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Is your oven display not working? Is it showing some error or nothing at all? Using an oven without a display can be a real headache as you cannot control temperature or cooking function. One of the common reasons for this problem is the broken oven timer. In this post, you will learn how to replace an oven timer in six simple steps.

For more detailed instructions, check each step in detail below.

Remove the cover

Disconnect the timer from its connections

Take out the defective timer

Install the new timer

Connect the electrical cables to the timer

Reinstall all parts

Do you need to replace an oven timer?

All ovens and cookers come with a part called a timer, which allows programming the appliance. More precisely, the timer of an oven works like a kind of alarm clock. It displays the time and also allows you to control and set the cooking time.

Timers usually have four different operating modes. 

In “semi-automatic” mode, the startup is done manually while the end part is pre-program.

For “fully automatic” operation, both the start and the end are pre-program. In other words, the start time and the cooking time are set in advance.

For “manual” operation, you must control the cooking time yourself by switching the oven on and off manually.

Finally, there is position “0”, in which the oven is not turn on, regardless of the switch or thermostat position.

Did you know?

Nowadays you will find almost only electronic timers with a digital display? An IC chip controls these clocks. The IC chips are also known as a control board or as a power board. 

It regulates the power supply of the heating elements depending on the selected program. Sometimes the timer needs to be replaced to ensure proper operation of the oven. 

The following problems indicate that the timer must be changed:

  • The timer flashes
  • Timer does not light anymore
  • The clock on the timer doesn’t display time
  • It is no longer possible to program a baking/cooking process or pyrolysis

Steps for replacing an Oven Timer

Do not forget to disconnect the oven before starting work. This simple measure protects you from electric shock.

Remove the cover

There are two ways to remove the cover, depending on the oven model.

With some devices, it is sufficient to dismantle some parts on the front side. 

  • First, remove the buttons which care connects to the timer. 
  • After that, usually, a panel needs to be removed, which is in front of the clock. 
  • For this purpose, small retaining tabs have to be loosened on each side of this glass plate, which are inserted into the device frame. 
  • When this is done, you can reach and remove the timer.

For other models, you have to do something different. 

  • If you have an oven of this type, you will need to remove the cover plate, which is attached to the top of the stove with screws. 
  • Remove the screws to remove the plate and reach the timer. 

When removing the metal plate, remember to wear protective gloves to prevent cuts.

Disconnect the timer from its connections

With the timer, you will notice that it is connected to the device via electrical connections.

Disconnect all cables carefully and without using much force. Be careful when removing the connectors because they can get damaged if you are not careful. Preferably, use a pair of pliers to remove them so that the cables are not torn off.

Pro tip!

To reconnect the electrical cables correctly after replacing the timer, you must pay close attention to the individual connections before removing them. It may be helpful to take the photograph of the unit.

Did you know?

There are different types of timers. With the timer in your oven, you will notice that it is either a clock with hands or a dial or an electronic timer. The first two variants are usually common in old devices.

Nowadays, most ovens have electronic timers with digital display.

Take out the defective timer

Once after removing all the cables, the timer can be quickly taken out. It is usually easy to remove because it is fitted in place. 

In some cases, however, it is attached to the device with screws, which must, therefore, be removed first.

Install the new timer

After removing the defective timer, you can install the new part. It must be the same or a similar model as the original part. So it can be challenging to find a suitable timer with pointers or disk for old equipment.

Depending on the type of attachment, insert to tighten the new timer.

Connect the electrical cables to the timer

Once the timer is in place, you can reconnect the electrical wires. Make sure to connect the cables in the same position as before. 

Here, the photograph you took back will come handy.

Reinstall all parts

After replacing, reconnecting, and fastening the timer, you can put all the pieces.


With a few simple steps, you can easily replace an oven timer yourself. With can come handy when you are on a tight budget for hiring the professional.

In the future, do not hesitate to repair and service your other devices yourself with the help of our other guides.

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