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Kitchen Styles -The Ultimate Kitchen Design Ideas

If you are living with a family with kids or just love home cooked food. Then you will understand how important is to have a practical kitchen. Having a good kitchen is one of luxury which is most effective in the home. That’s why I’m going to share with you some tips for your ultimate kitchen styles & kitchen interior design.

When the kitchen holds different purposes, it is important to design it appropriately for the needs of your family. When planning for the minor facelift or a major renovation. You must chalk out some points and set in mind some factors before renovating the kitchen, make a clear-cut plan, and decide what you want for the end result. The main function of the kitchen is to cook. But cooking for how many members, design, kitchen styles, space available, color, storage, and lighting are important factors too. So, chalk out kitchen needs and outline the core functional need to design your kitchen.

Whether you have a large luxury kitchen with all the amenities or a small kitchen, your space is not efficient until it is functional. The well-organized kitchen is always easy and fun to work in. You can easily access things when you need them. (Pro tip: Have a lot of kitchen cabinets? Put some label on them so you will know exactly where to look)

Types of Kitchen Styles & layouts

The kitchen styles are the one-wall kitchen, the galley kitchen, the U-shaped kitchen, the G-shaped kitchen, and the L-shaped kitchen—some of which can also include an island.

And the most common type of Kitchen Styles are:

  • Gallery Kitchen
  • L-shaped
  • U-shaped

In relation to these layouts, it is important to know the movement of work so we can design our spaces with a good sense. The “work triangle” should be kept smooth; to avoid crossing movements while more than one person is working.

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Kitchen triangle

Kitchen triangle is the area connects your sink, cook-top and refrigerator. At the center of that triangle is your food preparation space.

Draw the lines using your paper drawing, where you will place the base cabinets, wall cabinets, islands, and tables in your kitchen in a plane view. Need not to worry about where the appliances and fixtures will be placed just yet.

Before you draw the sketch, you have to understand how the kitchen is going to be used. This basic approach must be taken care. You must realize that a kitchen has various flows and different work areas that need to be integrated throughout the entire project.

It is also important to define a module to maximize performance and minimize the manufacturing costs of the different pieces. Measure all the components of a kitchen before, defining the space that will house them properly.

Having well-organized cabinets, with boxes and baskets that are clearly labeled will help you organize your kitchen much better.

Important Space in the Kitchen

For every kitchen, there are certain areas which are very important. You should give extra importance while designing your kitchen.

Food Preparation Area

This area of the kitchen must have the easy approach to appliances which includes oven, microwave, grinder and other appliances required for the food preparation. Food preparation equipment must be in the same area. A center countertop provides a central place to prepare food. All your appliances should be easily accessible from the place you are cooking.

Storage Area

We all love our appliances in the kitchen. These cool gadgets ease our work and make cooking more easy and fun. Some of these appliances we use regularly but some very rare. Apart from our appliances, there is numerous other stuff in the kitchen. Therefore, a kitchen needs adequate facilities to store frozen, cold and dry food goods, as well as utensils, cookware, dishes, plates, silverware, spoons, cups, bowls, containers, pots and pans, and other appliances. Efficient kitchens have a humid free and big pantry in addition to plenty of cabinet space. (Pro tip: Store things which you use regularly in cabinets which are near your working space)

Cleanup Area or Sink area

The cleanup area is the sink area, dishwasher, trash compactor and storage area for cleaning supplies. The cleanup area works well with a large window outside view.

Pro tip: If possible design your kitchen so that you can have the large window in front of the cleaning area.

Countertop/Preparation area

A large countertop is the most important part of the kitchen. Countertop should be easily accessible and if possible combined with all the important areas of the kitchen. It increases efficiency as well as save the time.

Pro Tip: Have heat resistant and water resistant countertop.

How to design a plan for Kitchen

While going to design, visualize each and everything you wish to create in the kitchen. Space of kitchen is the important factor but functionality is most important.

Take Dimensions: While planning a kitchen always pays attention to dimensions. Measure the space available for your kitchen. Most of the appliances come in the standard size so you can check them before.

Placing your appliances: You don’t want appliances which don’t fit right? So make sure to check the appliances standard dimensions before. Keep little extra space for a comfortable fit. Also, make sure that you can move them around without hindering to each other. Keep distances between major appliances when creating a layout.

Lighting: A beautiful and inspiring kitchen is one with lots of natural light.  Large window invites light in and reduces the use of anything artificial. If you have smaller kitchen windows, no need for curtains or blinds and decorate the area by putting plants instead. If your kitchen is small considered using gloss cabinet doors as this will help maximize light bouncing around the room.

Modulation: In the beginning, if the design and development of the floor plans are not clear according to building parameters, it may create a difference in idea between the architect and the furniture manufacturer. The floor plan should directly relate to the upper areas of the room, and appliances that are incorporated into the project must match the modulation.

To avoid problems, the appliances should be kept into a single module instead of placing them between two different modules otherwise that creates a hindrance for plumbing and electrical installation. It also creates mistakes during the designing process while looking for symmetry.

Standard Dimensions: Measurements are available related to the appliances and the hardware available. These are based on standard dimensions designed to fit in the kitchen.

Width: The standard widths of a module have usually 30cm, 45cm, 50cm, 60cm, 75cm, 80cm and even 90 cm, 100 cm measured from outer edge to outer edge of the module.

When thinking about the appliances, the modules are generally 60cm and 90cm for microwave ovens, cook-tops, and exhausts fan.  An oven measures a little less than 60cm but into a 60cm small gap including the sides. The models of sinks found ranging from 30cm to 90cm wide.

Traditional drawer slides available in sizes of 40cm, 50cm or 60cm, while more advanced drawer slides allow up to 120cm in width. Nowadays accessories like spice racks (15cm to 20cm), organizers (40cm to 60cm), dish racks (hanging units 40cm to 85cm) etc. are made to make a kitchen more stylish.

Materials Used

The materials used to kitchen especially the materials for the flooring, countertop, and cabinetry is very important. Clean Kitchens provide us healthy food whereas by using the wrong material, mold and bacteria can grow on them. The floor area must be made of a non-porous, non-slippery material that is easy to clean. Counters in the kitchen also made of non-porous material so that mold and bacteria do not grow on it. The wood used for the kitchen is better for humidity resistance.

Shelving and Doors

For the construction of the modern kitchen, an efficient material known as Prism TFL is mainly used to make kitchen cabinets, shelves, and doors. 15 mm thick melamine is recommended for a cabinet structure and 18 mm thick can be used for doors structure. This thickness works better when you make holes for the hinges.


There are several types of materials used for Counter-tops, like, Laminate, Stone (granite, marble, and quartz), and Acrylic. The commonly used for countertop is Acrylic products.

People also like Solid Wood, Natural timber available including Oak, Maple, and Walnut. Solid wood brings a warmth and texture and suits all kitchen styles. In wooden countertops, people even incorporated into a contemporary style by using glass or stainless steel. Solid wood is naturally antibacterial, relatively simple to install and easy to repair. As long as you oil it regularly, it will be robust and maintain its beauty for many years.

The combination of colors and shapes are available in any desired material whether it is melamine, ceramic, handles or appliances etc. Here, customer choice, in terms of taste, is important to identify which style and images are best for their kitchen.

It is observed that even the small details make the difference between a modern and a traditional kitchen. Thin counter-tops, inset handles, drawers (one meter wide) with new technologies, LED lighting, color for matching materials; Prism TFL laminate designs make the difference.

The quality of the hardware is essential for more functional and long-term use of the kitchen.

How to have enough storage space in the kitchen

Kitchen cabinets

The typical kitchen cabinets have two main parts one of them is the door, and the other one is cabinet carcass. Whilst cabinet carcasses are important in terms of structure and size, the doors give grace and are responsible for the better look and better feel of the kitchen. Kitchen Cabinets have three basic structural components: the box, the shelves, and the drawers and each can be constructed in a number of ways.

People feel satisfaction while they put everything in one place and replace the need for dry goods in the multiple cabinets. They wish to house dried foods, tea, coffee, and sugar canisters, which would otherwise take up valuable worktop space. A pull-out pantry organizer, having with cabinet door racks, is also famous to keep everything in a well-planned way and within easy reach for the house the toaster, coffee machine and other items that would otherwise take the place up in our work surface.

Integrated Appliances

Matching handles with appliances into cabinetry build a flawless design, look and flow in the kitchen space. Microwaves and ovens shall be put at eye level so you need not bend down or stretch up, fridges and dishwashers inside matching cabinetry and an integrated pullout pantry, give great comfort and satisfaction.

Clever Corner Storage

In an L-shape or a U-shape kitchen, we have corners, where the storage is rather difficult, especially when it comes to a smaller kitchen.  Easy-Action carousels which can rotate 360° and swivel out from the cabinet when the door is opened, make it fast and easy approach to you. These side spaces can be used to store small appliances such as juicers, blenders, and mixers, which frees up much-needed space on the worktop. So the case for drawer diagonally into the corner may become bigger storage punch.

Multi-Purpose Drawers   

Often people plan the kitchen drawers to store just cutlery and food bags, but why not to store herbs, spices, even flour and sugar and also wine bottles in easily accessible drawers that do away with the need to store items in cabinets. You plan in such a way that these special drawers to store utensils as well as store wine bottles.

Waste Receptacles

Include at least two waste receptacles in your kitchen. Put one near the cleanup sink and a second for recycling either in the kitchen or nearby.

How to choose to floor for kitchen

There are some factors which you should before choosing your flooring. You can decide whether you want to have the same flooring as the rest of the house or use different flooring material. Below you can read about the different materials available to make the better decision.

Type of flooring

Cork, Engineered hardwood, Vinyl, Porcelain Tile Flooring, Natural Tile flooring are some types of flooring which are commonly used. Remember you need flooring that looks not only good but can handle cooking mishaps, spills, people, and even pets.

Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring is highly sustainable and eco-friendly. They are moisture resistant and slip resistant. But heavy furniture can cause indentions so use them with care. Also, you might need to change the flooring after every 5-7 years depending on how you used them.

Cork flooring is easy to clean and becoming more popular nowadays. It is one of the best floorings for the kitchen if you are living alone or don’t want to invest much.

Natural Stone Tile Flooring

Natural stone tile flooring gives our kitchen a natural, designer look and is durable. But it is expensive and is heavy and difficult to install.

Natural stone can be an alternative to hardwood flooring if you want to add resale value to your home. It comes in many natural and beautiful options such as marble, slate, and travertine.

Wood flooring is also one of the popular options for kitchens. Dark brown is the most versatile color, but make sure the floor you pick goes with the color of wooden furniture you have in other rooms.


Before planning your kitchen, you must keep in your mind, the following outlines:

The Kitchen Work Triangle – Sink, Stove, and Refrigerator

The three primary work centers (cooking space, primary sink, and refrigeration storage) form a work triangle.

It is the most important point kept in mind while preparing for the layout of the functional kitchen. Without work elements (sink, stove, and refrigerator) we cannot create the workflow and efficiency in the kitchen. Keep the way clear and free of clutter between these three areas and put them near to each other. Ideal height for sink and dishwasher is 36 inches.

Lighting (Natural light and Electric light)   

Functional kitchen design needs both these proper lighting. The kitchen must be bright light over the countertops, stove and any other surfaces where we shall be preparing food. Under-cabinet light and corner light must be kept in mind while making the kitchen design.

Seating & Placement

Our kitchen is the heart of our home, where the family gathers, gossip and in the meantime watch the process. Seating place shall be away from your kitchen triangle and work area without any hindrance. Counter-top and stool seating tends to work well together.

The position of your kitchen appliances

For the easy approach, appliances should be in great shape and their placement should be in right place in the functioning kitchen. Countertops, cabinets and preparation areas should be free from any congestion. Get rid of old items which you don’t use anymore.

Microwave shall be mounted and easily approachable as it is used regularly to heat that late night snack.

Natural wall color

Choose any color you like but make sure it complements the cabinets and the counters. The most popular kitchen wall color is grey.

Make kitchen design which suits your personality

Regardless of the design you choose for your kitchen, personalization is the most important factor. Be sure to focus on your own needs so you can create a new kitchen that represents your style and decor.

What else belongs in your kitchen? What would you add to the list? Share in the comments below.

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