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Here we have listed best garage door opener in the market. We want to help you find the best garage door opener for you. For that, we have put together detailed information about garage door openers, buying guide and tips for its maintenance. With frequently asked questions mentioned below, you will find answers about most of the queries for garage door openers.

What are the best garage door openers in 2019?

  1. Chamberlain B970
  2. Genie QuietLift Connect – WiFi Smart Garage Opener with Added Wireless Keypad
  3. Chamberlain Group RJO20 Direct Drive Wall Mounted
  4. Chamberlain Group C450 Durable Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
  5. Fister Double Stainless Automatic Solar Powered Sliding Gate Opener kit
  6. Decko 24503 3/4 Horse Power Heavy Duty Quiet Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
  7. Chamberlain Group B550 Smartphone-Controlled Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
  8. Ghost Controls TDS2XP Heavy-Duty Solar Dual Automatic Gate Opener Kit
  9. Genie SilentMax 1200 Garage Door Opener
  10. SOMMER 1052V000 Direct Drive 1.0 hp Quiet and Strong Garage Door Opener

Benefits of garage door openers

A garage door opener ensures that you can open the door without manual effort through remote control, an app or by entering a code (code keypad)

This is the advantage as you do not have to get out of the car to open or close the garage door. Besides, opening by pressing a button is a noticeable relief for elderly people or someone with mobility issues.

Many garages can be retrofitted with an electric drive, such as sectional doors, swing and tilt gates.

When you buy a garage door openers, in addition to the traction, especially the weight and the area of your garage door are essential.

#1 Chamberlain B970

The Chamberlain B970 is one of the best garage door openers which is quiet and comes with a lifetime warranty on the belt and the motor. It has a powerful motor of 1 ¼ horsepower and for quiet and smooth operation uses a steel-reinforced belt drive system. 

In case of power outrage, Chamberlain B970 has a battery backup. It has all the standard safety features as expected in this price range garage opener. Features like motion-activated lights and timer for automatic closing makes it one of popular choice in the market.

Chamberlain B970 has built-in wifi and is compatible with the MyQ app, Google assistant, and other platforms. In short Chamberlain, B970 will not disappoint you if you are looking for a powerful garage opener for your smart home.

#2 Genie QuietLift Connect – WiFi Smart Garage Opener with Added Wireless Keypad

Genie QuietLift Connect is easy to install garage door opener which comes in a 5-piece assembly system. For easy installation, the manufacturer provides all the required hardware and detailed instruction in the packaging. This smart home garage opener can be controlled using a smartphone and is compatible with Google Assistant or Alexa.

Genie QuietLift Connect comes with two remote control, wall control and wireless keypad. For smooth and quiet operation it uses steel reinforced belt drive mechanism and 0.75 horsepower motor.

#3 Chamberlain Group RJO20 Direct Drive Wall Mounted

Chamberlain Group RJO20 wall mounted garage door is a good option if you lack in overhead ceiling space. This garage opener can be installed on either side wall of the garage opener. Its direct-drive motor combined with wall mounting helps it to operate quietly, smoothly and with minimum vibrations.

Chamberlain Group RJO20 comes with remote control, wall control console, and safety sensors. You can also control this garage opener using the myQ app from a smartphone. The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on belt and motor on RJO20. Although it is expensive than other garage door openers in our list, we recommend it for those who lack ceiling space in the garage or want a clean look.

Buying Guide: Things to consider before buying a garage door openers

Why do you need a garage door opener?

An electric door drive offers you the convenience of not opening the garage manually.

In principle, a garage opener is not a must-have. Still, it can make your life easier.

It is very convenient for elderly people or someone with a mobility issue, who lacks the strength to open a garage door themselves.

Another argument is that you can stay in your warm car and not have to go out wet to open your garage door manually.

Which drive is the right one?

The choice of the right garage door openers mainly depends on the door size and the door weight. Based on this, the strength of the drive motor is essential.

There are, however, some criteria to consider. Not always a bigger door is heavier than a smaller one. In addition to the height and width, condition and the material also plays important role. For example, a smaller garage door made of solid wood is much more substantial than a larger sheet metal door.

After you determined the weight, the next question is which drive you can use.

Usually, the product description mentions the garage door motor in N (Newton). To convert that, you do not have to be an expert.

For example, when a rating of 500 N is specified, the engine is designed to work efficiently for a weight of up to 50 kg. Similarly with 900 N motor, up to 90 kg can be moved.

But there are some exceptions because there are manufacturers with a mighty motor that can move 90 kilograms with the 500N motor.

How does a gate opener work?

For a garage door to open and close automatically, it needs a motor (also called drive head)

The motor must be strong enough to move the respective gate. The most common are swinging and sectional doors, for which a relatively small power drive head is sufficient.

Of course, you need more power for more substantial and heavier doors, such as for industrial doors or for double garages.

The door drive motor moves the toothed belt or drives chain in a rail. These are firmly connected to the carriage which can be moved back and forth by the drive. Thus, the drive head holds the garage door, which means it can no longer be manually opened or closed.

Which accessories for garage door openers are there?

Standard garage door openers come with the handheld transmitter which is connected to the garage door drive. Besides, there are some openers which you can control using your smartphone. Some manufacturer also offers special wall brackets or safety devices.

Even with the cheaper variants, the handheld transmitter is included. This transmitter is a kind of remote control that can be used to open or close the door from a particular range.

An alternative to this is the wireless code switch. This allows you to program a unique PIN into the control. Thus, only a particular group of people who knows the code are granted access to the garage door.

However, you can further enhance the safety with the wireless fingerprint reader.  This controller only sends a signal when it reads the correct fingerprint. This feature can also be integrated with your smartphone. Since garages often contain more valuables than just the car, they should be well secured.

Another accessory that you should consider is an attached wall bracket (key switch). This allows you to open the garage door by inserting a key and then turning it – like a door.



Hand remote Remote control for opening the gate
Code switch Remote control with PIN
Finger-scan Remote control with fingerprint
Key switch Wall bracket for opening the door with a key
Code switch Wall bracket with PIN
Fingerprint readers Wall mount with fingerprint
Closing edge safety Gate stops when it touches something
Emergency release Gate can be opened when the power fails

In addition to securing the valuables, you can also prevent personal injury and material damage with the right accessories.

An important safety device is, for example, a light barrier safety.  This ensures that the gate halt when an object is in the way. This is especially recommended if you have children or pets. It can also protect your car from damage if it is too close to the garage.

The closing edge safety device is another important safety device. In this, the garage door stops immediately, when it hits something. Thus, more significant damage can be avoided.

Since the door is held and secured because of the garage drive, a manual opening is not possible. This can be a problem when suddenly the power goes out. Therefore, there is an emergency release for this case.  With this, the garage door is unlocked and can be opened when there is no power supply.

How much garage door openers cost?

A garage door openers is available in a wide price range. The costs depend on the performance, but also on the associated accessories and the features.

A simple garage door opener you can buy for 100 dollars. In this price range, the drives have no special features and are usually not very powerful. Therefore, such a drive is only suitable for smaller overhead doors or lightweight overhead doors.

If you have more money, you have a better choice. For example, with a budget of 400 – 500 dollars, you can have an excellent battery-powered drive. Garage door openers can also cost in the four-digit range, with the corresponding accessories and feature.

Where can you buy a garage opener?

You can buy the garage door openers in electronics shops, in specialized garage shops, department stores and sometimes as an offer in supermarkets. Also, the gate opener is widely available on the internet. Besides, some manufacturers also have their own website.

Some of the most popular internet websites for garage openers and accessories are:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Best buy

Can you install a garage drive on an existing garage door?

Yes. It’s often not as hard as you think.

No matter if you have a swinging or rolling gate. Even swing gates can be retrofitted with a particular garage motor.

The assembly is straightforward and can be done without the help of professionals. Precise step by step instructions is always included with the product.

The retrofitting of a garage door operator often requires little manual skill and can be easily mounted thanks to the instructions.

#4 Chamberlain Group C450 Smartphone-Controlled Durable Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

#5 TOPENS DKR500ST Solar Sliding Gate Opener Rack Drive Automatic Gate Motor for Heavy Driveway Slide Gates Up to 1300 Pounds

Types of Garage Door Openers | Which One Is Right For You

Basically, one can distinguish garage door opener based on the drive:

  • Belt drive
  • Chain drive
  • Screw drive
  • Jackshaft opener

Another factor to differentiate is based on the power supply

  • Electric source
  • Battery
  • A solar-powered garage door

Depending on these criteria, we would like to show you which garage door opener is best for you and your garage.

#6 Decko 24503 3/4 Horsepower Heavy Duty Quiet Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Advantages and Disadvantages of Belt Drive Garage Opener

The belt is made of synthetic rubber and looks like a black rubber band. On the inner surface, it has teeth that grip with the specially shaped gears.

With the belt drive, you have the advantage such as garage door runs almost silently and quietly.

Since the synthetic rubber is not expensive, the price of such a belt is low. It cannot provide much traction as it is made of rubber. Because of this, it can only open lightweight garage doors.


smile Very quiet

smile Cheap


frown Not very powerful

frown Susceptible to cracks

One of the significant drawbacks of belt drive garage door opener is the durability. Because of rubber as drive, they tend to break after regular use.

#7 Chamberlain Group B550 Smartphone-Controlled Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Pros and cons of chain drive garage door

In the chain drive mechanism, there is a chain which is made of steel and moves tight around the gear. It is the same principle as used in the cycle.

The chain drive is significantly louder compared to the belt drive. Since the chain is made of sturdy stainless steel, it can open or close even the most massive garage doors.


smile Powerful

smile Long durability


frown Louder than belt drive mechanism

frown Expensive

Chain drive systems are robust and last for a long time. Imagine this as in an old knight’s castle, where the large castle gates were moved with thick chains. The robust material and the high tensile force give you a long service life.
Once you’ve decided on a drive type, you should consider the source of power for the garage door.

Using direct electric socket | pros, and cons

This type of garage door openers has a power cable that can be plugged into the usual household sockets.

These types of garage door openers are prevalent. Because of competition, you can find high-quality gate opener for a relatively low price. Besides, the power-supplied gate openers are usually much more powerful than their counterparts in the same price range.


smile Inexpensive

smile Powerful


frown Consumes power even in standby

frown Power connection is a must

A significant shortcoming about this variant is that you need an electricity connection in your garage. Since most of the garages have an electrical socket, it is not of that importance.

But if you do not have any electricity supply in the garage, buying this type of garage opener is not worth it.

#8 Ghost Controls TDS2XP Heavy-Duty Solar Dual Automatic Gate Opener Kit

Pros and cons of garage door openers with battery

If your garage has no power connection, don’t worry, there are garage door openers which works with the battery.

They are quite powerful too, but usually more expensive than the electricity-powered ones.

Since energy consumption is meager, a battery charge can last for a long time. High-quality batteries can last for a few weeks before they run out of “juice”


smile No power connection necessary

smile Long battery life

smile Powerful (High-end models)


frown More expensive to buy as compared to an electric powered

frown Limited lifespan

Also, you should pay attention to how long it takes to charge the battery fully. The charging time varies from model to model and is generally between five and ten hours.

That’s why some manufacturers offer spare batteries, so you always have a fully charged battery ready for replacement.

As it is usual with rechargeable batteries, they have a certain lifespan. This is measured on the so-called charging cycles. This is the same principle as with a smartphone. In the beginning, you have a long battery life, and it will become less and less over time until the battery eventually becomes inoperable.

#9 Genie SilentMax 1200 Garage Door Opener

#10 SOMMER 1052V000 Direct Drive 1.0 hp Quiet and Strong Garage Door Opener

Pros and cons of solar-powered garage door openers

A modern alternative for battery operated garage door is the solar-powered gate opener. They also work without a permanent power supply.

The solar panel is used to recharge the battery. The difference lies in the fact that it is not charged with electricity but with solar energy. For this purpose, “small photovoltaic systems” are attached to the south side of the roof. This type of garage door opener is an environmentally friendly and sustainable variant.


smile Decentralized power supply

smile Environment friendly


frown Most expensive

frown Not powerful

frown Gets affected by weather

As with all electrical equipment, the cost of solar-powered products is correspondingly high.

Also, comparatively low power can be generated by solar energy. Whereas an ordinary garage motor can deliver 220-240 volts, the greener version is only about one-tenth of that.

Besides, you are very dependent on the weather with the solar drive. This can be very annoying for you, especially if you live in an area where you don’t have much sunshine.

Factors to compare and rate garage door openers

Below are some factors you can use to compare and rate garage door openers. This will make it easier for you to decide if a particular device is right for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • Product weight
  • Dimensions
  • Maximum gate weight
  • Surface area
  • Maximum traction
  • Operating Speed
  • Power
  • Standby power consumption
  • Obstacle detection
  • Service
  • Durability

In the following paragraphs, you can read how each factor affects and its importance.

Product weight

If you want to assemble the gate opener yourself, then product weight can be an essential factor.

Since the garage drive will be attached to the ceiling. Therefore, you should be clear how you will install it, or whether you can lift it by yourself. Some smaller models weigh about five kilograms, but there are also some that reach 14 kilograms.

The hardest thing about the opener itself is the engine. How much this weighs depends on its size. In most cases, the weight depends on the performance, that is the more traction, the heavier the product.

Dimensions of garage door openers

The dimensions often correlate with the product weight. The smaller the garage opener, the lighter it is. Since there is limited space in your garage, it is essential to know the size of the door opener. It is necessary as it should fit into your garage trouble-free and work smoothly.

The dimensions allow you to determine whether the door drive can be secured with sufficient clearance.

The door drive is mounted in the middle of the ceiling. In other words, the width does not matter as there will be enough space. More important is the length and especially the rails. There should be enough space between the drive and the gate.

You should also pay attention to the height because some garages are low. Therefore,  you should be careful that your garage drive does not protrude too deep from the ceiling and damage your car.

Door surface area

The door surface is a crucial criterion for the selection of the garage drive. You can calculate the area by multiplying the width by the height of your garage door. Most gate openers are designed to the standard dimensions. It could only be problematic if your garage door has unique dimensions.

  • The width of the conventional doors varies between 2.375 to 3 meters.
  • The height is between 2 and 2.25 meters.
  • For double garages, the height is 2.125 to 2.25 meters.
  • The width from 4.5 to 5 meters.

The most common dimensions:

Width in m Height in m Surface in m²
2.375 2 4.75
2.5 2,125 5.31
2.5 2.5 6.25
2.75 2.225 6.12
3 2 6
3 2.225 6,675
4.5 2,125 9.56
4.75 2.25 10.69
5 2.25 11.25

Maximum gate weight

Another important factor to consider is the garage door weight.

Weight of the garage is crucial as some doors are heavier than others even if they have same size. It is because of the material used in the construction of the gate. For example a wooden gate is a lot heavier than a sheet metal gate of the same size.

Maximum traction

As explained above, the traction is the power of the engine. This can be used to determine what weight of gate the drive can move. But you should also pay attention that there may be deviations depending on several factors.

Since opening mechanism of sliding gate is different than the swing gate. As a result, more traction force is required for the swing gate with the same weight as for the sliding gate.

Operating Speed

The operating speed indicates what distance the garage door covers in a certain time when opening up.

They are usually described by centimeters per second. The value varies between 10 cm s and 20 cm/s. The former is slower than the second one. This factor depends mainly on the manufacturer and the model.

The specified operating speed on the box is usually based on average. That means it could work a bit faster or a little slower for you. The reason for this is that it depends on the other factors.

With a comparatively heavier garage door, it will open a little slower as compare to light ones. In addition to the operating speed for opening the garage door, there are also the closing.

We limited ourselves exclusively to the opening speed for comparison, as this is more relevant. Because normally you wait only while opening the garage door.

Motor Power of garage door openers

The motor power is expressed using watts. Low power means lower electricity costs and it is much more environment friendly.

There are models that consume only about 80 watts. However there are some which can consume up to 200 Watts. Power does not always depend on the traction, because there are more powerful engines which can provide more traction while consuming less power.

Standby power consumption

This value indicates how much your garage door consumes energy at rest.

Although standby power consumption is not as much as it is operating but still it is important factor to consider.

There are models in which the standby consumption is about 6-8 watts. Same as with operating power consumption, less the better.

Now days manufacturer are producing models which are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. There are some garage door openers which consumes only one watt of power in standby.

The power and the standby power consumption are important factors in terms of economic aspect.

For example if there is an opener is for 150 dollars, which has 200 watts of power and consumes 6 watts at rest.

On the other hand, other one is for 200 dollars, with 120 watts of power and one watt in standby mode.

If we disregard all other aspects such as goal area or traction, the second drive would be the better choice.

This is because garage openers are an investment for a longer period of time. The first gate opener would be cheaper to buy, but due to the operating cost would ultimately cost you more money than the initially more expensive one.

Obstacle detection

The obstacle detection ensures that the garage door stops automatically when something is in the way.

This is an important safety feature, since otherwise it can lead to material and personal injury. Therefore, you should make sure that your garage opener has such obstacle detection feature. Now days, this is no longer a feature with the gate openers, but basic equipment.

‘’Obstacle detection is important because children are often at the garage door. The enormous weight of the gate can cause serious personal injury, therefore it is important that this function is checked again and again’’

Service temperature of garage door openers

This indicates in which temperature range the door opener functions smoothly.

Most drives are designed for a range of -20 to +45 ° C. That means, as long as you use the garage door drive in USA and not in Central Africa or Siberia, the temperature should not play a decisive role.


Durability is very dependent on the drive types.

These are as described above in detail for belt drive and chain drive system. The volume of the belt ensures almost silent opening and closing of the garage door.

Synthetic rubber from which the belt drive is manufactured is not as tear-resistant as its counterpart the chain drive.

Chain drive is much louder, but also more robust and durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find spare part of garage door opener?

For the garage door opener from reputable brands, there is a replacement for just about every part. Only finding the replacement for the motor a be problematic.

For finding replacement parts depends primarily on which garage opener you have. From the solar module to replaceable batteries, manufacturers usually sell almost very replacement parts. Some common replacement parts such as belts and rails are generally very cheap and can be ordered from the internet.

How much is the power consumption?

Power consumption varies from model to model and from manufacturer to manufacturer. Please note that it does not always depend on the price.

On some models, the consumption may amount to about one watt in standby mode. But there are also more expensive models that consume significantly more. Environmentally friendlier variants are available which consumes less energy.

How safe is a garage door opener?

Safety depends on the accessories and model you buy. Nowadays, most of the manufacturers produce models keeping safety as a priority.

How long does a gate opener last?

That depends on the use of the garage opener. It is not necessarily the motor, but over time the wear parts such as a belt, a rail or a spring can break. On the other hand, you can easily find the spare part and fix them.

Can I open a garage with a smartphone?

Yes, there are several garage door openers in the market today, which can be controlled using your smartphone. We have mentioned some of the best among them in our recommended products.

Maintenance of Garage Door

The garage door is the largest door of a house, but also the most neglected. Sooner or later, it may remind you of this lack of attention by refusing to open or close entirely or by making an unpleasant sound with each movement.

Check it regularly

Remember to check by using your garage door manually at least once a year.

Why manually?

Many problems can go unnoticed since your garage door is equipped with a mechanized opening/closing system, also called “garage door opener.”

Garage door opener prevents you from hearing or feeling the effort your garage door makes while opening or closing.

A manual test will make it evident that there is a broken caster or misalignment of the panels, which usually results in friction on the rails. But more importantly, the exercise will check the tension of the springs.

Adjusting the lift system of a garage door (springs, cables, and other parts) is a delicate job with risks of injury. This is why it is recommended to hire the professionals if you don’t have enough experience.

During your manual test, you must also make sure that the garage door opens and closes completely. If necessary, refer to your garage door opener’s instruction manual to safely adjust the stroke or force controls, as well as readjust the chain or belt tension.

Cleaning and lubrication

For maintenance, moving hardware (hinges, pulleys, springs, and locks) and rails must be lubricated twice a year with oil (silicone-based).

Besides, the exterior finish of the door will last longer if the panels are washed periodically with the mild soap. You can also apply a layer of car wax annually. Remember not to use a high-pressure water sprayer.

Noise and security

The lubrication of the hardware components will reduce the operating noise of the door.

If your bedroom or a sleeping area is located above the garage, it is better to use a variable speed garage door opener designed to be installed on the wall (instead of the ceiling). Finally, there are sophisticated anti-vibration systems designed specifically for garage doors.

To ensure the maximum safety surrounding the use of your garage door:

To regularly check the proper operation of the door reversal system controlling its automatic return to contact or the detection of an obstacle (person or object) in its path.

To ensure adequate power and alignment of the photoelectric beams installed near the ground and on each side of the door.

Inspect the condition of the steel safety wire that secures the extension springs to the door and rails by holding them in place and prevent injury or other damage in the event of breakage. There is now a garage door in the Quebec market with significant improvements in terms of safety. This door is equipped with panels and rails whose joints are configured in such a way that it is impossible to pinch your fingers.