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Readymade kitchen cabinets are manufactured according to Standard dimensions. This kitchen cabinet dimensions guide can help you in planning to remodel or upgrade of your kitchen. You can easily get the idea of how much area your new kitchen cabinetry will require.

Stock cabinets or semi-custom kitchen cabinets are 1st choices in affordable remodeling projects. They are an easier and faster way to remodel as compare to custom made cabinets. In this kitchen cabinet dimensions guide, we will cover the base, wall and tall cabinets.

In the end, you will also see the standard size of home appliances such as dishwasher, sink, oven, stove, and others. This detailed guide will help you in planning the layout of your kitchen.

Following is the quick standard kitchen cabinet dimensions with details given below.

  • Base cabinets: Height: 34.5-36 inches, Width: 12-48 inches, Depth: 24 inches
  • Wall cabinets: Height: 12-42 inches, Width: 9-48 inches, Depth: 12-24 inches
  • Tall cabinets: Height: 84-96 inches, Width: 12-36 inches, Depth: 12-24 inches

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Standard Base cabinet dimensions

Base cabinets are the key element in planning a layout of the kitchen. They rest directly on the floor and give a foundation for kitchen surface to work on. Base cabinets give support to countertops, sink and provide a comfortable height to work on. They also provide space for storage, dishwasher, and other kitchen appliances.

Standard base kitchen cabinet dimensions are as:

  • Base cabinet height: 34.5” without the countertop, 35-36” with countertop
  • The Base cabinet width: 12, 18, 24, 30, 33, 36, 48 inches
  • Base cabinet depth: 24” with no countertop, 25-26” with countertop

Base cabinet height dimension is the length from floor to surface of the countertop. This countertop surface should be easily accessible and comfortable to work on. Usually, all manufacturers follow a standard size of 34.5” for the height of the base cabinet without any countertops.

With countertop installed height dimension is 35-36”. According to individual need, this height can be changed by using the extra thick size of countertops.

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What is Toe Kick?

The toe kick is also included within the height of the base cabinet. The toe kick is the space between floor and bottom of the base cabinets. This space usually has a height of 3.5” and 3” depth. This space makes standing and working on the countertop more comfortable.

Base cabinet width dimension is the distance from the one side of the cabinet to another side. Manufacturer provides the number of variable width of base cabinets to cover a wide variety of uses. You can choose from a width of 12, 18, 24, 30, 33, 36, 48”.

What are fillers?

The other common term you should know here is “fillers”. After standard sized cabinet’s installation, there are often small gaps left between them. Fillers help you to cover those narrow spaces or gaps. They can be pull-out tray system to give extra storage space or designer solid panel for aesthetic appeal.

Base cabinet depth dimension is the distance between the outer edges of the cabinet front to the back panel. Depth dimension is limited to 24” without countertops as more than this affect the functionality. More than 24” make it hard to plug appliance to the wall socket or reach the backspace. With the addition of countertop, the width dimension of cabinets increases to 1-2”. This is because countertops edges are usually overhung to hide the top edge of base cabinets.

Standard Wall cabinet dimensions

Wall cabinets are used to store lightweight kitchen appliances or food. They are anchored to the wall using wall stud with screws. It is recommended not to keep any heavy items in wall cabinets. Wall cabinets come in many styles, different material, and design.

They are most visible as compare base cabinet which is below eye level. Size of wall cabinets depends on personal preference and ceiling height. They are intelligent storage solution for the kitchen with the small area.

Standard Wall kitchen cabinet dimensions are as:

  • Wall cabinet height: 12” to 42”
  • The Wall cabinet width: 9” to 48”
  • Wall cabinet depth: 12” to 24”

Size of the wall cabinet is important for proper installation and aesthetic of your kitchen. One of the important factors is the base of all cabinet and surface of the countertop. The ideal space between them is 18”. You can go to a minimum of 15” but you will have the chance of backsplash. Anything below that can hamper your ease of working in the kitchen.

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Wall cabinet comes in height dimension between 12 inches to 42 inches. The height of your kitchen should be considered while selecting them. 12 inches cabinets are mostly used over the fridge to give extra storage room. Also, note there should be space of 54” from floor to bottom of the cabinet. Most commonly used are 30”, 36” and 42”.

  • So if you choose 30” cabinet then the height of the ceiling should be minimum 84”.
  • If you choose 36” cabinet then the height of the ceiling should be minimum 90”.
  • And if you choose 42” cabinet then the height of the ceiling should be minimum 96”.

Wall cabinet comes in width dimension between 9 inches to 48 inches. The increment is of 3 inches. Although below 12” and wider 36” are not commonly used. While selecting the width of wall cabinets consider base cabinet width also. If their width has too much difference it may affect the aesthetics of the kitchen.

Wall cabinet has a depth dimension between 12 inches to 24 inches. Usually, most people use 12 inches but you can go the maximum of 24 inches if you want. It is not recommended to exceed the depth of the base cabinet when choosing.

Standard Tall cabinet dimensions

Tall cabinets are also known as pantry cabinets. These cabinets are often filled with items which are used on a daily basis. Organized and easily accessible tall cabinets are important for the smooth operating kitchen. They usually rest from the floor and goes up to the ceiling.

Standard tall/pantry kitchen cabinet dimensions are as:

  • Tall cabinet height: 84” to 96”
  • The tall cabinet width: 12” to 36”
  • Tall cabinet depth: 12” to 24”

Shelves from floor to ceiling provide sufficient space to store food and supplies efficiently. They can easily accommodate tall storage items such as mops and brooms. The unique and elongated design provides functionality and fresh look in the kitchen.

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Tall cabinet comes in height dimension between 84 inches to 96 inches. If your ceiling is of 8 foot then 96 inches can almost touch the ceiling. With 84” tall cabinet, you will get around 1 foot of space between the ceiling and surface of the tall cabinet.

Tall cabinet width dimension is between 12 inches to 36 inches. 12” narrow tall cabinets for narrow spaces which otherwise get neglected. You can use them to support spice boxes or small sized packed food items. The most common width of tall cabinets found is of 24”. For wider cabinetry storage 36” tall are preferred. 36” provide a wider area and suitable for hardware like pull-out.

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Wall cabinet has a depth dimension between 12 inches to 24 inches. 12” deep pantry is good for easy accessibility. For 24” tall cabinets, you will require pull-out and sliders mechanism for greater functionality.

General kitchen cabinet size needed for kitchen appliances

  • Sink: 25¼” to 26” width, 36” to 42” height, 24” depth
  • Dishwashers: 24” width, 35” height, 24” depth
  • Refrigerators: 30” to 36” width, 67” to 70” height, 29” to 35” depth
  • Cooktops: 30” to 36” width
  • Ovens: 30” to 33” width, 36” height, 25” depth
  • Electric stove: 30” between wall cabinet and cooktop
  • Gas stove: 36” between wall cabinet and cooktop

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