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Pendant lights are a real eye-catcher, both in a small apartment or in an apartment with a high ceiling. You can use them as regular sources of light or as a modern variant of the chandelier.

Pendant lamps can be a nice addition in any room of a house or apartment. With the use of these lights above the dining table, you can have a nice atmosphere by adjusting the height according to your mood. You can also use them in the hallway, above the sofa or as the source of light in the stairwell.

There is a wide variety in the design of pendant lights in the market. Very classic and close to an old-fashioned chandelier, modern, made of wood, metal or plastic, with or without lampshade – there is something for every taste.

In this post, we have covered everything you need to know about pendant lights. With our buyer’s guide, we want to make your purchase easier and help you find the best pendant for you. Furthermore, you will also find on this page some important information that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a pendant lamp.

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Buyers Guide for Pendant Light

What is a pendant lamp?

The pendant lamp – as the name implies – is not firmly mounted in the ceiling, but hangs on its power cable and is freely movable a few inches below the ceiling.

Depending on how far you want them up or down, many pendulum lights have adjustable height, which makes them very practical. This type of lamp is usually used in kitchens above the dining table and you can adjust the atmosphere and mood to everything.

In rooms with very high ceilings, we recommend a non-adjustable lamp, because you usually do not have the chance to change the height of the lamp anyway.

Pendant lights are available in all versions, which you can only imagine. Therefore, think of it well, what kind you want to have and which fits your decorating style.

Pros and cons of pendant lamp

The main feature of the pendant lamp is probably that it is not fixed to the ceiling, but is swinging freely in the room. Compared to normal, permanently mounted lamps, pendant lamp makes many people more harmonious and comfortable.

Just above the dining table, where you want to change the mood depending on the occasion, a pendant lamp is very good. Normal lamps usually appear colder and less appealing in modern rooms.

The most significant advantage over a normal ceiling lamp is the possibility of changing the height of the lamp. However, you should always keep in mind not to keep lamp too low, so you do not bump your head or it shines just in your eyes. 

This is also a disadvantage of this type of lamps, as you always need to make sure that the lamp hangs at the correct height.

Also, it is essential to check the dimensions of the lamp before buying. For high ceilings, the cable must be longer than for low ceilings.

Compared to normal ceiling lamps, you have to know more about it, because, with normal ceiling lamps, the ceiling height is usually not that important.

Normal ceiling lights are usually a little-noticed piece of furniture in the apartment. In the case of pendant lights, you have an eye-catcher in the room because it hangs in the middle of the room and usually at just above eye level. Therefore, a pendant lamp not only acts as a light source but also as a decorative element.

You should always make sure that the pendant lamp fits your interior. Since this lamp is more important than normal lamps, it should correspond at least to the furniture of the room in which it is to hang later.

Where you can use a pendant light

The most popular use of pendulum lamps in most apartments is probably the kitchen and the dining room.

Dining table and kitchen

Above the dining table or a long kitchen counter table, pendulum lamps work wonders. When installing above the dining table, make sure that the lamps do not hang too low, otherwise, it will limit your view. 

Pendant lights with warm light usually change the mood in a room into a cozy and romantic atmosphere, which is why it has a special effect over the dining table.

Depending on the occasion you can change the lamp as you want and how you need it.

Since these lamps compared to a normal ceiling lamp has adjustable height, you can hang further down and use it as a desk lamp. 

This is useful if you use your dining table for teaching your kids and need proper lighting. 

Living room

Even in the living room above the sofa or a coffee table, a pendant lamp gives a very cozy and modern appearance.

A pendant lamp over the couch can transform your modern living room into a designer living room because it can be very classy and modern.

However, you have to make sure, as in almost every room, that the pendant light does not hang too low, because: The light should not dazzle. The mood of a warm pendant lamp is usually cozy, inviting and friendly.

Also if you hang it too high, it may be possible that you will not get enough light on the room or will not get noticed. 

It is best if the pendant lamp in the living room has the dimmer function. So you can easily adjust the brightness of the lamp depending on the mood.


Even in the bathroom, a pendant lamp can work wonders. Usually, people use normal ceiling lights because they are not affected by humidity or water in the bathroom.

But for modern bathroom appearances, many people are testing with pendant lights. These lights can affect the design and decor of the bathroom. Make sure to buy the quality lamp which should be resistant against humidity and water. 

Don’t miss these places

Pendant lights are particularly effective in high corridors, high staircases or galleries. If you have a gallery in the apartment, you should consider buying a pendant light.

In high ceiling bedrooms, normal light is rather less appealing and makes the room seem even bigger and taller than it already is and that does not always look good. Most of the time, people prefer the bedroom which looks more comfortable and cozy.

How high are pendant lights?

Most pendant lights have adjustable height and you can hang them as high or low as you want them. Of course, it depends on how long the cable is, what your lamp has or what you choose. But generally speaking, you can hang your lamp as high or low as you like, depending on the purpose and location. 

For example, while cooking over your kitchen countertop, you can hang the lamp high so you have plenty of room and it does not bother you. 

Pendant lights are more versatile than perhaps assumed. Depending on the mounting height, they give different moods. Especially low hanging lights create a particularly cozy feeling. Also, they are ideal for combining with other light sources, for example, to avoid a bright ceiling lighting. Pendant lights do not always have to hang over the dining table.

The height adjustment of pendant lights is usually very simple.

How much is a pendant lamp?

Pendant lights are available in almost every price range. Depending on the type and design you can pay for a pendulum lamp between 40 dollars and a few thousand dollars. It depends on the various functions and materials. Height-adjustable lamps do not always have to be more expensive than non-adjustable ones. Of course, there are also cheap adjustable lamps. 

The point why the lamps cost more is mainly material, design, and brand name. Of course, a pendulum lamp in the style of a chandelier costs less in plastic than in real crystals or glass.

Find out in our guide whether a product of the higher or lower price range is suitable for you. So you’re very free and can buy the right lamp depending on your budget.

Where can I buy a pendant light?

Pendant lights can be purchased in just about any shop or online store, where there are also normal lights and lamps. It is always better in this case if you first look at a few in real before you order some over the Internet.

There are usually lamps in every furniture or electronics store you know.

Online shops are a simpler way for most people to search for items. 

Decision | which one is best for you?

Not only are there many types and designs of pendant lights, but there are also many different styles of furnishing. Therefore, it is important to find the right lamp with the right design for your interior.

Ball pendant light and its pros and cons

A ball pendant lamp describes itself almost by its name. It is a simple sphere or spherical pendant light. Such a pendant lamp works particularly well since usually, the whole ball has a lighting function. That means roughly, as soon as you turn on the lamp, the whole globe lights up.

Above all, this can work well over a round dining table. But it is also a nice addition in the living room or the bathroom.

In the bathroom, for example, it looks good, because it has a very simple shape due to its spherical shape and the bathroom is kept neutral. A chandelier in the bathroom, however, is a rather impractical idea.

Of course, there are not only ball pendant lamps that are neutral and just round. They are available with milky glass or other material, transparent, colored and in all versions.

Also, there are very decorative ball lamps. For example, with ornaments such as flower patterns or leaves, or they consist only of a metal grid.


The whole sphere usually has a lighting function

Works well over a round dining table

A ball light in the bathroom keeps the whole thing clean and neutral


Can be too neutral and sterile

You cannot adjust the height in some of them

You see, ball pendant lamps are also available in all possible versions and variants and therefore fit in almost every room and every interior. 

Ball Pendulum Lamps are also height adjustable and very simple, which have one unit length.

Vintage pendant light and its pros and cons

Currently, the most popular type of pendant light is the vintage pendant lamp. These are also available in many designs, but usually consist of an old known light bulb with or without lampshade and are attached to a simple cable.

That does not mean that they do not exist in a modern version. There are also vintage lamps that are height-adjustable or a lamp that consists of more than just a light bulb. Some have several light bulbs attached to a frame next to each other.

A disadvantage of such a vintage pendant lamp, however, is that you should not use it to get plenty of light in a room.

Such a lamp acts more as a decorative and design element and not as a great source of light. This is mainly because such a lamp brings the right charisma only with very warm and dark light.


Radiates a gentle mood

Can be used for many different furnishing styles


More decorative element than a light source

A vintage lamp with a bright white light does not look very nice. A vintage lamp with a dark, warm white light, on the other hand, is cozy and brings a soft mood to most of the furnishings.

They fit into many different furnishings and can also beautify a designer apartment with their pleasant light.

Modern pendant light and its pros and cons

In a modern pendant light, everyone thinks first of a simple, neutral held lamp that emits bright light.

Modern lamps are not always that simple. These lamps are also available in many designs and with different design elements. For example, a modern pendant light can be round, oval or rectangular, flat or tall, with ornaments or without.

Even a popular form is not a proper form, but rather wildly hanging “strokes”, each of which shines for itself.

A disadvantage of the modern pendant lamp is that it may not feel comfortable, but sterile and clean. This means that most modern lamps have a very bright white light and therefore do not always produce the desired coziness.

Such a lamp must also be perfectly adapted to the furnishing style of the apartment. In an apartment that is furnished nobly, a modern vintage lamp may not fit. A better idea would be here, for example, a variant of a chandelier.


There are many different designs

Looks classy

Goes well with almost all interior design styles


Looks more sterile than comfortable

You do not know exactly what interior design style you have right in your apartment, or you may have mixed several styles? This speaks a lot for a modern lamp.

Since there are also very shy modern pendant lights, the best way is to buy one.

If you buy yourself a simple but still modern pendant light, this can still give your apartment a very chic flair.

Factors to consider

Below, we’ll show you the criteria you can use to compare and rate different pendant lights. This will make it easier for you to get an overview and decide on a suitable and effective light.

In summary, these are the following criteria:

  • Quality
  • Illumination
  • Functionality
  • Material

Below you can read what the specific criteria are and why it makes sense for you to buy the light based on the criteria or not.


As you say so often, the price determines the quality. This can often be of great importance with height-adjustable pendant lights.

With cheaper lamps, it may show the signs of wear faster than with expensive lamps. 

But that does not always have to be this way! Specifically, it always depends on the manufacturer. It can also happen that with very expensive lamps, a part may be missing or something is broken.


Probably the most important point, why you want to buy a lamp, is that it should act as a light source in the room. There are different aspects that you should pay attention to.

Color temperature

Again, there are some differences that you should keep in mind.

Depending on the furnishing style and taste, the color temperature of the light plays a major role. 

Some people prefer bright white light; others want it cozy and want a warm white light. But what is the difference?

Color temperature Kelvin value Effect and applications
“Warm white” light under 3300 Cozy and homey atmosphere (living room, kitchen)
neutral White 3300 to 5000 Objective, not comfortable (office, shops)
Bright, cold light more than 5000 Cold, uncomfortable (workshops)

Light temperature is always measured in Kelvin. This means that if you want a cozy warmth in your room or apartment, you should buy a lamp or bulb that has a Kelvin value below 3300K.

But you have a modern interior and therefore you want a bright light that illuminates everything well? Then you should buy a lamp with a Kelvin value of over 5000K. Normal conventional bulbs usually have a value between these two extremes, ie between 3000 K and 5000 K.

To explain it by examples: Light between 3300 K and 5000 K is called neutral white and is usually used in offices or shops to make it more functional and not too cozy.

Light over 5000 K, can be very cold and uncomfortable, is used in workshops. Because it does not matter if it looks comfortable, but the brightness plays a big role.

Warm white light, so anything under 3300 K is used in living rooms or kitchens because it conjures a homey and cozy atmosphere.

Light source Color temperature Location
Light bulb (40 W) 2600 K Bedroom bathroom
Light bulb (60 W) 2700 K Bedroom bathroom
Light bulb (100 W) 2800 K Bedroom bathroom
Light bulb (200 W) 3000K Modern living room, study
Halogen lamp (12 V) 3000-3200 K Modern living room, study
Fluorescent lamp (neutral white) 4000K workshops
Xenon lamps 4500-5000K Workshops, photo studios


Not only the color temperature is a special factor with lamps, but also the type of the bulb and the energy consumption is very important.

The advantages of so-called LED bulbs are that they have a longer life than other bulbs, but on the other hand that they have much lower energy consumption.

Also, inside LED bulbs there are no toxic substances that can escape when they get damage. 

Surely you also know the problem that bulbs can become very hot after a long period of light. You do not have that with LED lamps either.


Halogen lamps are still very popular with people. This is because they have a light color that is similar to daylight and therefore does not have any artificial light temperature.

An advantage of halogen lamps is that their natural light temperature fits almost perfectly in every room and every interior. Also, you can use them almost anywhere because they fit everywhere because of their design.

A disadvantage, however, is that the energy consumption compared to the modern LED lamps is much higher. Even compared to other energy-saving lamps, the consumption of halogen lamps is very high.

Furthermore, they have a much shorter life. This means that you have to replace a halogen lamp much more often than LEDs.

Lamps should usually serve as a light source in a room. Therefore, it is important which kind of light bulbs are in a lamp. In this case, LED lamps are more advantageous than halogen lamps.


An equally important issue with pendant light is its functionality. Since there are different versions of pendant lights, there are also several important functions.

Function Description
Adjustable height Less important in high rooms, but in the kitchen this can be an advantage.
Drawbar A form of height adjustment, only the lamp has to be moved.
Dimmer For non-height-adjustable lamps a special plus. Even with very low-hanging lamps important to be able to read at the table without being dazzled. Remember need a bulb that is dimmable.

Adjustable height

For one thing, there are pendant lights that are neither height-adjustable nor changeable. If you have a lot of space, this point is rather unimportant for you, as with high ceilings it is advantageous to buy a pendant lamp that is not height adjustable.

In rooms like the kitchen, however, it is practical to have a light that you can change depending on the occasion.


Another important point is that you can dim the lamp. Not only the height of the lamp changes the brightness, but also the dimming.

The lower the lamp hangs, the brighter the light that falls on the table. However, if you want a darker light but at the same time that the lamp hangs as low as possible, you need a dimmer.

This is just a device in the light switch which has the function to change the brightness of the light. This is also available in many different versions.

A dimmer can be found either as a switch, which must be pressed for dimming longer or as a rotary switch, in which one only has to turn the switch.


Like any other piece of furniture, lamps are available in many different materials. You can choose the pendant light depending on which lamp fits in your interior.

Copper and metal

Copper and metal are mostly the same appearances. There are, for example, pendant lamps, which have the lampshade only of a metal or copper frame and thus shine through the screen. An example of this would be a vintage lamp, which usually has such a lampshade.

In modern lamps, there is also the possibility of a metal or copper frame. 


Some pendant lamps are also made of wood. For example, the Vintage lamps have versions with a large wooden beam fixed to the ceiling. There is also the variant that the lamps are built individually next to each other in a wooden beam.

These lamps exude their own coziness and look particularly good in the living room and in rooms where there is a lot of woodwork or furniture.


Pendant lamps made of glass usually look very noble and distinguished.

In addition to the lampshade, which may be made of glass, only individual elements made of glass or glass-like material can be located on a pendant lamp.

For a chandelier, these glass elements would be the best example As there are usually decorations made of glass.

How can you adjust the height of a pendant light?

When adjusting the height, it always depends on what kind of pendant light is available. Of course, it has to be a height-adjustable lamp to be able to move anything at all.

Since there are different ways to adjust the height, you need to know exactly what your lamp has.

The simplest variant is the pendant lamp with a cable pull and a counterweight. You simply move the whole frame, to which the individual lamps are attached, up or down. The counterweight works almost by itself.

A pendant lamp can sometimes be adjusted in height, depending on the design. But it is important that it is actually adjustable. The simplest variant is a pendant lamp, which works with a cable pull and a counterweight.