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Awning and pop up canopy are in trend because they are an excellent choice for protection and shade while you enjoy outdoors. They are safe to use and with the following list, you can buy the one which best suits your needs.


1. Outsunny Drop Arm Manual Retractable Window Awning

This manual retractable window awning by Outsunny requires no electricity to operate. It is 4 feet long which makes it suitable for use over doorways and windows.

The best feature of Outsunny retractable awning is its fabric which is durable and made out of treated polyester. This fabric is rated for 280g/m which is far more durable then the regular canopies fabric you find in the market. Also, this durable fabric is waterproof and protects against UV rays.

As this awning is a budget-friendly model, therefore hardware and frame are made using aluminum and steel. Problem with this is the gauge of aluminum and steel fabrication is not thick. Because of thin gauge, you may not be able to get superior rigid and robust support.

Outsunny window awning comes with the required mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes. It is quick and smooth to open and retract of awning using simple drawstrings.


  • The Outsunny awning is waterproof
  • UV rays protection
  • Fabric is of 280g polyester
  • It is affordable and budget friendly.


  • The frame is not rigid and robust.
  • It is difficult to install.
  • Outsunny retractable awning only comes in one size.

2. Diensweek Patio Awning

Diensweek is a new company but manufactures awning of superior quality using robust materials. They have high customer ratings in Amazon and is even amazon choice product at the time of publishing this article.

Diensweek patio awning is as good as high-end electric awnings in the market at half the price as compared to them.

This retractable awning has high-quality 280g/m polyester fiber canopy. To make it 100% waterproof, it has a polyurethane coating. To protect against UV rays and resist mildew its polyester fiber is further treated.

The frame of Diensweek patio awning is manufacture using T5 aluminum which is one of the strongest for residential outdoor purpose. To give you an idea its structure on the Beaufort scale is rated for class 4 winds.


  • Three different sizes (10’x7’, 12’x8’, and 12’x10’)
  • It comes in three different styles.
  • High-quality 280g/m2 polyester fabric
  • The UV protection of 80+
  • PU coated for waterproof and treated for mildew
  • Construction with corrosion resistant T5 grade aluminum
  • Rated for class 4 winds in Beaufort scale


  • In wet condition, you can notice some sags in the canopy
  • Little expensive (But considering quality materials, it is worth the price)

3. ADVANING EA1210-A225H C Series

Advaning is a well-known name in the world of awnings. They manufacture high-end awning which is made using high-quality construction materials and comes with numerous features. C series of Advaning products is a low-end model but have far more useful features which you cannot find in regular awnings.

These 13 feet by 10 feet motorized patio retractable awning by Advaning can be used using the electric motor as well as manually. Advaning also has three loop systems in this model. In 3 loop system, there are two easy pitch loops and one crank loop.

Two easy pitch loops allow you to adjust it according to the sun direction to block the sun more efficiently. The one crank loop allows opening or retracting awning manually using the crank. The mechanism of Advaning shelters makes them versatile as well as increases the life span of the product.

Apart from versatility in the mechanism, advaning classic awnings offer 7 different color options to choose from and compliment your home decor. In terms of size, these awnings come in 6 different sizes starting from 8’x7’ to 16’x 10’.


  • Seven different color styles.
  • Six different sizes.
  • Have the option to choose from manual or motor-powered.
  • High-quality, durable acrylic canopy.
  • Easy to install and includes high-quality installation hardware.
  • Five years of manufacturer warranty and lifetime tech support.


  • Expensive
  • On big size awnings, sagging can occur in the middle canopy.

4. Sunjoy Marquise Retractable Awning

Sunjoy retractable awning is a robust and affordable electric retractable awning. These awnings have a semi-cassette design which means retracting components and electric motor are well protected.

This is important as extreme weather conditions can cause issues in the performance in the mechanism. 

Semi-cassette helps in increasing the life span of the awning by decreasing the chances of potential damage.

Sunjoy’s retractable awning also has a robust frame made using aluminum and steel. They made sure that its structure is rust and corrosion free by providing powder coating.

You can also choose to use manually, but it is recommended to use it only in case your awning motor is not working correctly.


  • Powder coated frame
  • Frame construction materials are steel and aluminum
  • The large size of 14’x10.’
  • Have semi-cassette and durable polyester canopy
  • Rust, corrosion, and chip resistant


  • Doesn’t offer variation in style.
  • Hard to install

5. ALEKO Window Canopy Awning

This awning by Aleko is ideal for use over entryways or windows. It comes in a size of 4 feet x 2 feet and is easy to install. It comes in sand color which is neutral and goes along with most home themes.

The package comes with fabric cover, frame, and installation hardware that you will need to install. The classic design of this awning complements home décor and protects from rain and sun.

6. Palram Aquila Awning

This 59 inches long and 36 inches wide awning by Palram is an excellent choice to protect Windows and doorways.  This highly practical awning is maintenance free and comes in two colors (grey and white) to choose.

It has secure locking to convenient assembly. This awning surface is of crack resistant polycarbonate which doesn’t get yellow with UV rays. The steel frame construction is of high quality powdered coated galvanized. The manufacturer also provides three years of limited warranty on this product.

7. Goplus Manual Patio 6.4’×5′ Retractable Deck Awning

These 6.5 feet by 5 feet manual retractable awning is big enough for large Windows or balcony. It is easy to open and retract using steel crank handle.

This manual retractable awning is reasonable in price, easy to install and made using quality materials. It has construction material like sturdy aluminum frame coated with white color powder and 100% water resistant heavy duty polyester fabric.

8. ALEKO Retractable Patio Awning

This 13 feet by 10 feet retractable patio is big enough for patio, large Windows, or sliding doors.

 It has hand crank to open and retract the awning manually also you have the option to install a motor for opening. Please note that if you want to install the motor, you have to buy it separately.


Summer’s is a time when everyone likes to enjoy their time outdoors. A pop up canopy tent is an excellent way to enjoy outdoors, without worrying about harsh sun or summer showers.

We have listed some of the best available pop up canopy tents in the market below:

1. Eurmax Commercial Ez Pop up Canopy

Eurmax pop up canopy tent can be used with or without side walls. With side enclosure installation this 10’ x 10’tent can fit from 4-6 persons.

You can use this versatile pop-up tent for the flea market, trade shows, sporting events, a day at the beach or enjoying while barbecue with friends in the garden.

The full truss structural support by the steel frame ensures that your tent remains rigid even under strong winds.  A frame of this canopy is powder coated which enhances your pop up canopy tent aesthetics as well as makes it rust resistant.

The robust 500D polyester fabric of pop up canopy tent is PU treated to make it fire retardant and block UV rays. It is certificated with CPAI-84 fire retardant and blocks 99% of UV rays.


  • Coverage of 100 square feet
  • Full truss construction and coated with hammertone powder.
  • Versatile and can be used for various purpose.
  • For secure transportation, it has sizeable durable wheels.


  • It weighs around 56 pounds.
  • You may need help while carrying it.

2. Coleman Canopy Tent with Instant Setup

Coleman is reputable brands for outdoor products which focus more on functionality and performance rather than the appearance of the product.

They have a simple design, affordable, high-quality outdoor products and this Coleman tent is an excellent example of it. This pop up canopy is easy to set up, have a clean and simple appearance and comes with an affordable price tag.

With just three simple steps you can setup Coleman tent less than three minutes. The lightweight fiberglass poles of the canopy are pre-attached for easy setup. To prevent any injuries and accidents legs have a safe and simple locking mechanism.

To provide stable footing on different kind of surfaces, it has welded steel feet.  For keeping inside of tent fresh from stagnating air, it features two ways roof vents.


  • Provide shade of 100 square feet
  • Quality product by Coleman at a reasonable price
  • Quick and easy to set up in 3 easy steps.


  • Not suitable to use in extreme weather conditions.

3. Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter

The standard size of canopies is 10’x10’ and provides 100 square feet of coverage area. Whereas Quick set, 9879 escape shelter has 14’x14’ size but still provide total interior space of 94 square feet.

This is because of its hexagonal design shape unlike the square shape of regular canopies.

Quick set 9879 is straightforward to set up, and even one person can set it up under a minute. This distinct advantage is because it requires no assembly. It features 210 denier’s poly-oxford fabric and 600 deniers in the center roof area.

Half dozen persons can comfortably enjoy Quick set escape shelter pop up canopy. It has the center height of 90 inches, which is uncommon to find in regular pop up canopy.

The hexagonal shape of this pop up canopy provides a wide floor area. The quality of fabric material and reliable heavy duty zippers make this shelter an excellent choice for camping.


  • Easy and quick to setup
  • Waterproof seams and heavy-duty zippers
  • Lightweight


  • Not aesthetically appealing

4. Quik Shade Expedition Instant Canopy Tent

Quik shade canopy tent can withstand strong winds, but due to lack of side panels, they are unable to protect much protection in the rain. It has slanted legs which enable it to provide a stable and sturdy pop up canopy.

Quik shade pop up canopy provides 64 square feet of coverage area. The fabric of canopy is of 300 denier polyester which provides 99% UV protection and waterproof.

For quick setup, quick shade has leg extenders and patented latches. The frame is corrosion resistant thanks to its powder coated steel. For secure support, this canopy tent features slanted legs and welded feet.

The lightweight, reasonable price, easy setup, durable and attractive design makes Quik shade one of the most popular pop up canopy in canopies.


  • Slanted legs provide improved stability
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Lightweight


  • The small area of coverage (64 square feet)

Awning Buyer’s Guide and FAQ’s

Below guide will help you in better understanding the different aspects of the awning. We have covered everything from mechanism, durability, construction material and fabric.

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What Are Retractable Awnings?

The awning is an extra overhang which can be placed above Windows, doorways, balcony or in patio. Awnings protect from sun, rain, strong winds or other outdoor factors. In retractable awning, there is a mechanism which allows you to retract or open the canopy manually or using the electric motor.

For Windows or doorways, an awning is a good option as it can provide constant shade from the sun and keep the house fresh. In places such as patio, balcony or porches retractable awning is an excellent choice as they can be adjusted easily according to the extreme weather conditions. This way you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about rain or sun.

What is the Need for Awning?

The awning is valuable in windows or doorways, where there is constant sun or if it rains too much. With continuous sun inside of the home can get hot, the awning is a low-cost solution for this as they provide shade against the sun.

They also help you to save the furniture which may fade because of direct sun rays falling over them. In the rain, water can come inside if you open the window, with awning you can enjoy the rain with an open window without worrying about water coming inside.

Retractable awnings are useful if you enjoy spending time outdoors in the patio or garden. They can provide you shade from excessive sun or protection from the rain.

How to buy the Best Retractable Awning?

The definition of best awning may differ from person to person. To help in buying, we have compiled the list of best retractable awnings above and mentioned the pros and cons of each product.

For better understanding, don’t forget to read the buying guide which can help in choosing your awning.


Most awnings offer electric or manual device whereas some shelters have both manual and electric. All mechanism has its pros and cons. The tool can affect the lifespan as well as the ease in using the awning.

Manual operated awnings

Manual operated awnings are the most common and basic type of retractable awning. They require direct operation from user to open or retract the awning. Usually, manual retracting awnings have either vertical or horizontal cranking mechanisms. The user withdraws or opens canopy using one of the ways as mentioned above.

The downside of the manual operating mechanism is an inconvenience. In this user needs to spend energy and time while retracting and opening of the awning. This mechanism is primarily unsuitable for the elderly user or someone who is not as strong. But good companies always make their product in such a way that which will require less effort.

The advantage of manual awnings is their long life. These awnings are less prone to mechanical failure and usually more comfortable to fix as compared to the electric mechanism.

Electric operated awnings

Electric operated awnings use an electric motor for opening and retracting the canopy. They require less time and effort in the part of the user. You can easily control using the remote or switch connecting to the electric motor

Some high-end modes of electric retractable awning come with storm sensors. These sensors allow the canopy to retract and close in case of a storm or heavy winds. These sensors can determine the strength of the wind.

The electric retractable awnings are more prone to malfunction because of the more components. In the case of mechanical failure, electric awnings are more expensive to repair as compared to manually operated ones.

Different Type of Material

The awning has two main parts, one is the frame, and the other is the surface (retracting section).

The frame of the awning is generally of steel, aluminum or plastic.

Whereas the retracting part is awning can be made using a wide variety of materials. These materials are the determining factor on how well your shelter can withstand and protect against rain, sun, and its durability.

Commonly they are either plastic or fabric which provides flexibility as well as required tensile strength.


Canvas is the only natural occurring fiber material used for canopies. It is an excellent material made using linen and cotton. Canvas is an expensive material but provides exceptional durability. On the downside, they are more prone to suffer because of environment-related degradation.

Out of different materials, the canvas is the second best material (after aluminum) in terms of tensile strength. Their flexibility and high tensile strength make them excellent material.

Since canvas is a natural material, they don’t are more prone to degradation because of sun and rain.  It has high chances to develop mildew and fading because of the sun.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

PVC is one of the first synthetic materials which were used in retractable awnings.  Although it has many advantages, its low tensile strength makes it the least desirable material. Durability is related to tensile strength, and low tensile strength means it is more prone to tearing or ripping.

PVC is a type of plastic which makes it an excellent waterproof material. Another advantage of PVC is its natural ability to resist mildew.


One of the most common and versatile materials used in awning is polyester. Polyester is cheaper as compared to other elements except for PCV. But durability and versatility of PVC are inferior as compared to polyester.

Polyester has a natural ability to retain less water and is the most resistant fibrous material. It is also useful in resisting UV and mildew.


Aluminum is less common material to be used in awning canopies.  Aluminum awnings are less prone to mildew or UV radiation. It has low flexibility which affects its capability as in retractable awnings. It is mostly used in industrial or commercial awnings.

Aluminum has high durability and high tensile strength. It is also resistant to rust or corrosion.


Acrylic is used to provide a protective layer to many awning canopies. The protective layer of acrylic is applied to protect from UV rays and rain. It is also durable and rust resistant.

Mostly canvas material is coated with an acrylic protection layer which enhances its capabilities.

Durability in awning

The awning is an outdoor product, and its strength is essential to factor for its life span. The right canopy should able to withstand harsh weather condition from storm, thunder, rain to constant sun.

UV rays:

Prolonged exposure to the sun causes the product to degrade over time because of UV rays. The awning has to withstand constant sun that is why it’s better to choose the one which is more resistant to UV.

Constant sunlight can cause breaking of fabric or fading of the color in the material.


Mildew formation can cause damage to the awning over time. In the case of mildew formation, a canopy made with high water resistant property such as polyester has less chance of mildew.

It is recommended to buy the product which is treated to resist mildew formation.

Pop Up Canopy Tent Buyer’s Guide and FAQ’s

Important Things to Consider

  • Size
  • Canopy Material
  • Design
  • Ceiling Height
  • Waterproof and UV protection
  • Frame Material
  • Seating Room


The Size of the pop up canopy when folded is essential as it affects the way of your transporting it. Consider the available space in your car trunk or area in your pick up. Also, it is essential to consider the weight especially if you have to carry it alone from your vehicle to place of its setup.

Canopy Material

Durability and weight of pop up canopy material are critical to consider before buying a canopy tent. Canopies materials are graded commonly as 150D, 420D or 600D. In this “D” determines the weave fineness.  The higher value of D means the more substantial canopy material but more durability.

In simple terms, 150D canopy material is lightweight in comparison to 420D or 600D. But 150D material is least durable as compare to the other two.


Design determines the effectiveness and aesthetic of the canopy. High-end canopies are mostly aesthetic appealing and with practical design. Whereas you should also consider that good looking pop up canopy tent does not necessarily mean that is efficient in use.

Ceiling Height

Ceiling height is essential, especially for tall height person. But center height doesn’t necessarily mean your overall height of pop up canopy tent will be equally high. Also, it is critical to note that higher the height of the pop up canopy tent, lower the stability of shelter will be.

The UV protection and Waterproof

Most pop up canopy tents provide UV protection and are waterproof. But you should consider the material of tent to conclude its effectiveness of protection. Seams and zipper are also other essential features to find in this.

Frame material

Steel and aluminum are the most commonly used material in the frame construction. Both these materials have their pros and cons. With the below mentioned points, it will be more apparent on how to select frame material.

  • Weight: Steel is more substantial as compared to aluminum which means aluminum frame canopies are light in weight. It makes it easier to carry and setup. It’s also important to note that the steel frame is sturdier and provide a robust structure in heavy wind conditions.
  • Corrosion: Both steel and aluminum corrode over time. To protect against corrosion most frame has a protective layer of high-quality powder. This powder coat protects the structure by giving seal against moisture.
  • Strength: the strength of your pop up canopy tent is essential if you are using it regularly or under harsh weather conditions. The steel frame will provide better strength as compared to the aluminum frame.

Sitting area

Interior area of your pop up canopy tent is another important factor to consider before purchasing. If you like to go camping with friends and family, then buy a tent to give you a comfortable space for every prospective user.