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The Shark Vacmop Pro Cordless Hard Floor Mop is a revolutionary new mop that utilizes the latest technology to make floor cleaning easier and more efficient. The cordless design allows you to clean without dealing with pesky cords getting in your way, while the water-resistant design makes it perfect for hardwood floors. The best part? It comes with two washable microfiber pads so you can keep on moping!

With Shark vacmop pro, you can either vacuum debris before and then mop or vacuum as you mop. This model by Shark is cordless which gives more freedom while cleaning as you don’t have to worry about tangling cords. It is also lightweight and weighs around 3.34 lbs.

Shark VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop

Shark vacmop pro cordless is easy to use and doesn’t require much prep work. Before operating you have to fill the reservoir with the hard floor cleaner. The reservoir is transparent from the front and has a max fill mark. As for cleaner, you can use the Shark brand cleaner which comes with the packaging. 

Two disposable mopping pads also come with the vacmop pro cordless in the packaging. Attach one of these mops on the head of the Shark vacmop pro cordless. These disposable mopping pads have little bins on them for the vacuumed up debris. 

You can buy extra disposable pads from Shark’s website which at the time of publishing this post cost around 80 cents each. 

Pros of Shark vacmop pro cordless

In pros, the first thing is it is not just a hard floor cleaner mop but also a vacuum. Vacmop pro has an airflow of around 46 CFM which is quite powerful. To give you an idea, the Dyson D10 vacuum has airflow of 49 CFM.


Its performance in cleaning the debris of different sizes and types is really impressive. For vacuuming with Shark vacmop pro cordless, you have to press the trigger which is on the bottom of the handle.

This model managed to pick up all kinds of debris from extra large to fine size in the tests. The impressive part is that its performance was also excellent while vacuuming and moping at the same time.


For mopping, it works by pressing the button on the top side of the handle. There is a nozzle on the front of the mop which sprays cleaning fluid. By pressing the button you can control how much cleaning liquid you use.

Here you should note that having the right amount of cleaning liquid is very important. It is more possible that you will get better performance by using less cleaning liquid.

Mopping tests

In the mopping test, the first test is with dried coffee stains. Shark vacmop pro cordless manage to clean this stain very easily on the first pass. Since the coffee stain is not stubborn, I want to see its performance with something tougher.

For the second test, we check with dried tomato paste which is generally tougher to remove. Vacmop pro cordless manages to clean it too very easily.


The disposable mopping pads with this model were easy to connect gives a good performance. After cleaning, you can easily dispose of the pads in the dustbin without any need of touching them. For removing the pads, just press on the pad release button on the head.

Since this model is cordless and lightweight, it is great to use on stairs, Motor homes, and hard-to-reach places.

In short, Shark vacmop pro cordless is easy to set up, maintain, and use for both vacuuming and mopping. Since there is no part of this model that needs cleaning, it is super simple to maintain. There are a lot of hard floor cleaners in the market but most of them are messy to clean.

Cons of Shark vacmop pro cordless

The major con with Vacmop pro is with their pads. As it doesn’t have washable cleaning mops, for now, you can only use disposable mop pads. Even though you can buy disposable pads for around 80 cents each, it is still additional money. 

Most people prefer to keep a hard floor cleaner around for light-duty jobs such as in the kitchen or bathroom. With limited use, you can probably get multiple uses with the same pad. Thing is if you clean something smelly and dirty, it may give unwanted odors where you keep it. 

For cleaning the complete home, you can expect to use one pad at one time. 

The Vacmop is also not good for large wet spills. It didn’t give any impressive performance but still, you can use it if you want to. 

Another almost con is its battery life. As this vacuum is cordless, you can use it for around 12 minutes when fully charged. Although 12 minutes may seem less but its more than enough to clean a small apartment or one big room. 


Shark vacmop pro cordless has amazing performance, practical design, and innovative technology. Its performance considering its main purpose which is to mop the hard floor is really impressive. 

The use of Vacmop pro is not only limited to mopping but you can also use it for vacuuming and moping together. 

This cleaner is perfect, you are looking for something for cleaning hard floors in apartments in a fast and easy way. Shark Vacmop is lightweight, cordless, requires no maintenance, and perfect for fast and easy cleanup.