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The Dyson V8 is an expensive high-quality cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner. It’s famous for its futuristic designs and innovative technology, but it has one major disadvantage: it costs a lot of money!

The Dyson V8 is a cordless, handheld vacuum that can make the unpleasant task of vacuuming more enjoyable. This device has some major advantages over other models such as being lightweight and easy to use even with one hand. But there are also some concerns about this product including it’s price tag which may be too high for many people despite its benefits!

Dyson has made it possible for their products – whether vacuum cleaner or something else – to be recognized immediately by the customer.

The typical look and the striking ultra-modern design of Dyson products have many fans around the world. Research and development are expensive, which is why Dyson devices always cost a little more than “normal” products.

The following is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the Dyson V8:

The Dyson V8 is a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner that can get into tight spaces and clean up dirt, dust mites, pet hairs. The sleek design makes it easy to use either upright or as an extendable hose for those hard-to-reach areas like ceiling fans. Thanks to its lightweight construction of only 3 pounds this device won’t leave you with a sore arm after using the machine which carries over when cleaning stairs in addition to other surfaces around your home such as cabinets and bookshelves because it’s so light weight!

Dyson has always been known for their high tech products but now they have created one specifically designed for people who want something simple yet effective at getting rid of all sorts of dirt particles – including


  • Can be used as a hand or stick vacuum cleaner
  • Great workmanship
  • Good suction power
  • Easy operation and dust removal
  • Exhaust air is filtered effectively


  • Cost factor
  • Volume (around 80 dB)
  • Slightly weak battery at the MAX level

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

What is special about the Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner?

The extraordinary look

The futuristic design is visible with the Dyson V8 model. The vacuum cleaner is a real eye-catcher, regardless of whether it hangs on the wall in the charging station or while using it. 

The quality of construction is great, the colors are nice and bright. The weight is about 5.75 pounds, so the Dyson V8 lies quite well and balanced in the hand and is not too heavy.

A lot of power in the fight against dust

It has 15 cyclones in 2 tiars and excels in terms of suction power. The Li-Ion battery has a capacity of 2,800 mAh. This is where one of the main negative points comes up. 

Although the V8 has powerful power and does not lose any suction power due to the cyclone technology, you cannot savor this power for too long.

At the MAX level where suction power is 115 AW, there are only about 7 minutes of suction. In normal mode, you can do the vacuuming for about 30 to 40 minutes.

The cyclone technology

Most of the Dyson vacuum cleaners are bagless which means there will be no extra cost of buying bags. Dust and dirt are collected in a container by centrifugal forces – initially only the coarse dirt. 

In a further cyclone chamber, the air is then accelerated even more, so that even smaller dirt particles are filtered out. With the V8, 15 cyclones running in parallel are arranged in two rows.

The extensive equipment can inspire

In addition to the hand-held vacuum cleaner itself, there are also several accessories included in the packaging of Dyson V8. You can use a suitable attachment to a different type of cleaning in the house. 

The best thing about the V8 is that it can be used both as a handheld vacuum cleaner and as an upright vacuum cleaner.

Ease of use and emptying

Although the Dyson V8 looks so futuristic, it’s easy and simple to use. Emptying the dust container is particularly easy. 

Hold the vacuum cleaner over the trash can, pull the corresponding lever – the vacuum cleaner opens and the dirt falls into the trash can. 

This is quick and does not make a mess. All you need to get used to for sensitive ears is the noise level in MAX mode – which is around 80 dB.

  • Performance 98% 98%
  • Design 95% 95%
  • Quality 96% 96%
  • Price 85% 85%

Dyon V8 Complete Review

The Dyson V8 Absolute is the newest iteration of their famous vacuum cleaner. When it first came out, they advertised a new design that could last up to 40 minutes with more power and a dirt compartment you can empty without having any gross stuff come back on your hand!

It might not be as pretty or sleek looking but this little machine was made for work and I personally think it does what its promised- cleaning all my floors flawlessly while also being quiet enough so that when Dad nap time starts he doesn’t wake up from the noise coming downstairs .

Dyson V8 Absolute Accessories

Dyson V6 Total Clean is one of the most versatile vacuums on the market. Not only does it have a motor post filter that addresses people with allergies, but it also comes equipped with three powerful electric brushes for both hard floors and carpets as well as an attachment to use in your car. The attachments are so efficient at removing pet hair from upholstery or carpeting because they utilize technology from Dyson’s air purifier models!

When you’re looking for more than just a vacuum cleaner, check out this great product by Dyson: “Dyson V6 Total Clean.” This amazing machine not only has all kinds of helpful features like allergy-fighting filters and tight crevice tools–it includes plenty other advanced

With the Dyson V8 Absolute, Dyson offers the direct successor with virtually the same equipment.

With Dyson V8 Absolute you will get following accessories and tools:

  • Combination tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Motorized Brushroll (full size and mini)
  • Mini soft dusting brush
  • Soft-roller cleaning head
  • Docking station

Dyson V8 Absolute suction power

Everyone can agree that Dyson products are impressive in performance. With Dyson V8 models, you can get impressive suction power of 115 Airwatts as compare to 100AW of the Dyson V6 model. This is a remarkable suction power and much better than its competitors.

But, this suction power is only available at the Max mode for 7 minutes. However, this is at least 1 minute longer than the previous V6 model max mode.

Dyson V8 model has a larger battery capacity of 2800 mAh in comparison to 2100 mAh of the V6 model.

Seven minutes doesn’t sound like much, but in our experience, you can thoroughly clean one or two rooms during this time. For regular cleaning, however, the high suction power does not lead to a noticeable increase in cleaning performance.

In suction tests on carpet and laminate, there was no difference to the predecessor Dyson V6 Total Clean.

Also in a carpet test, where a defined amount of quartz sand is distributed, there was no increase in cleaning performance. In this test, both Dyson V6 total clean and Dyson V8 removed almost 98% of the quartz sand.

Another thing worth pointing out here is that suction power of 115 AW can have disadvantages in certain situations. Apart from the more battery use, it is sometimes hard to move it on certain kinds of surfaces. This is noticeable in the thick carpets.

In tests, Dyson V8 Absolute performs perfectly while removing dust and debris from groves.

In the groove test, where quartz sand is spread on different deep grooves with a depth of almost 10mm. Most cordless vacuum cleaners fail to get all the sand out of all the grooves, the Dyson V8 Absolute made it almost completely – impressive!

Dyson V8 Absolute cleaning performance

Of course, the Dyson V8 Absolute also has a level with normal suction power in addition to the Max mode. This step is particularly suitable for hard floors such as parquet, laminate, tiles, vinyl, etc.

In the quartz sand test, it can remove about 80 to 85% quartz sand in this setting, which is still a very good result.

However, we were a little surprised as the Dyson V6 model can remove around 90% at this level. Also, reason can be that Dyson reduced the suction power of this level somewhat to achieve a longer runtime.

Unfortunately, this was difficult to clarify despite efforts, since Dyson no longer provides any information on the suction power at the normal level on its website.

In the predecessor Dyson V6 Total Clean, the suction power is mention as 28 AW (Airwatt) at the normal level, but this info is missing for V8.

  • Performance 98% 98%
  • Design 95% 95%
  • Quality 96% 96%
  • Price 85% 85%

Runtime up to 40 minutes

Even when specifying the runtime at the normal level, you don’t get exact information on the product description. Although it is stated that the runtime has been increased to a full 40 minutes, it is not specified with which electric brush that was measured.

The brushes sometimes have a very high power requirement and in the normal stage, this is quite noticeable in the runtime.

For this reason, according to the manufacturer’s website for the Dyson V8 Absolute, this time only applies to the device without a brush. With an electric brush, you can expect a runtime of 25 minutes.

The long runtime of up to 40 minutes only applies to the joint and combination nozzle.

But 25 minutes is a decent time in any case and is usually enough to thoroughly vacuum at least one average floor.

Dyson V8 Absolute uses a new connector system

With Dyson V8 you will notice a new improved plug-in system. The good cleaning performance of the Dyson devices is possible because of very good Dyson electric brushes.

However, the individual parts are not completely identical to the parts of the predecessor V6 model. Dyson V8 models have a new plug-in system. Therefore it is no longer possible to use accessories of older Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners, which is unfortunate.

In terms of function, we liked the new, slightly modified plug-in system. Plugging and unplugging brushes and nozzles is now a bit smoother and easier than the predecessor.

Otherwise, the accessories and brushes differ only slightly from those of the predecessor, for example, they are a few mm larger. The structure and function seem identical, only the small mini electric brush now has different bristles.

Electric brush with direct drive

In our opinion, the “electric brush with direct drive” is the most important in the scope of delivery. You can use it not only for cleaning carpets but also on hard floors.

It is suitable for all surfaces, such as tiles, laminate, vinyl, etc. If you have both carpets and hard floors in the house and don’t want to constantly change the brush, you won’t go wrong if you always use this electric brush.

The motor of this brush sits inside the brush, which means that it is very powerful and shows good results when cleaning the edges.

The structure of the brush also ensures that hair is very rarely wrapped around the brush. Even if you have pets, you rarely have to remove hair from the brush.

Electric brush with the soft roller

The electric roller with a soft roller by Dyson is specially developed for hard floors, so ideal for laminate, parquet, PVC and similar floors. It is made of soft nylon as well as carbon fibers. This brush is also known as a fluffy because it was first sold with the Dyson V6 Fluffy.

This brush runs very quietly and absorbs the finest dirt particles as well as very coarse dirt particles. You can also use it for removing pet hair and they no longer wraps around the brush.

Mini electric brush

A mini electric brush is ideal for cleaning all sorts of surfaces. The suction power combined with the rotating bristles make it perfect to clean up anything from couches and beds, or even cars!

Emptying the dust container

Dyson V8 Absolute not only has a slightly larger dirt container (0.54 instead of 0.4 liters), the mechanism for emptying has also been completely revised. A rather complex sliding mechanism for the inner part has now been installed. To empty the dirt container, grab the red lever on the top of the device with two or three fingers and pull the inner part upwards with a little force.

The whole thing should, of course, be done over a trash can, and the lower lid of the dirt container opens automatically. By pulling up the inner part, the dirt is wiped off and everything falls out when the flap is opened. You no longer have to use a tool to remove the dirt. Then you push the upper inner part down again and can then close the lower flap.

The whole principle also looks very nice in advertising and on pictures, but in practice, it is by no means as smooth as it looks. You have to use some force to get the inner part up and then really open the flap.