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A steam ironing system is a right choice for you if you have a large household and prefer wrinkle-free laundry. A steam ironing system is a combination of a steam generator, iron, and ironing board. 

This kind of system takes up a lot of space when storing, so a collapsible model can be a good choice.

Cheap ironing systems are available from 300 dollars. Better models cost at least 800 Dollars. Systems that give optimal ironing results cost more than 1000 dollars.

Best Steam Ironing System

Steam Ironing System


Product Name



Laurastar Go + Ironing System


Laurastar Model S7a


Laurastar Pulse Ironing System

1. Laurastar Go + Ironing System

Since I do not own the ironing system myself, but did extensive research on the various opinions and reviews available on the Internet.  

What the customer’s rate as positive is the simple, uncomplicated structure. The vapor pressure seems to be very high, which ensures that even the stubborn wrinkles and folds can be ironed smoothly.

The suction and inflation function of the ironing board also contributes to this: the garment is thus “held” on the board. 

Even small creases can be quickly removed. Because the Lauraster GO is “all in one” (tank, iron, board, and hose), the system can be quickly and easily stowed away. What also seems to be practical are the power cord and the hose that are relatively long.

What the buyers consider negative is that the tank empties relatively quickly (however, the refilling is quick because the iron does not have to be completely cooled down). Locking the height adjustment is also described as something which needs practice.

Let’s start with the advantages of the iron first:

+ The iron is very safe and you no longer have to worry about forgetting to switch off the iron. Thanks to the automatic switch-off, it switches off automatically after 10 minutes when not in use.

+ It has a high steam output and therefore slides particularly well over the clothes without having to put on too much.

+ It comes with a lot of accessories and it has a very long power cord so that you are not too tied to the nearest socket.

+ The ironing board has a suction function, which means that the laundry hugs the table very smoothly. This makes ironing even easier.

Now we come to the disadvantages of the product:

– The water tank is not removable and so you always have to fill up the water with the bottle supplied.

– It also takes a long time for the water to heat up. A customer estimates it to be about 10 minutes.

Conclusion of the Laurastar GO:

The ironing station offers a very practical suction function, which makes ironing even easier. It is also very useful that the power cord is very long.

Unfortunately, only the water tank is not removable, so you always have to fill it up with a bottle.

2. Laurastar Model S7a Ironing System

The Laurastar S7a ironing system is visually appealing, powerful and easy to use. The ironing system consists of an ironing board with two-speed levels, an iron and an integrated steam function.

The steam is expelled by a movement on the handle of the iron and ensures that this ironing system is suitable for all fabrics. 

The ironing board is an active ironing board with an integrated blower function and a suction function. 

According to the reports, this enables fast ironing without interruptions. Wrinkles can be removed from all clothing, from shirts to blouses to jeans. 

The clothes themselves do not slip when ironed and do not have to be constantly adjusted, as is often the case. In addition, the ironing system can be used very quickly and does not take long to heat up. However, a weight of almost 20 kilos is quite heavy and therefore not so easy to handle.

The product information of the Laurastar S7a ironing system

  • Total weight: 19 kilos
  • Color: pink, silver, and black
  • With automatic steam and active ironing board
  • Removable water tank
  • Warm-up time: 3 minutes
  • Automatic switch-off: 15 minutes
  • Dimensions when folded: 20 cm
  • Automatic cable rewind

Advantages of the ironing system

  • Even steam distribution thanks to the special 3D active sole
  • Active ironing board with suction and blower function
  • Suitable for lefties and beginners
  • Expressive look thanks to the pink surface
  • With an automatic steam system for all fabrics and clothing

3. Laurastar Pulse Ironing System

What customers particularly like is that Laurastar Pulse Ironing System is all in one (board with iron and tank).

This means that the set can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled and also stowed away to save space. 

The processing of the individual parts is considered to be of high quality. 

Due to the “pulsating steam” and the 3D sole, a lot of time is saved when ironing.

The suction and inflation function of the ironing board also contributes to a comfortable ironing experience. Its height adjustability feature is very practical.

However, what buyers criticize about the Laurastar Pulse is the reasonably high price (which, is justified by most customers due to the high quality). Also, the first time user is somewhat complex.


– Ironing is very easy with the Laurastar Pulse Ironing System, thanks to the active 3D sole.

– You save a lot of time by getting things ironed much faster.

– The suction function of the board is a huge advantage, since it prevents many wrinkles when ironing.

– It has an automatic switch-off function, so that you no longer have to worry about accidentally leaving the iron on.


– The ironing station is unfortunately very loud and this is particularly annoying if you want to talk to someone on the side or want to watch TV.

– The ironing station is quite expensive

Buyers Guide

What is a steam ironing system?

A steam ironing system (also called ironing system) is a combination of a steam generator, iron, and ironing board. Ironing board usually has several fans that suck in the textiles or blow them up slightly depending on the setting.

The fans in modern devices are controlled by an automatic switch. Fans switch on automatically as soon as the iron is active.

The direction of rotation of the fans can be adjusted by a regulator on the iron. 

Many devices have an automatic switch-off function if the system has not been used for a certain time (usually 10 to 15 minutes).

Advantages and disadvantages

A particular advantage of ironing systems is high vapor pressure. 

Ironing systems take up a lot of space and are therefore not suitable for smaller apartments or single households. 

Also, the purchase of such devices is very expensive.

When does it make sense to buy one?

Ironing systems are very expensive, so purchasing them is only worthwhile for households with a large ironing volume or if you are passionate ironing professional and appreciate a perfect ironing result.

You should also have enough space for an ironing system at home. In the best case, you have a fixed place for the ironing system in a separate room or a corner. 


Ironing systems are available in different price ranges. The price depends on the model features, function and brand name. 

Approximately 200 to 300 Dollars

The cheapest ironing system is not the best in terms of quality. It serves its purpose, but the components are often of very low quality and do not last long, which can be not only unreliable but also frustrating. 

It cannot be compared with systems of higher price and quality classes. However, it can certainly be used as a transitional or emergency model.

Approximately 500 dollars

The middle price bracket systems are of acceptable quality. As a rule, individual components are of medium quality, but not too much should be expected from this price range.

Approximately 1000 dollars

Professional and highest quality ironing systems start at this price. All components are of high quality and are not only designed for easy operation but also for good results and durability. 

Such models are used in a professional environment. The price is a big investment, but the performance is worth it.

If you choose an ironing system, you’d better spend a little more. So you have a high-quality model and you will not regret your purchase. With such a product, you should never go with an inferior quality product.

Factors to compare and evaluate

In the following, we will show you which criteria you can use to compare and evaluate steam ironing systems. This makes it easier for you to get an overview and to decide on a suitable and effective device.

In summary, these are the following criteria:

  • Ironing board
  • Steam generator and water tank
  • iron
  • Extras

Below you can read what the criteria are all about and find out why it makes sense for you to purchase a device based on the criteria or not.

Ironing board

The ironing board should be stable and adjustable in height. If the board wobbles and doesn’t have a firm footing, then ironing can become an annoying affair. 

Some models are also collapsible. This allows you to store your system in a space-saving manner despite the size.

Steam generator and water tank

The steam generator is the heart of an ironing system. It is, therefore, one of the most important purchase criteria. The steam output should be at least 130 g / min.

Water tank should be as large as possible. The larger it is, the longer you can iron your laundry without having to interrupt your work to add water.

The water tank should have a volume of at least one liter. It is advantageous if you can refill the water when the system is switched on.


The iron should have a good sole. This should have a non-stick coating so that you can iron even delicate items of clothing.

Ceramic soles are particularly well suited because they protect your textiles from shiny spots. Also, soles made of the material are very durable and scratch-resistant


A bracket system usually takes up a certain amount of space for storage. A collapsible system can be an advantage. You should make sure that the assembly and disassembly of the system is simple.

Some systems have a built-in steam brush, which you can use to leaf through and refresh hanging clothes. 

Good ironing systems have a built-in anti-limescale function. This function should be carried out independently by a simple push of a button on the device.