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No feeling is better than sinking into the comfort of a soft bed. We all love to retire to our bedroom to rest and sleep in peace. Therefore, the bed should be comfortable to give you 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Like most furniture, there are the different type of beds with standard bed size.

How to buy a bed

Buying a bed is no less than a long term investment. The bed is sure to stay with you for at least a decade.

The space available in the bedroom

It is very important to choose the bed size according to the space available in the room. Opt for a double size/queen size or king size bed according to the dimensions of the area available.

You probably don’t want to fit in a king size bed and leave no floor space to walk around. To know the standard measurements of beds, Read on.

The new bed matches the existing furniture

If changing only the bed, make sure you keep all other bedroom furniture like the chest of drawers and dressing tables in mind while purchasing the bed.

Buy a bed that has a traditional design, if the decor is traditional,

If the bedroom is adorned with contemporary furniture, consider buying a modern designed bed. To know how to arrange furniture in a bedroom, Click here.

For small bedroom furniture design ideas, click here.

Bed Research

There are so many styles to choose from – platform beds, canopy beds, bunk beds, storage beds and many more.

Do proper research on what bed will suit your decor perfectly and how many people can the bed accommodate? Canopy bed will be a perfect option for the bedroom with high ceiling.

While on the other hand, storage beds are a good option where space management is required. For small apartments, beds with storage box are an added advantage.

The material of the bed frame

Choose the material of the bed frame accordingly. Go for minimalistic designed bed crafted out of wood or metal, if the bedroom has a classy decor.

If the bedroom has heavy traditionally designed furniture, it would be best to add a solid wood bed in dark color and rich design.

The height of the bed

The bed should be heightened such that it is easier to climb up and down.

Consider the height of the mattress too before making any purchase decision.

Confused about which mattress to choose from? Click here for our list of best mattresses available in the market

Allot a budget

Beds can range from a few hundred to thousands depending on the size, design, and quality of material used.

You may be excited to buy a lavish bed that will completely change the look of the room, but make sure it fits well into your budget and doesn’t cost you much.

Though buying a bed is an investment, but sticking to the budget will help.

Buying a bed can be a tedious task, so always consider the above-mentioned points before purchasing. A lot many options are also available online. Make a wise decision and choose the best one.


Standard Measurements For Beds

The bed is one of the most important furniture in the entire house. It is a fact that we spend 1/3rd of our lives sleeping and we all look forward to a sound sleep after a hard tiring day at work.

So, buy the best bed for that comfortable sleep. Whenever you want to buy beds, measure the space available at your home and choose the suitable one.

Some important points before buying bed are:

  • The space available in the bedroom to place the bed
  • Number of people to be accommodated
  • Size of the people

Like most furniture, beds are also available in standard size, so that the customer can choose the correct one according to the requirements.

Here are different types of beds that you can choose from –

Bunk Beds

It is a type of bed where one bed is stacked one over the other. A ladder is fixed on one side for reaching the upper bed. It is suited for a kids room that lacks floor space.

Bunk Bed Size (In inches): 39 x 75

Single bed

Single beds are meant for one occupant. These beds are good for your teenager’s room and living room.

Single Bed Size (In inches): 36 x 75

Double Bed

Double beds are meant for two people and are perfect for small bedrooms. It is suitable for two people with average height.

Double Bed Size (In inches): 54 x 75

Queen Bed

Queen Beds are bigger than double beds and are suitable for small master bedrooms. It is suitable for two people with a tall height.

Queen Bed Size (In inches): 60 x 80

King Bed

King Beds are bigger than queen beds and stand fit for big and spacious master bedrooms. The size of a king size bed allows greater comfort and space and is specially designed for people who occupy larger space.

King Bed Size (In inches): 76 x 80

Queen bed Considers the interiors of your room before buying a bed. Always look out for the material with which the bed is crafted.

Going to the physical store or buying it online make sure to check the measurements properly.

Bring the best one according to your needs and have a relaxed time sleeping on your bed.


7 Tips for Decorating a Bed

It’s the place where you get tempted to say goodbye to all the worries of the world and feel the heavenly pleasures.

It’s just not a place to rest your body, mind, and soul but that placid center which needs to look good and make you feel even better. A bit perplexed on how many or which type of pillows to use, the bed linen, bed covers and much more.

Get all your answers here:

Functionality is the key

From decorative pillows and bolsters to coverlets and quilts everything on the bed should have some functionality hidden behind it. Just style won’t solve any purpose.

Now the question arises that how decorative pillows can play a substantial role on the bed.

Well, they can play a supportive role to rest your back while sitting on the bed and can give you extra cushioning beside you when you’re resting on your bed.

Play with sizes, colors, and textures

Follow some pattern, you can pick pillow pairs in different sizes and shapes to introduce a trend.

Also, don’t stick to the matching rule. Instead, opt for co-ordinated colors to bring an interesting character to the bed.

Even the prints and patterns can vary with elegance intact.

The bedspread has a major role to play

Pick the bedspreads that are high on contemporariness. Stripes and geometric patterns are very much in, they look best with upholstered headboard.

Match the shade of the bedspreads with the color of the bed to add icing on the cake.

Let the bed covers be in the solid pattern

To add to the sophistication, keep the covers, quilts or blankets in a bold solid color.

The rule here is that the colors should be peppy enough and should go with the other fabrics on the bed.

Pick the right fabric

Be very particular in picking the fabric for the bed.

The bedspreads and pillow covers should be of a light and soft fabric while the bedcovers should be heavy and cozy enough to keep the comfort quotient intact.

Play match and match with the wall

Another way to do up your bed is to get a printed wall behind the bed and match it with the pillow and bolster covers.

The mattress should be of high-quality

All the efforts go in vain without a high-quality mattress that’s neither too soft nor too hard.

All the best and make every effort to lend your bed a serene and elegant look that’s highly invigorating and inviting.