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The first thing people think about when their refrigerator light stops working is of the light bulb. Of course, most of the time the reason is light bulb but some sometimes it can be door switch or light socket. We have covered all the possible causes and how you can fix refrigerator light.

What to do if the fridge light doesn’t turn on? You open the door of your fridge, and it stays dark?

#1 Most common reason when refrigerator light stops working: Light bulb

As we said, most of the time before when refrigerator light stops working is caused by the burn out of the light bulb.

Usually, light bulbs are installed inside the refrigerator so that the user can easily see at any time of the day or night. Like any bulb, refrigerated also have a limited lifespan. The frequent opening and closing of the door or quality are some factors which affect the lifespan of the lamp.

Nowadays, most of the manufacturers use LED as they offer lower heat development and significantly lower power consumption.

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It is straightforward to replace the bulb b yourself. You can buy the replacement bulb from the manufacturer retail shop or online.

Here are some LED bulbs, which you can buy on Amazon.

#2 reason when refrigerator light stops working: Door switch

If your light bulb is functional, but lights are still not working, then the possible cause can be the door switch.

At a young age, most of us wonder whether the light inside the refrigerator is always on. By the way, it is not.

There is the switch, attached to the refrigerator door which turns off the light on contact. When the door is open, the spring relaxes the connection, and the pin goes out – current flows. The opposite happens when you close the refrigerator door. Over time, this door switch can break.

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Open the door to check whether the lever on the switch is moving. Sometimes the reason can be as simple as jammed spring. It is quite easy to replace the door switch.

#3 reason when refrigerator light stops working: Light socket

Another reason why your refrigerator light stops working can be the light socket

In most of the refrigerator, the light device is on the base or wall of the fridge. This light socket connects the light bulb / the LED bulb with the light module.

The fridge light might not be working because of the contact problems or a general defect in the light socket. The error in the connection to the light device can cause this problem.

The light socket is part of the lighting unit, but some manufacturers also sell this part individually.

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You can easily change the light device using basic tools. For finding the appropriate light socket, it is essential to check your refrigerator model first.

#4 reason when refrigerator light stops working: Light module

If you have check all the ideas from the list above, then the problem can be of the light module.

Unfortunately, in this case, you have to hire the professional as repairing it requires particular expertise. With some models, it is not possible to replace the individual parts, and you have to replace the complete light module when refrigerator light stops working.

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For replacing the entire module, we recommend you to hire the professional as it requires expertise.

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