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Shaker Kitchen Cabinets – In style since the 1770’s

Shaker kitchen cabinets are durable, long lasting cabinets and give elegant aesthetics to the kitchen. They enhance the beauty of the kitchen with their simple yet attracting designs. They are the popular choice for the traditional and contemporary themed kitchen. Now day’s shaker kitchen cabinets are also used to have a minimal modern look in the kitchen.
Shaker design is simple and classic, which originated during the American colonial era. Religious movement in 1770 gave rise to shaker design. Traditionally shaker kitchen cabinets are made by skilled craftsmen using local high-quality woods from northeastern America. These cabinets have simple, functional and of sturdy construction.

Shaker style was founded by the religious community; United Society of Believers in Christ’s second appearing also known as shakers. This design main focus is simplicity and functionality. Key features are study construction, flat paneled doors, functional design, and minimal adornments.

Which material is used in shaker kitchen cabinets?

Shaker cabinets are traditionally made using solid durable quality woods. Woods such as maple, hickory, quartersawn oak and cherry commonly found in northeastern America were used. Nowadays you can have them also in chestnut, pine, maple, and birch.

Shaker cabinets can have the natural wood finish, stained or colored. Neutral colors such as white and grey are the popular choice for those who want modern appeal in the kitchen. Some of the popular choices for finish are as follows:

Burnished finish: This finish gives burnished and antique look to furniture. This is a complex and time-consuming process. This includes distressing, sanding and applying of burnishing stain. This gives traditional and warm appeal to cabinets. Check out this Burnished finish 5- drawer chest in Amazon.

Painted finish: This kind of finish is used to get a desirable modern look. Tones of neutral colors such as grey and white are applied to give minimal and modern appeal to cabinets. The drawback of paint is the appearance of small cracks over time. This happens because of expanding and contracting in wood over time because of temperature difference.

Laminate finish: They are cost efficient finish and available in the variety of color and textures. They are used to give an authentic shaker look and maintain the aesthetic beauty of cabinets.

Cost of shaker kitchen cabinets

There are several factors which affect the cost of shaker cabinets. Whether you are buying from the reputable brand or your local craftsmen store affects the cost. Quality of material such as common grade, premium grade, and designer grade will vastly impact the price. If you are assembling then whom you hire will change the price of your cabinets.

You can find on Amazon, readymade shaker style cabinets for the kitchen of 10×10 starting from $1500. This will include all the necessary cabinets required in the kitchen. This style of cabinets is very popular so many manufacturers offer good discount and offers.

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Another option of shaker design kitchen cabinets we found in Amazon is around $2,775. Please note this doesn’t include shipping cost. Also, you might need to hire some professionals to assemble them.

From online reputable cabinet stores price can start at $1700 and goes up to $5000 depending on cabinets included and material quality.

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How to clean shaker kitchen cabinets?

With time kitchen cabinets start to discolor or stained, especially if you have light-toned cabinets. All that spills, stains, dust and grease is easy to remove if you clean them regularly. Every day cleaning shaker kitchen cabinets begin with the habit of regular dusting. Dusting will help you to avoid accumulation of dust and oil particle to settle for a long time.

In the average house, it’s recommended to do dusting in cabinets every 10 days. While dusting doesn’t forget to dust upper kitchen cabinets as that area is always ignored. Use regular cleaning cloth as you use for house dusting.

For basic cleaning mix half cup of all-purpose cleaner with white vinegar and the half cup of water. Spray this solution over cabinets and use a soft sponge to clean in the circular motion. Use the dry cloth to wipe down and dry the cabinets.

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For cleaning tough stains use baking soda and water. Mix ½ cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of water to make a paste. Use this paste over tough stains and scrub using the scrub brush. Wipe the paste using all-purpose cleaner using a damp soft cloth.

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For the wooden surface, you can use mild detergent and water for regular cleaning. For tough stains mix 1 cup of vinegar with 2 cups of warm water. You can clean them as mentioned above.

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Which kitchen is suitable for shaker kitchen cabinets

Shaker kitchen cabinets have clean and simple 5 pieces framed with recessed door. They have square corners and simple hardware like hinges and knobs. The high-quality durable wood with sturdy construction lasts for a long time and easy to maintenance.

Shaker style of cabinetry is elegant, classic and always in style. They are suitable for contemporary as well as traditional kitchens. The solid bold or neutral colors enhance the appearances of modern and minimal style kitchen. Shaker style is also suitable for bathroom or laundry cabinets.