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In many families, ironing is not necessarily a favorite activity. You don’t always have the time to iron the laundry regularly. It is therefore common for you to stand in front of heaps of laundry after a certain time. 

Even though ironing is boring and tedious, you cannot just completely avoid it. Often the creases and wrinkles are so persistent that ironing becomes a strenuous undertaking. 

Thankfully, there is some good quality ironing devices such as iron station, which promises a lot of relief. 

But if you look at the ironing station with all the features, will it be worth buying? 

After reading this guide, you will know whether a steam ironing station will be worthwhile for you or not.


An ironing station is not cheap in comparison to other ironing devices such as steam ironA good quality iron station can cost more than 300 dollars.

Is it still worth buying? And what criteria should you take into account when making your selection?

You should know that an ironing station works with pressure. With a conventional iron, steam is generated on the soleplate. In an ironing station, the steam is generated separately in the station, then compressed and then enters the fabric with pressure. 

For some clothing, it may be sufficient to iron only one side, because the back is automatically smooth due to the pressure.

So you don’t have to spend as much time and effort on ironing. The water tank of an ironing station also holds a lot more water than a conventional iron. 

For this reason, you no longer have to interrupt the ironing process as often to refill the tank.

Not suitable for spontaneous ironing

The steam generator iron is often very heavy and large. Therefore, it can be more practical to use the regular steam iron for quick ironing needs. Also, if you can fix one dedicated area in your home for the iron station then it is better. 

However, for just one or two items of clothing, it is not worthwhile to put the station into operation. For a large amount of clothing or laundry, steam iron stations are perfect. 

I prefer to use my ironing station once in 15 days and steam iron for everyday ironing needs. 

The heating up time is also important; it can take five to ten minutes for the ironing station to be ready for use.


We have covered all the features in detail for the ironing station in our buyer’s guide here! 

In this post we will talk about the pressure and watt information in connection with an ironing station:


The pressure at which the steam is expelled is measured in bars. The good quality iron station should have a pressure of at least 3.5 bars. 

This makes ironing very efficient and quick. There should be an option to regulate the steam output per minute independently depending on the fabric. 

The most iron station also has a burst steam option to tackle stubborn wrinkles. 


According to experts, the wattage is less important because a high wattage does not automatically mean good ironing performance. 

The good quality ironing station with 1,800 watts can achieve the same ironing results in comparison to a device with 2,400 watts.

Concerning the safety of an ironing station, you no longer need to wonder whether you have unplugged it. 

Most steam iron stations have the auto-switch off feature. With this feature, iron turns off automatically after a certain time if there is no movement. 

Is the ironing board necessary?

Steam ironing stations are available with and without an ironing table. If an ironing board is part of the equipment, it has additional functions.

The ironing board has one or more in-built fans. The laundry is sucked through this or blown up a little. This means that the fabric hovers slightly above the ironing board. 

It is also possible to adjust these fans for optimal results. 

Power consumption from ironing stations

Steam ironing station has higher power consumption in comparison to simple steam irons.

Therefore, it is important to consider power consumption and the additional electricity bills before buying the ironing station. 

Advantages of steam ironing stations

An ironing station offers you many useful advantages over an ordinary steam iron: 

  • If you consider the ironing needs of the family of four, the initial investment on the iron station is worth it.
  • The decisive advantages are the higher steam output and much higher pressure. The steam penetrates deeply and powerfully into the fibers and clothes are smoothed much more easily.
  • With an ironing station, you can save up to 50 percent of the time.
  • Usually, it is sufficient to iron the laundry on one side only. The high steam pressure automatically smoothes the other side.
  • Most of the time, the iron part of a steam ironing station is much handier and lighter than conventional steam irons. This is because they have a separate tank for steam generation. 
  • The water tank of an ironing station has a large capacity. Therefore, you need to refill water much less often than with a steam iron.