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Do you love extreme adventure but don’t know which camera to choose to film your experiences? You are not the only one, most of the people are trying to solve the same puzzle. With so many sports cameras in the market, it is normal to get confused. In this article, we will review Tectectec XPRO 2+ which many people consider one of the best sports cameras in the market. Its manufacturer is well known for its quality products. This camera is no exception; it hosts performances that can outperform many other brand cameras.

Why we recommend Tectectec XPRO 2+ Sport Camera

Of course, yes! It is a device easily adaptable to all styles of sport. Thanks to its small size and compact shape, this sports camera does not create clutter.

Also, it is lightweight, so easy to carry. Tectectec XPRO 2+ is equipped with a high-performance sensor, which allows you to film your different exploits in Ultra HD. You can watch your photos and videos on its 2-inch LCD, or you can turn on Wi-Fi mode to connect to your smartphone or tablet. 

With this action cam, you can perfectly film underwater thanks to its waterproof case which comes with its packaging box. It is also accompanied by several accessories to offer you comfort in its use.

TecTecTec XPRO2+ Action Cam Ultra HD

My friend has been a professional marathon athlete for 10 years already and started using Tectectec XPRO 2+ camera recently. This sports camera is his favorite gadget because it allows him to check his performance. Before, he was just listening to his coach and the comments of his family and friends about the performances.

But since using this camera, he can see better his weaknesses through the videos and manage to improve them. Now he never leaves his little camera during training. I am really happy he liked Tectectec XPRO 2+ because I am the one who recommended this model to him. 

Great design and construction

Tectectec XPRO 2+ camera is very convenient to carry because of its small size and lightweight. Also, it is not bulky with its compact form you can easily use it in different sports, adventure activities or as a dashboard camera. It is also ideal for traveling. 

Thanks to its small size, this camera is easy to use for people who want to film their achievements in real-time and in great detail.

Moreover, its handling is simple and fun, thanks to only four buttons on the model. It is not an attractive device but surely a very sturdy one. Its sturdy construction enables it to withstand some serious shocks.

Ultra HD sensor

This is a real Action Cam because it has a Sony Imax sensor. Tectectec XPRO 2+, latest-generation sports camera can film all your achievements in Ultra HD in all circumstances. Also, this camera has a resolution of ultra-high-definition with 16 million pixels which allow you to have a fairly faithful reproduction of details. 

This sports cam also has a video mode, slow-motion mode, and photo mode. A sport mode in 720p with 120 frames per second is good for capturing fast actions while the 4k mode with 15 frames per second will be ideal for shooting slower actions with precision. 

This gadget makes it possible to take different types of videos and photos.

Regarding the video side, the quality is not as good as for the photos. The rendering of this camera can film in 4k which is generally of the same quality as other similar price sports cameras.

Hardware side, this device includes a wide-angle lens capable of scanning 170 ° and plunges you into the heart of the action. This lens with the sensor combines an action that allows this camera to film up to 4k at a rate of 25 frames per second.

Integrated LCD screen

Tectectec XPRO 2+ sports camera has a 2-inch LCD screen. The LCD screen offers correct and comfortable visibility to have real-time feedback or make various settings such as sound capture, time, contrast and many others. 

You will certainly appreciate the intuitive side of the user interface. The latter is available in several languages ​​namely: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. What will also give you satisfaction is the distribution of buttons on the device.

It has just four easily accessible buttons, which makes handling very easy. The interface of this camera allows you to set it according to your needs. Whether to adjust the time, contrast, brightness, sound, you can use the Settings option.

Many functions available

This device offers you many essential functions. Depending on the capture conditions and what you are shooting, you can choose between several modes, namely: 

  • Slow-motion mode
  • The Timelapse mode (which allows you to edit beautiful videos from shots taken at intervals of predefined times from 0.5 to 60 seconds)
  • Photo self-timer mode
  • Eco-energy mode.

You can also improve the quality of the captures by adjusting settings such as exposure or white balance. Moreover, this camera offers loop recordings that are ideal for dashboard cams. Besides, this sports gadget offers you the Wi-Fi mode that allows you to remotely control it using your smartphone or tablet.


This Tectectec XPRO 2+ comes with a multitude of accessories to fix the camera wherever you want. As for accessories, this camera has a handlebar/post support, 7 types of frames, 2 types of the clip, bandages, battery, adhesives, straps, metal fasteners, back door, USB cable, and lens cloth. 

With all these accessories, you can film during all kinds of activities, while surfing, your descents by bike, motorcycle or car, or to shoot in the rain or under the depths of the ocean.

Also, these accessories are very useful, which distinguishes it greatly from other competing cameras. This is a good point for the Tectectec brand because other sports camera brands do not offer accessories in their boxes, which leads customers to buy them extra.

Waterproof case

The Tectectec XPRO 2+ camera comes with a solid and transparent plastic case. The construction of this case is solid with an excellent finish. You will find there is space for buttons to control your camera without a need to open the case. 

This box has a double locking system which is useful when shooting underwater or in rain. This case allows you to make sports camera waterproof. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that no drop of water can penetrate the case of this camera. 

Attractive prices + Guarantee

Most of us think that to have a good quality device means you need a big budget. This is not at all wrong, but it is not a strict rule. Many manufacturers are bringing cameras of high quality and performance in the market at a very competitive price.

This is the case of the Tectectec XPRO 2+ camera which is available in Amazon at an attractive price. It comes with a sales policy “satisfied or refunded” with a possibility of the return in 30 days.

Also, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty. In case of problems, you can reach its customer service at any time which is available in many languages ​​including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. 

To do this, you must register your warranty on its website. Being registered, you can always extend the refund period and benefit from a 12-month warranty extension. So you see that there is no fear when buying Tectectec XPRO 2+ because everything is available to better satisfy you.

Let’s talk about the cons

Limited autonomy

During its use, you will be happy with its photos and videos quality but the autonomy of the battery may disappoint you. This camera offers a range of only 2 hours. You will not be able to record all your training sessions for self-evaluation if it lasts longer than that period. 

It’s a shame but not so bad. Two hours are not as small as you can imagine. It’s up to you to see what’s important to film or not. Otherwise, you can buy an extra second battery. The battery life is ok but we hope the manufacturer makes improvements in future releases.

Playback sound

In playback of videos using this camera, you will realize that the sound is not terrible but also not perfect. This goes without saying that the manufacturer did not consider this camera at the sound level. This means that the speaker does not have the power needed for crystal clear listening. You need to be close to this device to follow the sound perfectly.

What a shame! And yet, the sound is the major axis of a device of this scale. With a sports camera, it’s not enough just to make videos, the sound is also important.

The manufacturer should have worked more on this point to increase the potential of this device. And yet, the latter is endowed with many admirable assets. This does not mean that the sound gives distortions, it is only quite low. We hope the manufacturer improves this aspect, or to emphasize this aspect in future projects, which is highly desirable.

Micro SD card

When you buy the Tectectec XPRO 2+ camera, you should consider buying an extra micro SD card. Simply to emphasize that you will not find a micro SD card in its box. 

That said, you need a storage space to be able to save all your shots. By inserting a micro SD card into this device, you will be able to benefit from its various assets such as taking photos and videos at any time.

Without this card, this sports camera will not help you much. You can choose a micro SD card up to 64 GB. 

The manufacturer should consider providing a MicroSD card with this device, even if it means to increase the selling price. This can prevent many people from buying poor quality SD cards that can cause a malfunction of the device.


I very much hope that the information in this article about the Tectectec XPRO 2+ Sport Camera will be helpful to you. I have tested it several times and I am satisfied with its performance.

Hope this will be the case for you as well. If your purchase decision is still uncertain, you can send your shadow points to me by our contact page and I will try to answer you quickly.