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To be honest, there are only a few people who like to iron. Time-consuming, too boring, too exhausting – there are many reasons why people want to avoid this household choreBut, ironing can be fun – if you know a trick or two that makes work easier. Find out the best tips and tricks for ironing below, from those few people who enjoy ironing!

Declare war on wrinkles

Nothing is more difficult than ironing extremely crumpled clothes. Especially heavy fabrics such as jeans can drive you crazy. 

To protect not only your nerves but also the iron, it is advisable to fight the wrinkles from the start

That means shaking the cloth item vigorously before you start ironing. This applies to the fine silk blouse as well as to the tablecloth.

The perfect moment

You have probably heard the term “iron-damp” before. But what is it all about? The perfect moment to iron is when laundry is no longer damp, but also not completely dry.

If the laundry is ironed damp, it is much easier to smooth it. The reason for this is the water vapor that not only allows the iron to slide smoothly but also tackles the folds.

The numerous steam irons on the market also prove that ironing in this way is much more efficient.

Tip: You can use a steam iron or spray bottle to make your ironing much easier.

However, this does not apply to silk. The fine fabric gets stains if it is moistened selectively.

Sort for more time saving

Even if this does not reduce the amount of laundry, it can be extremely useful to sort the laundry before ironing. Start with small parts made of light fabrics, i.e. underwear, tops, T-shirts and blouses and gradually move your way to the large and heavy parts

This has the following logic: 

In the beginning, the iron has not yet reached its maximum temperature and is therefore only suitable for ironing light fabrics.

However, over time it gets hotter and hotter, so it can take on unruly textiles.

Iron dark clothes inside out 

Do you know that? Are you ironing a black shirt or dark blue sweatshirt and wondering where these strange stripes suddenly come from?

In all likelihood, they come from your iron because of the extreme heat.

So to avoid ruining dark clothes when ironing, it is always recommended to iron them inside out. This also applies to very sensitive fabrics and garments with prints.

The secret weapon aluminum foil

It is nothing new that aluminum foil is used in many different ways in the household. But did you know that you can also use the silver foil for ironing? 

This is one of the most popular and most effective ironing tricks. Aluminum foil, which is carefully stretched over the iron, does two tasks at once:

  • You save energy because the heat is reflected upwards by the iron.
  • You save time because the garment is ironed on both sides.

As an alternative to the aluminum foil, you can also use a special cover for the ironing board that works in a very similar way.

Although, they are more effective than aluminum foil but more expensive.

Be careful with very sensitive fabrics

Chiffon, viscose, silk – are fabrics that not only look great but are also extremely sensitive. Be sure to keep this in mind when swinging the iron.

If you want to be on the safe side and don’t want to ruin the new (expensive) clothing, you should put a damp cloth between the iron and the fabric. 

This keeps the heat out and still ensures that the garment is wrinkle-free.

Long-life for steam irons

Irons that work with steam are currently the most popular type of irons in the market. No wonder, because they are very effective and are becoming increasingly affordable.

If you want to enjoy your steam iron for a long time, you should only fill it with distilled water. This will prevent the iron from calcifying and clogging the nozzles. There are some steam iron models with the anti-calc system in which you can use tap water.

But, if your area water supply has a high level of hardness, we recommend using a mixture of distilled and tap water.

Advantages and disadvantages of a steam iron

✅ Easy to use

✅ Hardly any maintenance

✅ Ready to use quickly

❌ Often the lower capacity of the water tank

As you can see, there are tons of tricks to make ironing easier and improve results.

Even if they do not ensure that you get around this housework completely, the tricks are an enormous relief that is certainly noticeable.