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The Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum is the latest in robotic vacuums. It features a sleek design and amazing cleaning power. The best part of this vacuum is that you don’t need to clean up after it’s done because it will find its own way back to the charging station by itself when its battery dies. I recommend the Roborock E4 for all types of homes, from apartments to houses with pets!

The Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum is an excellent choice for any home because of its powerful suctioning abilities and ease of use. The best part about this vacuum cleaner is that you can go on with your daily chores while it cleans your floors; you won’t have to worry about chasing down the

The robot with Amazing performance in a budget-friendly price

The basic idea of the E4 is that it’s an upgraded budget version of a Roborock robot vacuum. In the past, Roborock has had the so-called Xiaowa series like the E2 and E3 which were significantly cheaper than the S series (s4, s5, and s6). 

The main difference is that the budget versions did not have the spinning laser or lidar unit on the top. This lidar system helped to map out the house.


  • Excellent navigation which is 10% faster in comparison to E2 and E3
  • The long-lasting battery of 5200mAh
  • Amazing cleaning performance, even with heavy debris
  • The big dustbin of 640ml 


  • Moping pad not included
  • Limited app features

Roborock E4 Design

The cheaper versions have instead is a dual gyroscope system and a so-called optical eye motion tracking system.

It also does a lot of the same things as the lidar in terms of navigation but we’ll talk more about that later on.

Cleaning Performance

Let us start this review of Roborock E4 with the tests. The first thing which you notice with the new E4 is power. Roborock claims it has 2,000 Pascals of suction which is the same as the top-of-the-line S series like the S6.

In addition to more or less confirming those suction numbers, we tested its airflow on all four of its power settings. Roborock E4 is as much or more powerful than just about every Roborock robot vacuum in their lineup regardless of price.

With this model, you won’t be sacrificing power and that brings us to the first major point about the E4. Roborock doesn’t change much about the mechanics of their robot vacuums from model to model. It means that underneath how this robot vacuum works from the brushes it uses to the method it picks up debris is the same.

Is the Roborock E4 a good value?

Roborock E4 is as good or better than any Roborock model of any price. This is something one reason why I like the Roborock brand because their all models are good. They are very efficient in the most basic job which is picking stuff up from both hard floors and carpets. 

They have clean pick up with debris of all sizes from really small to large, without a lot of scattering or blowing debris around. With the extra power, it can also pick up heavy debris like sand on hard floors. You can easily clean even the heavy debris without using Roborock E4 in its highest power setting. 

E4 is the budget version but has the same battery of 5200 mAh. You can use it for two and a half hours on low power and roughly one and a half hours on high power.  

Roborock E4 features

As it is usual with other Roborock models, E4 has one of the best brush roll designs in the current market. It is very efficient in resisting hair tangles. Roborock E4, dustbin size is 640 milliliters, which is the biggest one that Roborock offers. 

It is even bigger than the S5 at 480 milliliters.

With the E4 model, you can also use a mopping pad but you will need to buy it separately. The mopping pad is the same as with the older version models where the tank is in the detachable plate. 

Do not expect amazing performance with the mopping pad but it still performs decently with light stains. 

Navigation & Mapping

Let’s talk about its navigation because that’s what it all comes down to in my opinion. The first thing to notice here is that it has a fairly unique system of navigation. As most budget robot vacuums don’t have either a camera or a laser for smart navigation.

They just bounce around randomly to clean but the E4 despite not having a camera or a laser manages to navigate in straight efficient patterns. This navigation pattern by E4 is just like a high-end robot vacuum. 

The optical tracker on Roborock E4 remembers where it has and hasn’t cleaned. In small room tests, It performed with 100% coverage at 25 minutes which is as good or better than most laser or camera-based smart robot vacuums. 

Its algorithm around the chair, table, and other obstacles seem to be very efficient as well. Roborock claims that E4 is more efficient than the previous models such as E2 and E3 by 10 percent. 

Should you buy the Roborock E4?

So the question is why anyone would buy the more expensive robot vacuum like the S series in the first place if:

  • E4 can clean as good or better than the expensive ones
  • It can navigate as good or better in terms of coverage

There are a lot of reasons for that but the main thing is that because the E4 doesn’t use a laser to track and map the house. It doesn’t have several features that require that sensor.

For example, even though the E4 has an app, where you can start and stop the unit, set the vacuuming power and schedule cleanings, and a lot of other things. Because it doesn’t have the laser navigation and therefore a detailed map, you can’t set no-go lines. With no-go lines feature, you draw lines on the map in the app which keeps the robot from going where it’s likely to get stuck.

This is a really important feature because I think most houses have a few places where it’s better than robots just don’t go.

Roborock E4 also doesn’t have a lot of the other app features like where you tell it to clean one room and not the other. In short, it doesn’t have any of the high-end software features like with the premium Roborocks.


If your house has a really clean layout where there isn’t much for a robot vacuum to get stuck on then you can buy Roborock E4 and save yourself some money. E4 is a quality robot vacuum with amazing battery life and big size bin. It is also very efficient in resisting pet hair tangles. 

But if you feel like you need the software features and the ability of a robot vacuum to more accurately map your house you might try looking into one of the more expensive versions. You can buy S4 which is the cheapest Roborock with laser navigation.