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The constantly running fridge means that the compressor does not automatically switch off and stops pausing. There can be different reasons for this problem which we will cover below.

Always running refrigerator means higher electrical cost. Overrunning can also affect the cooling efficiency of the fridge.

We advise you to go through the list from top to bottom and check the corresponding function of your device.

#1 most common reason for constantly running fridge : Condenser coils are dirty

The most common reason for a nonstop running refrigerator is contaminated capacitor coils. These are usually behind the fridge. The condenser coils dissipate the heat given off by the fridge.

The capacitor coils cannot work if they are dirty or covered with dust as this limits the thermal conductivity.

More dirt or dust on coils, the more the condenser of the refrigerator has to work to regulate the temperature. In extreme cases, this can cause the condenser to work continuously to give off enough heat.

– Our recommendation –

We recommend looking at the condenser coils of the refrigerator at least twice a year and clean dust from them.

 #2 reason for constantly running fridge : door seal

The second most common reason for a continuously running refrigerator is soiled or, in extreme cases, cracked or porous refrigerator seals.

If the door seals are no longer in proper tact, warm air can continuously flow into the device. For maintaining the set temperature, the refrigerator will consistently use energy, and the compressor will run until ice forms in the corresponding places on the appliance door.

Usually, the defrost system then removes this frost. However, if the door seal is broken, the ice will form too fast, and the refrigerator will not lag with defrosting and will continue to run.

The easiest way to recognize a defective door seal is to take a one-dollar note and place it between the door seal and the door of the refrigerator. Then close the device. If the door seal is okay, you will not be able to take out the bill easily because of the tension. You should perform this test at different locations on the device.

– Our recommendation –

First, we recommend thoroughly cleaning the seal.

If the seal clearly shows brittle spots, then it is time to change the seal. You can easily find refrigerator seals for all well-known brands, such as BOSCH, Danby, and whirlpool. If you cannot find a specific fridge model seal, then you can choose the universally applicable door seal.

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 #3 reason for constantly running fridge : fan/fan motor

One of the most common reasons for a compressor in continuous operation is a defective fan or fan motor.

The fan motor of a cooling unit ensures that the cooled air moves from the coils to the freezer compartment. If this does not work correctly, the cold air does not reach the fridge entirely. The thermostat in the fridge interior reports to the device that it is unable to reach the specified temperature, and thus the compressor continues to run.

– Our recommendation –

Check the fan motor, often heavy contamination of dust can be the reason for the limited functionality. Clean the component first, and see if it works afterward. If necessary, replace the fan motor.

#4 reason for constantly running fridge : defrost heating

Defective defrost heating can also be the cause behind the constant running of your refrigerator.

Condensation forms in the refrigerator. This condensation can lead to ice formation on the evaporator tubes at cold temperatures. The evaporator is responsible for dissipating heat from the interior of the fridge.

If ice blocks these pipes, the refrigerator can no longer extract heat from the interior. Hence it will run continuously to achieve the desired internal temperature.

– Our recommendation –

If the model of the refrigerator has a defrost heater, you must check whether an above-average ice formation is happening in the interior. The component can also be tested for continuity with a multimeter – assuming technical knowledge. If the defrost heater is defective, you can easily replace it.

#5 reason for constantly running fridge : defrost thermostat

Another possible cause for continues running could be the so-called defrost thermostat.

The fridge has a defrost heater. Its task is to prevent ice from settling in the freezer or the evaporator. Defrost thermostat checks the temperature and starts the defrost heater.

Defrost thermostat measures whether the coils of the refrigerator have reached a temperature where ice could have formed. Then the heater will start and melt the ice.

In the defective defrost thermostat of the refrigerator, the temperature increases in the interior, and the device simultaneously tries to lower this temperature again. This vicious cycle leads to the continuous operation of the compressor.

– Our recommendation –

With sufficient technical understanding, you can check the thermostat for continuity. Depending on the result, you can replace the component or move on o the other reason mention in the post.

#6 Reason for constantly running fridge : defrost control board

Even after testing or repairing the thermostat and defrost heater, the refrigerator is running all the time. In that case, it is a defrost control board that could be defective.

The thermostat, as a component, provides the desired results of the measured temperature on the evaporator. The defrost heater ensures the actual defrosting of icy surfaces. Now it requires a control unit, which gives the commands for these components (measure temperature, turn on the heating, turn off the heat, etc.).

It is done by the defrost control board in the refrigerator. If the board is defective, the components may be correctly functioning but not getting the proper commands. The result is that the fridge no longer defrosts, it comes to icing and thus the compressor of the refrigerator switches to the continuous operation and is continuously running.

– Our recommendation –

Technically, it is difficult without specialized expertise to test the functionality of the defrost control board.

#7 reason for constantly running fridge : defrost timer

Another reason for a compressor in continuous operation may be a defective defrost timer of the refrigerator.

For refrigerators with a “no-frost” function, in addition to the defrost thermostat, there is a mechanical timer, the so-called defrost timer, which passes the defrost instruction to the refrigerator within a set timed of rules.

– Our recommendation –

The component can be manually checked by turning the small timer wheel. A click sound activates the defrosting process and should cause the heater to heat up and begin defrosting.

If this does not work, a faulty defrost timer may be the cause for the continuous running of the refrigerator. You should replace the component in this case.

#8 Reason for constantly running fridge : motherboard

The last thing to check is the motherboard of your fridge.

The motherboard of the refrigerator can be called a central control. The signals for all connected components are given directly or indirectly via this board. Now a variety of erroneous or missing signals are possible, which can result in the refrigerator to run always.

For example, the signal for shutting off the cooling and switching on the defrosting process is not working despite intact components via the mainboard. Every fridge has to switch off the cooling process at some point. If this signal remains off because of the defective motherboard, the refrigerator will keep on running always.

– Our recommendation –

Due to the complexity of the motherboard, it can be difficult to check without proper expertise. As the cost of the motherboard is expensive, we recommend you to hire the professional before replacing it.

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