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6 Decor Ideas to enliven your living space!

The living room embodies the character of the house as it is one of the most lived in spaces. This means that it demands major attention while decorating. To make it the best it can be, we have pulled together some useful Decor Ideas:

  1. Make it lively with colors: Splash rich and bold hues by way of accents like curtains, cushions, accent chairs or ottomans throughout the room to bring in cheer.
  2. Mix it up well: The mix and match game is a hit everywhere but it needs to be done carefully. If the furniture is white, grey or beige then the upholstery and rug should be in bright shades and vice-versa.
  3. Monochrome will always remain a classic: Not a big player when it comes to combining different colors? Play safe with monochromes. The trend of black and white is here to stay so no need to shy away.
  4. Play with prints and patterns: Create a symphony with florals, stripes, and geometrics. Do it with rugs and cushions for a chic look.
  5. Statues, lamps and all that jazz: Go one step ahead in refining the overall look with statement statues, standalone lamps, and wall decals.
  6. Identify the focal point: In most cases, it is the main wall of the room that gets maximum attention. So, deck it up with textured paint or wallpaper, and use the surface for displaying photo frames, paintings, wall sconces, etc. Alternatively, you can make an artistic piece of furniture the focal point of the space

Remember, the first impression is always the last impression! So, use these Decor Ideas to the utmost and upgrade the style of your living room.

Golden Renaissance

Radiant, grandiose & majestic – That’s how one chooses to define the color ‘gold’. Be it for a traditional twist or flashes of modernity, gold makes for an ideal decor color. However, it isn’t easy to incorporate this color in homes. Read on to learn Decor Ideas with golden shade!

1) Pairing gold with other colors – Since gold is such a majestic color, it easily devaluates the power of other colors paired with it. Therefore, it is necessary to wisely choose those colors that complement gold and keep your living space from feeling too static. Gray, brown, white and pale yellow are hues that perfectly create a balanced décor with gold.

2) Playing with golden props –Glinting metallic accents bring a fresh, glamorous aesthetic to a formal living room setup. But that’s possible only when the tone of the overall décor is minimal. Playing with golden props in loud interiors is undoubtedly a décor disaster.

3) Creating a focal point in the room – The best way to instill the luxe effect of gold in your home is to create a focal point. It can be in the form of a wall accent or a piece of furniture. The result will be nothing less than a grandiose living space.

4) Impress guests with golden tableware – Create a royal charm on the dining table with golden kitchenware and linen. While it is not the most preferred choice, it definitely creates a unique design statement.

5) Intricate golden detailing – It is not about just playing with gold in huge volumes. Little pops of this color in the form of a mirror frame, bathroom taps or even a chandelier can add sophistication to the overall look of the room.

6) Drapes in gold – Recreate the atmosphere of grandeur and richness with heavily-designed golden curtains. Even though the color can be too overbearing on the décor, it does create an inviting & dramatic ambiance. Make sure other accessories and linen are minimal.

Make way for some ‘Natural Light’!

And God said, “Let there be light…”

Could there be anything more exhilarating than having loads of natural light in the house? We doubt nothing!

Imagine doing all your chores smoothly without having to lit the artificial light. From saving electricity to getting Vitamin D, natural light can do wonders for you.

It’s time to go natural as being eco-friendly is the hottest trend these days. Roll down and get inspired as we take you through some smart Decor Ideas wherein the concept of natural light has been accomplished fairly well.

Now that you are motivated, share with us the latest pictures of your house where natural light has been imbibed smartly.

Decor Ideas for Smart Seating Mixup

Consider your living room a blank canvas at your disposal. Would you like to use just one color and that too in a monotonous pattern? You won’t, right?

Then why do that with your living room furniture?

Did you know that even your latest sofa set would go unnoticed if you don’t play the mix-up right?

So, add some ottomans, accent chairs and stools to accompany your sofa, and make way to accommodate a larger number of guests.

Arranging the seats in the shape of the room is a good idea. It helps in utilizing the corners well while maintaining adequate walking space.

To get a lively living room, all you need is the right furniture layout with highlighting accents. Also, remember that the additional seats themselves can work as accessories if chosen in contrasting colors.

If your room is already bright and peppy, go for subtle looking add-ons.

Your home, your sanctuary

Spell tranquility mingled with a hint of opulence to your living space.

We want to grab your attention towards a home that imparts relaxation as well as luxury. Imagine a clutter-free home with the placid prints and textures, soothing aroma, comfy perches and much more.

Here are some inspiring tips:

Comfort is key: The recliner you lounge on, the mattress you sleep on and the snug cushions can be your best bets for comfort.

Season based fabrics: You wouldn’t like to lean on a thick bed sheet in summers., would you? So, choose the right fabric depending on the season. Further, opt for sheer curtains with rich cotton lining for a pleasant setting; go for jute rugs and mats to ensure a cool environment.

Bathroom spa and scents: Give ample time to grooming. Make certain arrangements in your bathroom so as to ensure that your body is pampered to the core. Mists, soapstones, and scents are major mood enhancers.

Cut the clutter:  A cluttered home is not healthy for your mind. Take out time to organize, beautify and eliminate ‘the extras’, time and again.

Spread that happy vibe: Bestow harmony and positive energy with the help of feng shui elements. The lighting in the room must soothe your mind and create a refreshing environment. For this, feng shui suggests the presence of dim light in the bedroom.

Have some more tips? Write to us in the comment box below. Happy relaxing!

Decor Ideas to Accessorize those curtains beautifully

Even though you know what kind of curtains you want for your home, it’s necessary to ensure that those lovely drapes complement your space. One of the ways to ensure this is by using the right curtain props. From curtain rods & gliders to hooks and fittings, here’s a guide to help you make the best accessory purchase:

Give a finishing touch with curtain rods: These practical props complete the overall décor. Gliders in bronze, gold, and silver are common options that blend perfectly with all kinds of curtains – irrespective of their design or color.

Go for good-quality designer hooks: If you think that curtain hooks don’t have much role to play, you’re mistaken. Hooks add character to the overall look of the curtains. Therefore, don’t settle with plastic hooks but pick the colored ones. For instance; for curtains in light hues, bright colored-hooks will do wonders.

Decorative curtain pelmets: Placed above the windows, pelmets conceal the curtain rods and add a luxurious feel to any setting.

Bring finesse with curtain tiebacks: Give a classy look to your curtains even when they are placed on the sides with the help of tiebacks. Simply get a curtain holder fixed on the wall and let those lovely drapes hang neatly.

Think beyond fixtures and fittings: Opt for curtain gliders and dressers in complementary shapes, colors and sizes to enhance the beauty of the curtains.

Bring your windows and doors to the limelight with not an only striking curtain but also complementing accessories. Are you game? Good luck!

3D wall art—the new ‘it’ thing

Wall décor, being an integral part of home décor, has seen drastic developments in terms of design and material over the years. But this time, the three-dimensional feature has taken it to a completely new level.

3D wall art has become the new ‘it’ thing for both designers and décor enthusiasts. These include wall decals or stickers, paintings that have a protruding surface and prints that appear to be real. Sounds mesmerizing, isn’t it? Here’s how you can put 3D art on your walls:

Pick the right material: While wood and steel are apt to give a rustic look to your home, colorful plastic and clay will add funk. However, if you’re looking to add depth to the décor, metal would be the right choice.

Ensure style with safety: It is advised to leave adequate space in front of the art piece to avoid collapsing. You can place a beautiful piece of furnitures like a console table or a chest of drawers adjacent to the wall.

Find the right spot: Let the wall that displays 3D art be devoid of other decorations and art crafts. The main wall of the drawing room, dining room or lobby is some of the most suitable corners where 3D wall art can be placed.

Place it firmly: Since 3D wall art is usually heavier than other forms of wall hangings, it is important to ensure that it is fixed firmly. Use proper anchors to hold the screws or a strong adhesive depending on the type of wall art.

Ensure proper lighting: Right lighting is very important to create an impact. It should draw attention to the art piece rather than the entire wall in order to bring out the best décor.

So next time you plan for a makeover, you know where to start!

Throw an elegant soiree!

Mesmerize your guests with delectable dishes and pair it with your choicest crockery.

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