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Never Put In Microwave these 10 things

The microwave is a quick way to heat up a meal, warm milk or just defrost food. We use is it every day as it is quick, easy and efficient. It is one of the common kitchens essential and it is rare to find a kitchen without it. While it’s used every day by millions of people sometimes unfortunate accidents can happen. Microwaves are one of the leading home products which resulted in scald burn injuries which are not related to fire. Often we put things which should never put in microwave and can result in these accidents.

By following simple safety tips, you can avoid those unfortunate accidents. By knowing which items you should never put in microwave & following simple safety rules. The microwave uses oscillating electromagnetic energy to cook food at the molecular level. Some of these almost everyone knows but some of them will surely surprise you. Also, don’t forget to read the safety tips for microwave given below.

10 Things Which You Should Never Put in Microwave


There are many ways to cook broccoli. Most of us just put them in microwave with little water as it is easy and faster. It is known that any type of cooking will decrease the nutritional value of vegetables. But when cooking broccoli in microwave we are talking about 97% loss of its beneficial antioxidants. On the other hand, steaming is the healthiest way to cook broccoli. With steaming broccoli lose around 11% of its beneficial antioxidants.

Defrosting meat

Even with rotating plate of microwaves it cannot able to heat evenly. Some parts of food get heat up earlier while other remains ice cold. Defrosting of meat takes a long time and some parts like edges turn brown while the inside is still frozen. According to recent Japanese studies if you cook meat for 6 minutes or more it can loosen up to 50% of the B-12 vitamin.

When the meat reaches 40-140 Fahrenheit level, bacteria’s begin to grow. And while you are still waiting for the rest of it to defrost bacteria’s start to multiply in meat. This can lead to meat to get contaminated and can cause food poisoning and other illnesses.

Frozen fruits

While manufacturing frozen fruits, the flash freezing process is used. In this process, fruits are subjected to extremely low temperatures with circulating air. This blast freezing freezes the fruits at the molecular level and preserves the nutrients of the fruit. That’s why it’s possible frozen fruits in the supermarket can have more nutrients than the fruit in your local market. Fruits in local have spent some time at normal temperature while transporting or storing.

But putting frozen fruit in the microwave is a bad idea. In the late 1970’s, Russian studies concluded that defrosting fruits in microwave converted beneficial glucosidal and galactaside into carcinogenic substances. In other studies, they showed immunological effects of microwaves.

The best way is to leave them in countertops and let defrost with room temperature.

Breast Milk

Everyone knows how healthy breast milk is for newborn babies. It contains powerful bacteria fighting agents and an almost perfect mix of protein, vitamins, and fat.

Breast milk is something you should never put in microwave. This is concluded by the research done by the journal of pediatrics. They tested 22 samples of breast milk in low or high heat or microwave. Samples heated at high heat showed 18 times higher E-coli growth compared to milk heated without the microwave. Samples heated at low heat showed decreased isozyme activity. It also showed growth of harmful bacteria for babies.

Dishes covered with plastic wraps

Heating in plastic containers can result in the release of harmful toxic chemicals such as xylene, toluene, BPA, PET, and benzene. It is very risky to heat plastic containers unless marked microwave safe. Takeaway food comes in a different kind of packaging. An important rule to remember is never put in microwave which has plastic around it.

Same goes for plastic wraps. Never put food which has plastic wraps in the microwave. Heating food with wraps can produce carcinogens. Always remember to eat food without any plastic wraps. If you are not sure about the packaging of takeaway food then change and heat them in microwave safe containers only.

Potatoes leftovers

Once potatoes are cooked and cooled at room temperature, reheating them again can be dangerous. Reheating potatoes again once left to cool down at room temperature can result in the growth of bacteria called botulism. It is best to refrigerate potatoes after you cooking if you are going to eat them. Botulism can cause serious complications if not treated on time.


The cooking egg may sound like quick and mess-free cooking. But there is a chance that your egg can explode and leave a lot of mess to clean if you microwave them. Even if they don’t explode you will not get the tasty egg as compared to a freshly boiled egg. Inside microwave radio waves get inside the microwave directly. High-temperature cause heat to release from an egg and it can make it explode.

Bread or leftover pizza

Microwaving bread can leave it flavorless and textureless. Often it results in tasteless and makes the bread soggy to eat. It is better to heat them in an oven to preserve taste and make it crispy. If you are in a hurry microwave them together with little water. Put half glass of water in microwave safe glass together with bread or pizza slice. This is my favorite hack for late night pizza treat.

Hot peppers

Have you wondered what gives hot peppers spicy flavor? Capsaicin is what gives spicy flavor. It is used to treat neuralgia (nerve pain) in people who have herpes zoster. It is also used to give temporary relief for joint or muscle pain caused by strain, sprain or backaches. If you eat hot peppers in the microwave it can release vapors of capsaicin. When exposed to its vapors it causes burning sensations in eyes and nose.


Cooking oils such as vegetable oil or olive oil are made up of fats, not liquids. When heated in the microwave they don’t get warm properly. Radio wave of the microwave does not have any effect oil that is the reason you should never put in microwave. If you want to warm oils then it is better to heat them over stovetops.