Is your oven door won’t close properly? Learn why your door is not locking and some simple tricks to get rid of improper closing of the oven

Is your oven difficult or impossible to close?

Improper closing of the oven door can cause heat loss due to inadequate insulation. In this case, the oven consumes more energy, and it affects its efficiency.

Below we list the leading causes that can affect the closing of your oven door.

  • The seal is worn or has shifted
  • The hinges are worn or rusty
  • Closing the door is hampered by dirt
  • The closing of the door is impeded by an object
  • The pyrolysis function is switched on (self-cleaning ovens)
  • Oven door is misaligned
  • The entrance is blocked by components of the oven

How does your oven work?

An oven consists of different components for frying, baking, and cooking the food. It contains a closed baking chamber with several resistors and depending on the type of heating (convection, grill, etc.) a turbine or a fan.

For optimal heating, the oven must be perfectly insulated. For this purpose, ovens with side or vertical door opening have seals.

Reasons and how to fix improper closing of the oven door

The seal is worn or has shifted

Over time, the gasket on the oven door may wear out. In this case, your oven lacks the proper insulation as the heat generated inside the oven escapes. Also, in some cases, the seal moves from its normal position.

Pro tip!

To prevent the door seals from wearing too quickly. Check from time to time that they are in the proper place and are not in contact with the heating elements.

The hinges are worn or rusty

The hinges are small joints made of metal, which facilitate the opening of the oven. Their primary purpose is to hold the door so that it does not pop down abruptly.

If the hinges are rusty, they can make opening and closing the oven difficult.

By regularly using a rust remover or lubricating oil, the hinges can be kept in good condition.

Closing the door is hampered by dirt

Accumulation of dirt in the form of crumbs, oil or baking fat residues can hinder the closing mechanism.

Did you know? 

Ovens with Pyrolysis function can clean themselves. However, persistent or large-scale residues must be removed by hand. Remember to disconnect the oven from the power supply before cleaning.

The pyrolysis function is switched on (self-cleaning ovens)

When the pyrolysis program is running, the oven door is automatically blocked to prevent the risk of injury from burns or splashes. The oven door can be reopened once the cleaning process is complete.

The oven door is misaligned

If the door of your oven is not perfectly aligned, it will be difficult to close. Misalignment can occur if the entry has loose hinges or any worn part. In this case, replace the hinges correctly or replace worn-out components.

Components of the oven block the door

There is a possibility that the grates or sheets are shifted in the oven. They can also be deformed, hindering the closing of the door.

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