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If the bedroom is small in size, choose furniture accordingly. But if the furniture is already bought, you should know how to place the furniture in a small bedroom so that it looks perfect and doesn’t make the room look cramped and too packed.

Here are a few tips that can help arrange big furniture in a small bedroom –

  • The bed is the most important furniture in the bedroom and occupies a large area of the room. The bed should be placed in such a position that floor space can be maximized. If the room is too small, push the bed against the wall and save on space. Know the standard measurements of beds by reading here
  • Look for beds that have headrest with shelves and units for space management. Even if the bed looks bulky, it will provide adequate space for storage.
  • After placing the bed, bring in the next largest furniture inside the bedroom. After the bed, the dressing table would be the second largest furniture that needs to be placed. Fix it to the corner that receives maximum light, so that you can dress in natural light during day time.
  • Look for bedside tables that will easily fit corner space. If the bed is fixed to the sides, get a slightly larger sized table that would serve the purpose of putting in all stuff of people using the bed.
  • Always put the other small furniture in the end. The side tables or the dressing chair can be put in last.
  • Adjust the cupboards and chest of drawers in such an angle that while opening it does not bang into any other furniture.
  • Leave the room and re-enter. See whether you can walk in the room without bumping into furniture. The furniture should be well adjusted so that the floor space is maximized.
  • Use mirrors on one side of the wall. It will give an illusion of more space in the room.
  • Buy wall shelves that are tall and create virtual height for the room. Using wall shelves would be a great option for small bedrooms. Click here to know tips on buying a bookshelf.


Buy beds according to the size of the bedroom because the layout of the room will largely depend on the bed size. Once the bed is bought, the remaining furniture can be purchased accordingly. Arrange the furniture in a way that makes your small room look organized.

Write in comments below your tips to arrange big furniture in a small bedroom