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Sofas are undoubtedly the most important furniture for your living room. Sofas not only serve as a sitting option but also define the decor of any household. The choice of your sofa will determine the look of your home, be it urban, traditional or vintage. Read on to know what all needs to be considered before you buy a sofa and sofa cum bed.

Below you will also find top 5 sofa designs that are ruling the market and the people all over the world are adding to their homes.

How to Buy a Sofa

Read all the below-mentioned points, we are sure you will have an idea on how to buy the sofa. Make a checklist on what all features do you want your sofa to have and then look for various options online and the physical stores near you.

Choose the type of sofa

Regular Sofas – These sofas are fit for 2 to 3 people. Their length ranges anywhere between 6 to 8 feet long. These sofas fit well into any living space.

Love seats – These are perfect for adding style to small space. It can comfortably seat two people and ranges from 5 to 6 feet in length.

Sectional Sofas – These are perfect for large apartments and have space for 4 to 6 people. Their length ranges somewhere between 9 to 14 feet. The sectional can be used as separate pieces too.

Sofa Beds – These sofas can easily transform from a bed to a sofa and from the sofa to a bed. It is perfect for small apartments or guest room as it can easily transform your living room into a bedroom when there are guests at home.

Sofa Sets – You can get a sofa set of 5, 7 or 9 seats. Big sofa sets will generally come with a love seat and matching chairs. Opt for sofa sets depending on the space available.

Choose the material

Sofas can be crafted with either wood or metal. The frame should be sturdy enough to take pressure and weight of the people sitting on it.

Solid wood like mango, Sheesham, etc. is used for the construction of the frame. Click here to buy wood furniture

The upholstery fabric should also be carefully chosen keeping the interiors in mind. Leather, fabric, and velvet are some of the options available.

Choose the color and upholstery carefully, especially if you have kids and pets around.

Choose the design

Sofa back design can determine what style your entire sofa set can have. Sofa back can sometimes be very differently designed in different shapes.

For e.g. a formal sofa will have button featured on it to hold the cushion in place. Sometimes the sofas backs will be heavily cushioned and won’t require any additional cushions.

Get sofas according to your need for support and cushioning on the back.

Extra tips to consider before you buy a sofa

Sofa feet should be strong and sturdy. Some sofas are designed in such a manner that their feet are also covered with upholstery. A traditionally designed sofa will have carvings on the legs and arms, while the contemporary styled sofa will be minimalistic in design.

Skirts run along the bottom of the couches to hide the feet. Skirts with stiffer pleats give it a formal look, and loose, gathered skirts give a casual look.

The layout of the sofa cushion will decide how many people can sit on it. Sofa cushions can be loose or strapped in place. In the case of loose cushions, the cushions can be swapped and the life of the sofa can be increased.

Buy one that graces your area and transforms the look of your living room. Read on, for top five sofa designs.


How to Buy a Sofa cum Bed


Sofa cum bed is the most versatile living room furniture. It serves as a place to sit during the day time and can be transformed into a bed in the night. It lets you modify your living room into a bedroom instantly when there are guests at home.

Buying a sofa cum bed is like making an investment worthwhile. So when you shop for a sofa cum bed there are a lot many things that need to be considered.

Here are some points to be considered before buying a sofa cum bed.

Space Available

The most important thing to be considered before buying a sofa cum bed is the space that is available in the room.

When planning to buy the sofa cum bed, make sure you assume double space for it since it will require space when pulled out to make a bed.


Sofa cum bed is available in a wide variety of styles and designs. The designs can range from being a pullout bed, futon or a fold down sofa bed.

The design should be carefully chosen keeping the space and existing furniture in mind.

If you have guests coming in often and you require additional sleeping area, it would be best to settle down for a pull out sofa cum bed. Since it makes for a comfortable bed once it is pulled out.

If you already have enough sleeping area at your home, why not add stylish futon or fold down sofa.

It adjusts the back of the sofa to lie horizontally alongside the seat of the sofa, creating a flatbed surface.


It is of prime importance to see where the furniture will be placed. If it is to be placed in the living room, you will need to buy one with a fancy design.

You can also choose a nice leather sleeper sofa or an upholstered sofa bed to match your decor.

For the game room, a more casual microfiber sofa cum bed will work.


One important thing to be considered while buying a futon or a sofa cum bed is the budget allotted to it. Set out a budget to it and stick to it.

Sofa cum beds can be crafted with wood- solid wood, engineered wood or metal. The wood frame can be costlier than the metal frame.

So decide on it keeping the budget in mind. Make sure you do budget-friendly furniture shopping.

Bring home this multipurpose furniture and transform your living room into a bedroom whenever required.

Top 5 Sofa Desıgns


The sofa is an integral part of the living room furniture.

No home is complete without adding the right sofa. There are so many designs to choose from when it comes to buying sofas.

Here are the top 5 sofa designs that are ruling the market and the people all over the world are adding to their homes.

Here are the top 5 sofa designs:

1. Sofa-Bed

They are the convertible sofa that can be converted into an extra bed that can be used for guests.

This is the ideal choice when space in your house is limited and people come to your house for sleepovers. It can be used as a bed and sofa as and when desired.

2. L-sectionals  

Some choose to set these sofas up in an “L” shape in the corner of a room, while others like to separate the sections into a more conversational arrangement.

These sofas make for a cozy conversational area in the house. Sectionals can be found in fabric or leather.

3. Chaise Sofas

Chaise sofas have one long cushion that sits at an angle from the rest of the couch. These sofas are a modern twist on the sectional sofa. Sectional couches that have a separate cushion for each space.

Chaise couches are much more comfortable than the sectionals since it allows the users to lie comfortably without the edge of the cushions poking them.

4. Fully Upholstered Sofas

Nothing graces your living space as beautifully as upholstered sofas. Crafted in rich fabrics and finished perfectly, upholstered sofas gives home a rich look and feel.

Upholstered sofas look fabulous when crafted in a loveseat design. Love seats look fashionable in the living area and also occupy less space than the traditional ones.

5. Futons

Futons are sofa beds that have a padded mattress or quilts. These beds transform easily and instantly from a bed to a comfortable place to sit back and relax.

Futon mattresses make for a comfortable seat cushion as well as a back supporting mattress. The furniture can be used in the living room as well as the guest room.

Include sofas in your living room that exhibit your style and enhance the look of your entire house.