wars lovers.

Luma Whole Home WiFi

This can be an excellent gift for controlling wifi in the home. Voice controlled device can priorities connected the device and pause the connection with your commands.

You can even control what kind of user rating content you want to allow in a different device. This feature is amazing for the home with kids.

This device comes with three different plans depending on the different area. You can check this amazing device from the link below.

WatchAir, Smart Antenna

This smart antenna for 2019 is suitable for those who don’t like the clutter of wire to TV. WatchAir can stream HDTV to any smartphone, tablet, and TV with control of the app.

You can use multiple TV without any cable wires connected to them. This device comes with an internal memory of 8 GB to record and store your favorite show.

You can increase storage with an external USB drive with a simple plug-in. Another advantage is you don’t have to pay any monthly subscription fees.

FIBARO Flood Sensor

This flood sensor is best in the market and most functional gadget to monitor and prevent leaks and flooding.

You can use it to the bathroom, laundry room and basement.

They also have audio alarm and sensors to alert in any decrease and increase of temperature.

 1911 Smart Wrench

This 1911 smart wrench is an ultra-tough and cool gift idea for both government and officer 1911 model guns.

This specifically built wrench make assembling and disassembly easy and efficient. T

his purpose build doesn’t damage your gun and keep your parts safe when during disassembly. Check out this wrench tool from the link below in Amazon.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon 3D Lamp

This is a second gift idea in our list related to star wars. These amazing star wars millennium falcon lamps have 7 different color modes. They come with USB cable and USB outlet wall adaptor.

They are energy efficient and of the approximate size of 6” by 10”. For all star wars fans, this can be a cool gift idea.

Quadcopter Drone with Camera

This low budget drone is cool gifts for kids or beginners’.

You can fly this with the live video feed on your phone and control with the remote. 720 HD camera of drone gives you can give you Arial shot and comes with 4 GB memory card. 6 axis gyros give the stable and steady ride to your quadcopter drone.

Check out this amazing guide on how to fly drones correctly and legally

Check out information related to flying of drone in the USA on website.