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Do you believe your dad is the best of all, dads? Then show your appreciation by gifting something unique as he deserves. Looking for the gift to surprise him on his birthday, Father’s Day or Christmas?

Whatever the occasion, you will undoubtedly find in the list below, a little something original that will please him.

We have listed more than 50 items, accessories, gadgets that are out of the ordinary, and probably you didn’t think of before. Choose from gifts like customizable beer mugs, the kits for the beard and mustache, the high tech gadgets, accessories for wine, cheese or outdoor activities. There are even options to choose gifts inspired by Star Wars or Game of Thrones!


50+ Gift ideas for dad

#1 Tulip Extreme

If your dad is a fan of beers and loves to taste them in style. This fancy 16.75 oz beer glass is perfectly crafted to enjoy the true experience of beer.

#2 Indoor Herb Garden

This pretty little indoor garden will allow your dad to grow his herbs directly in his kitchen. No need for plantation in the garden, this indoor kitchen garden is autonomous. The bit likes you now finally.

#3 Kit to brew your own beer

With this kit, your dad can brew his favorite beer (blonde, amber, white or Brown)

#4 Raised Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed is must for all gardeners. Whether your dad has a green hand or not, he will become a garden pro in no time. Prepare to have long garden visits when you return to your parents’ home.

#5 Wine Folly Wine Cheese Pairing Poster

This Poster will appeal to all wine lovers. So next time when having his wine he can sure which cheese he forgot to buy.

#6 The sausage and cheese box

It’s your father who made you discover a lot of cheeses since you were very young. It’s time to return the favor! This box is the perfect gift for him to discover the best French cheeses for several months.

#7 A gourmet box

Your dad is a real food lover? Then this gift is all you need: gourmet and quality products which will help him to create a perfect dish. And besides, it’s you who will feast!

#8 Personalized Tray

Personalized 17-inch Wine Barrel Serving Tray with his name and your personal message engraved over it.

#9 Travel Map with State Flags and Landmarks

Does your dad love travelling? Help him keep track with this travel map which will reveal beautiful landscape poster after scratching of all the states.

#10 The 50 States: Explore the U.S.A. with 50 fact-filled maps!

This book will help him discover or rediscover the states of USA with fact filled maps. What an elegant way to revise geography.

Gifts for dad do not necessarily mean a gift for your own dad. It can also be a gift for your step-dad or a gift for someone who just entered fatherhood!

For example, for your brother or your best friend who has just become a father? Anyway, there is no need to worry! To help you in your desperate quest for the perfect idea, we have compiled the list of best gifts in the market. There are gift ideas for dads of all kinds and for different types of dads.

To find the ideal gift, we also advise you to ask yourself some questions such as:

  • What are Dad’s tastes and passions?
  • Does he like gourmet or likes to cook?
  • Is he addicted to gadgets or like classic tools?
  • Does he like beer or whiskey?

Here are just a few examples of questions that can help find the best gift. We stop there otherwise the list would be too much longer!

#11 Baseball Player Sayings Poster

There is no more Baseball fan than your father? So he will love this poster with the greatest Baseball player thoughts.

#12 Brewer’s Elite Hydrometer & Test Jar Combo

Your dad thinks he knows the best beers? This is the moment to prove him the opposite (with kindness of course) with this kit. These tools will help to test the beer or wine on parameters like specific Gravity, Potential Alcohol, and Brix Balling.

#13 Personalized apron for budding chefs

With an apron entirely designed for him, your father will able to make delicious dishes in style!

#14 Customizable phone cover with your photos

You have 2 options:

One is to use a nice photo, for example of your dad. Second is to use a photo of you or your family.

In any case, it will be nice and it will save the phone of your father which fell about 4 times a day.

#15 T-shirt “Dadman”

At home it’s your father who is the law and I can tell you that it goes right. He deserves his t-shirt of the “Dadman”. Don’t worry about mom, there is one super mom t-shirt here.

#16 Roll-Up Suede Backgammon Game

With this pouch, your father can play everywhere. For him it’s perfect for the wild parties on vacation!

#17 Bottle with Airtight Stopper

These high-quality glass bottles with airtight stopper will help him to store his favorite beverages such as vinegar, wine or sangria. These bottles look great with their sleek and square shape.

#18 World’s Best Farter, I Mean Father T-shirt

Well, only gift this T-shirt if you know your father humor! This shirt can be the one which he will never wear but at least it will make him laugh.

#19 Vegetable Seeds Pack of 30 seeds

Whenever you visit for your father, he is in the garden. No doubt, this gardening pack of 30 seeds is made for him! A good way to ensure he have enough seeds for garden and a well-bloomed vegetable garden!

#20 Matching T-shirts

Have you told all the time that you are as stubborn as your father (and all the other qualities). This t-shirt is perfect for showing him how proud you are to be like him.

What unique gift you can get for your father?

What a question … It’s up to you to answer it! But we can perhaps help you by offering you gift ideas which are popular and unique. This year, we say no to cheesy socks and sad pajamas and yes to originality!

Whether it’s your dad’s birthday or simply to remind your dad that you love him. May be you are looking gift for your father-in-law or someone who just entered fatherhood. You’ll find what you need from this post.

If you are looking for mother’s Day gift ideas, we also recommend you look here: Gift Ideas for First Time Mothers

#21 A kit to make homemade cheese

Your father loves to do things himself, but what he likes most is cheese. We are sure that he will be too happy to make and to taste his work!

#22 Box for keeping everything in place

With this box, your father will able to keep everything important in one place. Even those classic accessories he had from long time will get their own well deserved place.

#23 Wine Aerator Pourer

This gift is perfect for dads who love their wine.

#24 Unique Bubble Hotel in France for Two

A gift is good but a moment to share with your dad is even better! This gift voucher will give him chance to spend night in Unique Bubble Hotel that your dad will remember for a long time.

#25 Hairbrush for bald

May be your father does not have a lot of hair now but he deserves his “non-hair” brush. It will surely bring back good memories for him.

#26 Whiskey Stones

You know how much he loves his drink, and how much he hates when regular ice cubes dilute it. Gift you dad this whiskey kit which includes 8 granite stones, tongs, 2 whiskey glasses, and an elegant wooden box.

#27 Wooden laptops stand to prevent overheating

Not only this stand will provide enough ventilation to laptop but also give your dad proper sitting position. By the way he can use it as normal stand for eating his food too!

#28 Bicycle Repair Tool Kit

This box contains all the necessary tools to have a bike in perfect condition, so for your cycling daddy, this is the perfect gift!

#29 An inflatable wine stopper, to keep wine

In addition to being stylish, this cap keeps a wine as good as the original, even several days after opening. Your dad will not have to finish all the bottles at once…

#30 Toilet Golf, coz crosswords are so old fashioned

Do you want your father to have a good time in all circumstances? Is he thinking of of starting golf? We have the perfect gift.

#31 Pure Raw & Unfiltered Honey

Is your father one of those who always complaint about honey in the morning. Well, gift him this pure raw and unfiltered honey.

#32 BBQ Grill Tool Set

With this tool set your dad will have everything he needs for preparing that perfect barbeque.  Also all of them come in aluminum case, so he will not lose them this time.

#33 Glass with Built-In Cigar Rest

The picture below is enough to let you know how useful father’s day gift it is…

#34 Darth Vader Waffle Maker

Does he like to have waffle in breakfast? Have he never missed a chance to watch start wars? Then it’s time to gift your father Darth Vader waffle maker!

#36 A whiskey glass to show his mood

This comes in set of 2. And you really thought we didn’t care about you!

#38 Tile Mate

How many times we just can’t remember where we kept the key last time? Well, this small gadget works with everything

#39 Iron Man Helmet Bluetooth Speaker

In addition to being a fan of Avengers, your father spends his time listening to music. This is the perfect gift for him, right?

#40 A multi-tool pen

Your dad is a real handyman, but he always loses his tools. You see him going back and forth while cursing the pencil he had put on the table but disappeared. With this multi-tool pen, this kind of trouble is over! He will have everything in one pen.

Convenient right?

Gift Ideas for a 60-year-old dad

Are you looking for a gift for a 60-year-old dad?

That explains the reason for your presence on this page. And as you have almost reached the bottom of the page, you are already telling yourself that again this year, you will not find the right dad gift idea.

Do not panic! Finding a gift for your dad, it’s not always easy.

Especially that sometimes dads do not want to come forward and do not want to go under the spotlight.

Take the test by asking your dad what he wants as a gift for his 60 years!

At all times, he will answer you this terribly annoying phrase: “I do not want anything.”

Check out this full post, you’ll find here a variety of gift ideas for a very diverse sixty-year-old dad. Some of the gifts you should really consider are kitchen gadgets to make your dad the head of the house, funny accessories for dad’s office or unique handcrafted gifts to simply say thank you.

#41 Beard Brush & Comb Set for Men’s Care

It really takes good effort and tools to grow nice beard and mustache. So make his job easier by gifting this men’s care box.

#42 Customizable cutting board

With this cutting board, your dad will think of you every time he cooks!

#43 Beard Care Kit for Men

With this box, your father’s beard will be perfect. A useful gift, which will make your father more beautiful!

#46 Coffee Mug ‘Go Ask Your Mother’

If this is your dad’s favorite reply whenever you ask anything. Then why don’t give him an easier way to tell this!

#47 Dad/mom Mugs

This beautiful mug will be perfect for your dad’s coffee! Well, do not lie to us, this is an excellent way of asking daddy when mom said no. By the way, don’t worry, it comes in a pair of two (mother and father). So now you know which coffee mug to use and when to use.

#48 Fitness Tracker Watch

This smart watch can help him to track his activities, heart rate, sleep, and calories intake.

#49 WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

Your father is addicted to coffee? He spends a lot of time in his car or in traveling? He’s tired of buying coffees that are not appreciated by his taste buds? Then this portable espresso maker is the perfect solution!

#50 Inflatable Travel Pillow

This super comfortable travel pillow does not take up space and provide perfect neck support.

The perfect gift for a dad for Christmas

Dads never escape on give something special as Christmas presents in your childhood.

Finally, you should also put some efforts on your mind to find the fantastic gift. If you are out of good ideas, rely on our suggestions to find the rare pearl: the gift that will bring a tear of joy for him on Christmas Eve.

You can choose from the personalized gift, a completely unique gadget that will revolutionize his daily life or something humorous that will make him laugh every time he sees it.

Gifts for papa of all ages

Whether it’s a gift for your 60-year-old dad, your 50-year-old dad, a 40-year-old dad or a dad who just become father. We have selected the best range of potential ideas. There are gift ideas for dads of every kind.

Whether a dad is a sports addict, a gadget addict, a pet friend, a foodie, a workaholic, or a traveler? 

You will find a classy idea and adapted to his tastes!

Find a gift for a handyman dad, a gift for a gardener dad, or a gift for a geek daddy!

What to gift on dad’s birthday?

To really help you in choosing your birthday present for your dad, we’ve put together a shortlist of tips.

  • Do not choose a tie. There are nine chances out of ten that your mom will give that nerdy gift, so let your mother do it! And then you do not want your birthday present for your dad to end up in a closet without even being used.
  • Socks are not a good idea. Unless your goal is to never be in your father’s will again.
  • Thinking about gifting a cup of traditional coffee? No, this gift was only acceptable when you were a child. In this area, you can do much better with customizable cups and cups for men.
  • Have you thought about gifting garment to your father for his birthday? The idea is not bad, and the intention is good. But be aware that this type of gift for your dad will be best suited for a Christmas present.

Why find a suitable gift is essential?

Our gift for fathers should be much more imaginative than the traditional pair of striped socks. Because let’s face it, it’s not really a lovely gift to thank him for the paternal love he offers us for so many years.

Very often, we think that finding a gift for the father is a task that is really high and difficult. It’s the opposite!

There are many hundreds of things to offer as a gift for dad. Just roll up your sleeves and spend a few minutes on our Shopbirdy.

Very quickly, some original gift idea will jump to your eyes. And your dad will likely be pleasantly surprised with the dad gift you have chosen.

He who expects to receive this famous pair of odd socks, again and again, will really be surprised.