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What to do when your oven front panel gets cracked or damaged? In this, we will tell you how to replace the front door panel of the oven with simple steps. You can read about all the steps in detail below:

Simple steps for replacing the oven front panel.

  1. Remove the door fasteners
  2. Remove the door
  3. Removal of the glass panel
  4. Installation of the new part
  5. Attaching the door

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Things to consider while replacing glass panel

Before we begin, we would like to remind you to take special care when working with glass parts. When removing a broken panel, do not touch glass pieces with your bare hands because you might cut yourself.

In general, we recommend handling the glass with cut-resistant gloves to protect against injury.

If you are not adequately equipped, do not dismantle the door. First, make sure that you have a sufficiently large and clean area available for you to work correctly. Remember to place the door on a flat surface so that the new panel doesn’t get any damage.

Pro tip!

To protect the glass from scratches, you can put a towel on the work table.

To be effective, you should also make sure that you have all the tools you need to work within reach.

In particular, think of different screwdrivers (flat-head screwdrivers, Phillips screwdrivers) and combination pliers.

The keyword for this work is “sensitivity.” Do not try to go as fast as possible and do careless fast movements.

Take your time!

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How to replace the oven front panel?

It may be stupid to mention this, but remember not to try replacing the panel while the oven is still hot or on.

Always remember, to work safely and take all proper safety precautions.

Do not work in an environment which is unsafe for doing this task.

Remove the door fasteners

You may have already noticed that some ovens close abruptly when they are half-open or closed. First of all, you have to know about hinges and its mechanism.

Depending on the model of your oven, you will need to unscrew or unlock the door.

First, remove the door fasteners and then halfway close the door to release them.

Remove the door

Grasp the door on both sides, lift it and place it on the worktable with the mounting screws.

Removal of the glass panel

Locate the elements that secure the front door, loosen the appropriate screws to gain access to the glass to be replaced.

Then you can take out the panel carefully.

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Installation of the new panel

Position the new panel and secure it. Pay attention to their orientation when inserting the glass.

The painted side is inside the door and is directed against the other windows.

Attaching the door

Put the front door back on the oven and secure the hinges correctly.

Pro tips!

Some ovens are equipped with multiple panels, each with its part number and precise position.

Buy the correct part and attach them to the right positions. Pay particular attention to the dimensions (length, width, and thickness).

Also, do not neglect the strength, because thicker glass is not compatible with all models.

If you want to avoid bad surprises, you should always opt for a disc of the same model or equivalent model recommended by the manufacturer.

Checklist after replacing the glass panel of the oven

First, check whether the door can be opened/closed properly. The door must not be sluggish or jammed and must be adequately closing the oven.

Pro Tip!

A poorly close oven will not heat up so well, and it will be harder to reach the desired temperature.

You may have problems with baking (taking more time than before), this means you have to adjust it properly.

Preheat the oven and run your hand over its entire front surface. If you feel hotter in some places than others, check if there is any gap that could be causing the heat to escape.

Regularly check the condition of the glass and pay special attention to possible cracks.

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